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December 2006 Special Bulletin

European American Evangelistic Crusades


The Flaming Sword
Contending For The Faith – Jude 3






            The picture that emerges in the United States after the midterm elections is similar to what happened in 1968, when the American people, tired of the war in Vietnam, voted out the democrats and elected the republican candidate, Richard Nixon, as the next president of the United States. The American involvement in Vietnam started during World War II, when President Roosevelt (democrat), was in office. It continued under Truman (democrat), Eisenhower (republican) and then escalated first during J. F. Kennedy’s (democrat) term with massive enlargement under Lyndon B. Johnson (democrat).

            The American people were used to winning wars, not losing and in both World War I and II there was a decisive American victory, twice over Germany and then when Japan was crushed. The Korean War became a downer, since the United States was not allowed to win, but it was a “containment war.” Victory was also denied in Vietnam, with rules that the U.S. forces could not close the flow of weapons from China, neither could they invade North Vietnam and clean out the communists ruling the north.

            With losses of hundreds of American soldiers per week in Vietnam, most of them draftees, the American people decided it was time to get out, regardless of what happened to the people of South Vietnam. Nixon and the Republicans promised to bring our troops home and let Vietnam go, which they did.


            Democrats and Republicans will have different versions of what they think. But in order to understand the entire situation, we have to expose the root problem to this war. In previous newsletters long before the war in Iraq began, I have laid out the history of the region during the last 90 years in detail (January 2003, April 2003). Also, in The Dove magazine from 2004, I covered events in the Middle East from the breakup of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) after World War I and how the Western powers carved up the area into nations as they now exist. England, France and the United States brutally occupied the entire area and suppressed all opposition. After World War II, the nations received some relief from the oppression of the West, and it is the brutal oppression during the last 90 years which has fomented the hatred for the United States, England and France in the Arab world.

            During our two invasions of Iraq in 1990 and 2002, it was never intended for the United States to win, but to fight a war without end. Just like in Korea and Vietnam. Let me now give you the details.  


            There are three major policies being pushed for the Middle East. Let us begin with Israel and its goals for the region.


            As I have laid out in my writings from 1995 and on, Jewish interests in the region are now in the hands of the World Zionist Federation, which took control over the Jewish world population in an arbitration war dating back to 1898 with the first Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland. The theological philosophy of the Federation is the Cabala and built upon the failed attempt by Sabbatai Sevi in 1666, when he proclaimed himself to be the Jewish Messiah (See our magazine, The Dove 1995). The vision of the men who founded the Zionistic movement was to capture the land of Palestine and repopulate it with Jewish people from around the world. In order to make it a “pure” Jewish state, the offspring of the Philistines, Canaanites, Jebusites, etc. were to be eliminated either through death or deportation. This was clearly laid out in the policies adopted in the 1897 Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland.

            Since the Federation did not have a major Jewish military force at its disposal, the goal of cleansing the land of non-Jews had to be done in stages. The Federation controlled the banking industry in the world and could put pressure on political leaders in the West to do its bidding. As I have written in Dove Magazines dating back to 1995, World War I was the first step to destroy the Ottoman Empire (Turkish) and thus wresting control over the entire Middle East and turn it over to England, France and the United States.

            However, the Federation experienced a setback after World War I, when the British government refused to allow unlimited immigration of Jews to Palestine. Certain political leaders in England understood that the Federation was working on a plan to build up a large Jewish population in Palestine, which could then be used to foment strife and eventually proclaim a Jewish state. Also, German Jews and many other Jews in the Western part of Europe were not excited about the prospect of selling all they had and starting over as immigrants in a land which was not developed and was nothing but a third world area. There were plenty of poor Jews from Russia and Eastern Europe willing to move to Palestine and join the socialistic society that the Federation was building.     


            Thus, the foundation of the Nazi movement became important to the Federation, and as I have documented in previous issues of The Dove, most of the leadership in the Nazi party were either full-blooded Jews or half bloods. Even Adolf Hitler had a Jewish father and an Aryan mother from Austria. The purpose of the Nazi party was to create as much hell as possible for the Jews in Europe, and then the Federation, working hand in hand with Nazi officials, would invite German Jews to begin the move to Palestine. This is discussed in detail in our magazine The Dove 2004.

            But it would take another world war to soften the nations and shake out any resistance to a Jewish state, hence, the reason behind World War II.

            When the war was over in 1945, the British were still the custodians for Palestine and Jordan. From 1945 to 1948, the Federation built up terrorist organizations (Haganah, Irgun, Betar and the Stern Gang), which operated in Palestine causing great damage to the British troops holding the area. I have written in detail on this segment in history in my November 2003 newsletter.

