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January 2004

European American Evangelistic Crusades


The Flaming Sword
Contending For The Faith Ė Jude 3



John S. Torell


Just like Bernadotte, Hammarskjold had now collided head on with the Zionist leaders of Israel and ultimately this would lead to his death in 1961.

The world situation in 1956 was very unstable. President Eisenhower had suffered a heart attack on September 23, 1955, but recovered. He was now in the process of running for a second term as President of the United States, which meant that most of his energies were spent in raising money for his election campaign and campaigning.

Allen W. Dulles

Eisenhower was in a weakened condition, so he had the two Dulles brothers running the affairs of the United States: John Foster Dulles (1888-1959) was Secretary of State from 1953 to 1959 and Allen W. Dulles (1893-1969) was director of the CIA from 1953 to 1961. Eisenhower and the people in the world did not know that the Dulles brothers worked hard to foment attacks on the Communists in Poland and Hungary, using CIA agents and money. When the uprising took place in the latter part of 1956, all the support promised to the freedom fighters was withheld, and thousands upon thousands died under the tracks of Soviet tanks or were shot in the back of their heads.

Neither did Eisenhower know that the British and French governments had worked out a secret deal with Israel, where the three nations would jointly attack Egypt to give Israel all Egyptian land east of the Suez canal and return the Suez canal to foreign control, under British and French rule. This war broke out on October 29, 1956.

Since Dag Hammarskjold was an independent man, not bending to the Western powers, nor to the Communists, nor to Israel, but instead trying to build a strong United Nations which would be independent from all national politics, he had not only become the enemy of Israel, but of all world leaders. In this monthís newsletter, I will present the truth of events which led up to the murder of Hammarskjold in 1961.

The current events in the Middle East are just a continuous "saga" of the ruthless politics pursued by Arabs, Jews, Communists and the Western Powers.

As I am presenting this truth to the Christian community in the world, it is important that I present a solid background on events which took place behind the scenes that were hidden from the general public but known to political and military leaders, including Dag Hammarskjold. I feel like a prosecutor who is presenting his evidence before the judge and the jury, knowing that the information must be true and extremely accurate.

The thought that comes to my mind as I do research for my writing, is this. The political leaders of the world operate a criminal system, therefore they cannot afford to have an honest upright man or woman scrutinize their deeds. Thus, men and women of integrity must die to protect the criminals. Hammarskjold was an upright man of integrity.

The Zionist world leaders had by this time infiltrated the Soviet NKVD, the American CIA (created in 1947 by Congress) and the British intelligence services. The city of Berlin, which had been divided into four zones in 1945, was now divided into two parts, East Berlin under the rule of the Soviets and West Berlin under the rule of American, French and British military commands. Since Berlin was sitting deep inside East Germany, it was a beehive of spies. The CIA was hopelessly compromised with agents from the Soviets and from the Mossad. Its headquarters in West Berlin was known for the free flow of alcohol and a large stable of whores, who were maintained to entice Soviet military officers, but also for the entertainment of the CIA officers stationed in Berlin. At times the CIA office in Berlin functioned more like a professional whorehouse than an intelligence operation for the United States. Whenever Allen Dulles would visit the Berlin office, they would furnish him with a young beautiful German whore, since he had a great sexual appetite.

Reinhard Gehlen

After World War II was over in 1945, U.S. Army Intelligence hired the German general, Reinhard Gehlen and close to a thousand of his German staff. Gehlen had been in charge of Hitlerís military intelligence group, Abwehrís intelligence operation against the Soviet Union known as "Fremde Heere Ost" (Foreign Armies East). On July 1, 1949 Gehlenís private intelligence service was taken over by the American CIA. The head of the Abwehr from January 1935 to February 1944 was Admiral Wilhelm Canaris (1887-1945, of Greek Jewish descent). Canaris was one of the highest ranking Jews in the Nazi regime, and he used his position to do severe damage to Hitlerís war efforts.

Wilhelm Canaris

The Zionist world leaders from the very beginning have been able to place Jewish people in strategic positions and then from time to time activate them for certain projects, which would be in the interest of the Zionist cause. Canaris was in charge of German aid to General Francisco Franco (1892-1975) of Jewish descent) during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) On December 7, 1940, Canaris was in Madrid and met with General Franco, who was negotiating with Hitlerís Third Reich about Spanish involvement on the German side. 1

At this time, the German Armies had routed the British and French armies, the British army had been sea-lifted from Dunkirk in June, 1940, after France, Belgium, and Holland had fallen to the victorious German panzer units. Denmark and Norway had been attacked by Germany and were occupied by German troops. The United States had not yet entered the war, and to most Europeans it looked like Germany was the winner. Hitler wanted Franco to allow German troops to enter Spain and attack the important British naval base at Gibraltar. Canaris told Franco to say no, and warn Hitler that Spanish troops would resist the Germans. Thus Zionist influence through intelligence services changed the outcome of the war, if Gibraltar would have fallen to the Germans, the British would have lost the war in North Africa and its hold on Egypt and Palestine.