            In 1948, the Brits had been so bloodied that the British people and military were sick and tired of losing soldiers in Palestine, and a withdrawal date was set. Just like we are now seeing in Iraq. The Federation had built up a Jewish armed force and the Arab nations around Palestine mobilized in order to move in and take control of Palestine as soon as the British troops were out. On May 14, 1948, the Zionist World Federation proclaimed the formation of the State of Israel, and in less than 24 hours, the United States and the Soviet Union each recognized her as a nation. The Zionists had made these arrangements in advance with the United States and the Communist regime of the Soviet Union, and with these two super powers behind them, the State of Israel was accepted by the United Nations. War immediately broke out as the Arab forces attacked the brand new nation. The Zionists have re-written history and claimed that well armed forces from the Arab nations attacked a “poor ragtag army of Jews” who were trying to defend their land and families. This is simply not true since the secret armed forces of the Federation had prepared for a war and were well armed. As a matter of fact, the Federation wanted this war in order to take more territory and “clean out” the Palestinians, which they did. Both sides showed great cruelty and civilians were massacred by both sides. The brutal force showed by the Israeli forces scared millions of Palestinians into fleeing into Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.

            These later became pawns in the political battle, as the Arab governments refused to let these refugees become absorbed into their general population and forced them to stay in camps for the next 58 years in order to put pressure on Israel. The children and grandchildren of these refugees became what are today known as the PLO, Fatah and Hezbollah. These people were not allowed back into their homes in Israel, nor were they allowed to start a new life in Jordan, Lebanon or Egypt. As a result, they were never able to settle back down and begin again, consequently, they had no future and so they resorted to violence and were in a sense forced to become terrorists and suicide bombers.        

            On September 17, 1948 an assassination squad from the Jerusalem division of the Stern gang ambushed the Swedish nobleman, Folke Bernadotte, who at that time was the peace mediator for the United Nations in the war between Israel and the Arabs. A road block was set up just outside Jerusalem, and once the car had stopped, gunmen ripped open the doors and riddled the U.N. envoy with bullets. The murderers sped away in their car and Folke died later in a hospital (See our November 2003 newsletter).

            From the very beginning, the Federation knew that it was going to be difficult to hold onto the land, due to the fact that the birth rate among Arabs was higher than that of the Jews, plus their base was much smaller. A number of wars were fought in 1955, 1967 and 1973. But it was in Lebanon that Israel was defeated politically first in 1978, then in 1982 and now politically and militarily in 2006. In these small wars, Israel invaded Lebanon, but each time was forced to withdraw either from pressure from the United Nations or from the general population in Israel.


            The Federation, under the leadership of Ben Gurion, realized that time was not on the side of Israel, and that something had to be done in order to make sure that the Arab nations would never dare to attack Israel. Therefore, in the late 1940’s, Jewish spies stole the technology of building atomic bombs and shared it with the Soviet Union. A vast underground complex was built in the Negev desert, at a place called Dimona research center, with an atomic reactor to begin producing material for an atomic bomb. The current stockpile of nuclear bombs in Israel’s arsenal is thought to be over 300, some of them placed in missiles, others carried on Israeli submarines and still others to be dropped by aircraft. Every Israeli government from the time of Ben Gurion has consistently lied and told the world that the State of Israel does not have nuclear weapons.

            What most people do not know or have forgotten is that the Federation forged cooperation with the White South African government in the 1950’s, and in return Israel was able to conduct atomic bomb tests in South African territorial waters, while the South African Government was able to produce their own nuclear weapons, though they were never used. The entire operation was dismantled in 1994 when the black majority ousted the South African government and dismantled its apartheid policy, which Israel still continues to practice. We must also remember that during the worldwide boycott of South Africa, Israel became the white regime’s best friend, and supplied South Africa with everything it needed to continue to oppress its black population.

THE INTIFADA (Shaking off)

            For many years, the PLO and the Fatah movement operated a low intensive war, with the basic usage of suicide bombers, which created havoc among the civilian population. The first response by the Israeli military was to send in massive numbers of troops to the Gaza strip and the West Bank and try to suppress the attacks. Instead, it demoralized the Israeli soldiers, as they were told to be brutal to the Palestinian civilian population. Public outcry in Israel forced the Israeli government to pull out and try to establish a Palestinian state. This policy has failed because radical Muslims rejected it and have done everything to wreck any peace accord between Israel and the Palestinians.


            The nation of Israel is facing a number of problems. Most of the leadership in the Federation, government circles, military leadership and a large portion of the population do not believe in the God of the Old Testament, but are atheists, agnostics, New Agers or followers of the Cabala. Thus, the moral fiber of Israel is at a very low point, and the nation has a large number of whorehouses, where young women from Russia and Eastern European countries have been lured to Israel by the Jewish mafia, then had their passports taken away and forced to work as sex slaves. The Israeli police will do very little to help these victims, instead, pimps ply them with alcohol and other drugs to keep them under control until they are too old and damaged to be sold in the “human meat market,” at which time they are discarded like trash and left to fend for themselves. Death through disease or suicide is their ticket out of slavery. Homosexuality is also rising among young Jewish men and women as they sink deeper and deeper into debauchery.

            Since the foundation of Israel in 1948, more than 700,000 Jews have left Israel either for Western Europe or North America. In the October 27, 2006 issue of the Jewish magazine “Forward,” there was an article which reported that officials from Israel, led by the minister of immigration absorption, Ze’ev Boim, have descended on the United States to try to lure these Jews back to Israel since the population decrease in Israel is catastrophic for the nation. In the past, those Jews that left have been called traitors and Jews of shame, but the situation is now so desperate that the Government of Israel will go to any length to woo them back. There are some 6,000 Jews currently returning to Israel but Boim wants to double that number.

            A large portion of the population in Israel is tired of the many wars with no peace and constant harassment from Palestinians and the Hezbollah in the north. People are demoralized and filled with fear of more suicide bombers and rocket attacks. They realize that the fanatical Zionists who set up the State of Israel did not care or take into account what 58 years of wars and terror would do to the people.

            Furthermore, Israel has never been able to economically stand on its own feet. From its foundation in 1948, the Government of the United States has pumped in billions of dollars each year to shore up this experiment in building a nation from scratch, carved out on the backs of hostile Palestinians. Military aid has prevented Israel from losing its many wars, and should the American people ever become fed up with paying for this socialist venture, Israel would collapse financially. According to Israeli government sources, it is going to cost one billion dollars to replenish depleted war material from the war in 2006 with Hezbollah. Add to this the loss in income and productivity when tens of thousands of Israeli citizens were called up to fight in this war, not to mention rebuilding the infrastructure and homes that the Hezbollah rockets destroyed.

            The worst damage suffered in this latest conflict with Hezbollah is the image loss of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). In every war since 1948, Israel’s enemies were beaten to the ground and humiliated, but this time, the Hezbollah army (Iranian trained and equipped) was able to stand up against the Israeli forces and inflict heavy damages. When a cease fire was called, Israel withdrew and Hezbollah took back control of the Lebanonese land which they had before the war. Respect for Israel and it armed forces among the countries in the Middle East is now gone and this defeat will embolden political leaders to think and believe that Israel can be defeated and the Jews be driven into the Mediterranean Sea.


            In the January-February 2006 newsletter, I wrote in detail about Israel’s future war with Iran. In my mind, there is no question that there will be a war, the question is when? The war in Lebanon in the summer of 2006 was in reality an attack by the Iranian government, using Palestinians as soldiers in an Iranian army group, led by Iranian officers, supplied by Iran via Syria, and paid by Iran using its vast profits from selling oil to the west. The Iranian government wanted to test the defenses of Israel, particularly her defense against incoming rockets. The result is that the air defenses of Israel against incoming missiles are full of holes. Thus, a cluster of missiles launched in Iran and armed with nuclear bombs, would reach its target and kill more than 90% of the Jewish population in Israel. Israel as a nation would cease to exist in just a matter of minutes and the ground would be contaminated just like it was in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945 when the United States dropped two atomic bombs over Japan. Therefore, the Israeli government cannot wait until it is attacked; in order to survive, it has to attack Iran using nuclear weapons to bomb this nation back to the Stone Age.

            In the fall of 2006, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stated in a number of speeches given in the United States as he tried to rally support for Israel, that he and his government would not accept a nuclear Iran, and if necessary, he would give the order to destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities. Since the Iranian nuclear program is located in vast underground facilities, it will take atomic bombs to destroy them and the technical personnel.

            Does the Israeli government have the nerve to start a nuclear war in the Middle East? The answer is, YES! The Federation that controls Israel has labored for more than 500 years to create a Jewish state, and the attack on the nuclear reactor facility in Iraq in 1981 shows their resolve. The American government, regardless of whether Republicans or Democrats are in control, is weak, unstable and without a clear goal or policy. Israel’s government has one goal, to make sure the nation survives, regardless of the cost.


            As I wrote in my January-February newsletter earlier this year, Israel does not want strong Islamic nations in the Middle East. The Israelis remember that when the United States attacked Iraq in 1991 in what is called, “The Gulf War,” Saddam Hussein rained Scud missiles down on Israeli towns. What most Americans might not know or have forgotten is the fact that the United States supported Saddam Hussein in 1979 with finances and military aid during his eight year war with Iran. I covered this in detail in my October 2002 newsletter, which can be found on our website.

            It was in the interest of Israel to take out Saddam and make sure that Iraq would fall into three parts, Kurds in the north, Sunnis in the Middle and Shiites in the south. Israel, through its intelligence service, the Mossad, has established a firm foothold in the north with the Kurds, and is training and arming the Kurds to hold their territory once Iraq splits up. Israel also wants to have American troops indefinitely in Iraq to hold back Iran from taking over the south and the Syrians from taking the middle of Iraq. Israel, America’s ally is actually our worst enemy since it works behind the scenes to keep the violence going in Iraq.


·        To make sure that all Islamic nations stay weak, militarily, politically and economically.

·        To make it impossible for the U.S. to withdraw its troops from the region.

·        It’s a win-win situation for Israel to have U.S. troops doing the fighting and dying, paid for by American tax payers, all while keeping Israel safe from further attacks. 

            With a strong lobby in the United States, including Christian Zionists, American policies are being twisted and maneuvered to fit the Israeli purpose. President Bush and his government never had a chance to win in Iraq; instead, he was forced to make horrible blunders to make sure that there would be no peace and democracy in Iraq. See my November-December 2006 newsletter.

            Most Americans do not have a criminal mind and do not want to see how America is being led down the road to death and destruction by fanatical Zionists, who are bent on hanging onto the State of Israel, regardless of how many millions of people must die for this “nightmare.” In the October 27, 2006 issue of the Jewish magazine “Forward,” there was a headline on the front page that read: “PELOSI WORKS TO SHORE UP IMAGE. Would be House Speaker Praised by Jewish Groups.”

            This was written before the election to assure American Jewish voters that Nancy Pelosi is one of them. Here are a few clips from this article:

            “The truth, according to Pelosi’s backers, is quite different. On matters concerning the Jewish state she is a mainstream as they get, sticking to a pro-Israeli line ever since she entered Congress…

            “To demonstrate the extent of Pelosi’s support for Israel and for the Jewish community, Jewish activists in the Bay Area (San Francisco) tells the story of a luncheon given several years ago by pro-Israel lobbying powerhouse, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), at which Pelosi was one of the speakers. Suddenly an alarm went off in the building and the participants began rushing to the doors. All but one – Pelosi, who stood up and recited Israel’s national anthem. The impression that this event left on the Jewish activists who were gathered in the room is now one of Pelosi’s main assets as she tries to improve her image in pro-Israel circles…..

            Many pro-Israel observers surveyed by the Forward predicted that if Pelosi does become speaker (she did), the House (congress) would remain staunchly pro-Israel given the bipartisan support enjoyed by Jerusalem….

            “After the war in Lebanon ended, Pelosi gathered a group of local Jewish communal leaders from her home district to discuss the outcome. ‘She was eloquent in her support for a strong Israel,’ said San Francisco JCRC executive director Dough Kahn, who attended the meeting. ‘She feels it in her bones.’”

            Did you ever hear Nancy Pelosi make these statements to a crowd of regular Americans while she made campaign speeches before the election?

            Nancy Pelosi is not alone, all American political leaders are pro-Israel or their political life is over. There is no money available to any political leader who will stand up and question America’s support for Israel. Those who have done so have been labeled anti-Semitic, ridiculed by the Jewish controlled mass media, and lambasted by other political leaders.  Our “fearless” politicians will get out on the campaign trail and lambaste the policies of the other party, but they line up like sheep in agreement on Israel, The Golden Calf.


            The terrible sad truth is, THE UNITED STATES DOES NOT HAVE A POLICY IN THE MIDDLE EAST!

            The democrats are accurate when they tell the American people that the Bush administration does not have a policy for the Middle East of how to end the war in Iraq and bring the American troops home. But as the democrats campaigned and rode on the rejection of the war in Iraq, they never offered a solution. All they said was, “We are going to bring the troops home.” When asked how it was going to be done, they would not and could not provide an answer because they knew that Israel’s government had said no, you as a nation are to stay in Iraq indefinitely and keep bleeding.

            The Republicans were stuck with an unpopular war and the Democrats took advantage of it to take control of the Senate and the House. But once they are in control, it is going to be the same old -- same old, because all politicians in the United States are singing in the “Israeli choir” directed by Christian Zionists. This will continue until the American people wake up, and how are they going to be able to wake up when they are fed a pro-Israel diet from the media, in church and in the business world, not to mention our educational system?


            If President Bush had been a free agent and concerned with American needs and security, he would have followed a magnificent example from American history -- WORLD WAR II.

            Once the United States was dragged into the war on December 7, 1941, the policy of the United States could be summed up in these words: GO FOR BROKE! 

            President Roosevelt understood that a world war on two fronts needed to be run by Generals, not civilians. The whole nation was put on war footing and men were immediately drafted. A military force of 12 million men and women was built up in less than two years. There was no cost spared as America built up its army, navy, air force.

            During the years 1942-45, there were no automobiles produced in the U.S., instead the auto industry built tanks, trucks, jeeps and aircraft: bombers and fighters. Since millions of men were drafted to serve in the armed forces, women were hired to work in the factories and shipyards.

            From 1942 to 1944, the United States moved troops and equipment to England and it was a common joke at that time that England might sink since millions of tons of war material were stocked there. The decision was made to prioritize the war effort in Europe and make the war against Japan secondary.       

            Food, shoes, gasoline and tires were rationed in the U.S. and the whole nation lived and breathed to win the war. In 1942, the first U.S. troops landed in North Africa and suffered heavy losses against the Germans. Battle hardened British soldiers saved the American forces and together they were able to drive out the Germans and Italians from North Africa.

            The Generals learned that they could not send in “green” troops against battle hardened German units, it would take more training and better equipment.

             After North Africa came the invasion of Sicily under the command of General Patton and General Montgomery of England. From here, Italy was invaded and by this time, American troops were able to slug it out against the Germans and liberate Italy.

            As the largest invasion force in the world was being assembled in England for the invasion of France, known now as D-Day, which took place in June 1944, another preparation was being made by the American military command. It is one thing to invade a nation and destroy its military force, it is another thing to hold on to the nation and take control.

            A huge intelligence operation was established in 1942 to set up military units to take over the civilian administration in Italy, France and Germany. Civilians were drafted to serve in these units, and the goal was to move in as soon as a city had been taken and set up a military security control, but run the administrational services with American civilian advisors who would work with the local population. The biggest test would be to pacify Germany as soon as possible.

            A decision was made to divide Germany into four zones, to be run by the British, French, Americans, and the Soviet’s. American intelligence operators brought in data of who the local town and country leaders were and if they were hardcore Nazis. The goal was to locate native leadership and quickly build up an infrastructure. Local policemen were needed to quickly establish law and order but they needed Nazi diehards weeded out. The quicker a town or an area could be turned over to civilian rule, the faster American troops could be brought back to the United States, leaving only a small force stationed on American bases. It would also make the occupation of Germany easier, since the people could see that they were going to have their own country given back to them, and in a short time, through elections, set up their own government with a new constitution.

            When the war ended in 1945, Germany had been bombed back to the Stone Age. The Soviet Union tried to capitalize on the destruction of the economy, lack of food, etc. The American generals knew that they must win the peace once the war was over. Thus, the Marshall Plan came into being and billions of dollars were invested to rebuild Europe, particularly Germany. German soldiers had to be helped back into civilian life and given jobs to take care of their families and a new German army to be built.

            It is important to also point out that the majority of the German Intelligence operators under the Nazi regime were quickly hired by all four occupying powers and put to work for their own intelligence services. General Reinhard Gehlen and most of his staff surrendered to the American Army and were taken to the United States, despite his membership in the Nazi party. He became employed by the CIA and was sent back to Germany to head the intelligence service of West Germany. He served as the head of Germany’s intelligence service until 1968. The people who had served under the Nazis were more than happy to switch sides, keep their jobs and not have to answer for their war crimes, and give the allies information on any German trying to resist the occupation. (You can read more about Gehlen in the following articles: On the Road to Armageddon, August 1999 newsletter, January 2004 newsletter)

            Then the Western allies decided that it would be better to combine the French, American and British zones and give them back to the Germans, which became West Germany. In a short time, millions of Germans were employed to rebuild the roads, railroads, shipping lanes, cities, factories etc., and by 1952, people in the world talked about the “German miracle.”

            There was no German resistance once the Nazi government capitulated, only in a few places and for a short time did former German soldiers roam, loot and set up road blocks. The occupation of Germany and Italy went according to the textbook, and if you travel in these nations today, there are no traces of war damage. It is hard to believe that a major war was even fought there. The United States used the same method in Japan, and in a short time, Japan had come back as an economic power house.

            The American generals knew that they had to deal with Protestants and Catholics in Germany and Buddhists in Japan. If you want to have peace with the population, you must respect their religion and work with them, not against them. 


CONTINUED: 2006 Midterm Elections in the USA
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