Blue Division

To repay Hitler for his help during the Spanish Civil War, Franco sent a division of Spanish troops, known as the "Blue Division" to participate in the war with the Soviet Union (During its combat tour in Russia from 1941-43, 47,000 young Spanish men served in the division and 5,000 of them were killed). When the roundup and killing of Eastern European Jews began, Spain opened its borders to Jews from Western Europe to find refuge in Spain, but the Eastern Jews were denied entry.

Admiral Canaris hired a number of persons who he knew were not loyal to Hitler, in order to sabotage the Nazi regime from within. In February 1944, SS agents loyal to Hitler became suspicious of Canaris, and he was removed from the command of Abwehr and given a position with the economic staff of the armed forces. On July 20, 1944, a group of German Army officers attempted to kill Hitler by planting a bomb at Hitlerís headquarters in East Prussia. The attempt failed and the SS hunted down the plotters, and had them brutally executed. Admiral Canaris was arrested and put in Flossenburg concentration camp in Bavaria, and on April 9, 1945 as the war was in its last days, he was executed.

The reason for detailing this information is to make the reader understand the background, from which the German Nazi General Gehler came. When the Germans surrendered on May 8, 1945, it became a scramble between the Soviets and the Western powers to hire as many German intelligence agents as possible, disregarding any possible war crimes they might have committed. General Gehlen ended up working for the Americans and he brought with him thousands of German agents. What the CIA did not understand was, that hundreds of German agents had been hired by the Soviets, and using this entangled web, the Soviets were able to place double agents with the CIA and the British MI-5 and MI-6. General Gehlen was given the responsibility to handle security in the American zone of Germany, and when the three Western Zones were merged and the West German Federal Republic was established in 1949, the CIA run private Gehlen intelligence service took over security matters in what was known as West Germany.

It was not until 1956 that the Gehlen organization was transferred from CIA control to become the official intelligence service for the West German Government and General Gehlen became the chief of the new West German Intelligence Service. It was not going to be known until many years later, that the West German Intelligence unit was riddled with Soviet moles, and through Gehlenís work with the CIA, the latter became saturated with Soviet moles. Gehlen retired on May 1, 1968 from the West German Federal Intelligence Service and his successor was the former Nazi General Gerhard Wessel who had worked under Gehlen from 1942. The result was the death of most Western agents that the CIA managed to recruit inside the Iron Curtain and those who were sent in to work undercover from the West. Allen Dulles and his agents were no match for the smart Communist agents who knew how to wine, dine and sexually trap "uncle" Dulles and his "boys."

It is impossible in a short newsletter to look at all of the details, but there is one thing that I must share at this point. Since some of my readers were children during World War II and the majority of the readers were born long after the war had ended, they have no way of knowing what the American military combat leaders thought about having the Soviets occupying half of Germany and taking over all the East European nations. The leading opposition leader of the official American policies concerning the Communist aggression was General George S. Patton, Jr. (1885-1945). Since Patton probably was the most brilliant American combat general running the American armored tank attacks against the Germans and smashing German resistance, he was not only respected by the American people and his army peers, but also by the German command and soldiers. By mid 1944 it had become clear to the American military command in Europe, that once the Germans were defeated, the Soviets were going to cause a lot of problems in the future.

George Patton

Patton and others wanted to continue the war once the Germans were finished and just keep going east and take care of Stalin and his communist cadres, but the American president had different orders. The Communists were to be given much territory. General Pattonís last command was over the Third Army which had sliced through the German resistance from France deep into Germany. In order to slow Patton and let the Soviets take Berlin, fuel was cut off from the Third Army so they could not move.

Once the war was over, Patton and the Third Army were moved to Bavaria in southern Germany to occupy it and hunt down Nazis (just like the U.S. army is doing in Iraq at this moment). Patton was not cracking down as hard as the U.S. State Department wanted, and on October 8, 1945, he was stripped of his command of the Third Army. After his firing from the Third Army, conservative forces in the United States began a move to have Patton run for a congressional district as a Republican. Steam was picking up as a number of conservative newspapers and publications began to push the candidacy for Patton. In a letter to his wife, the following sentence was written by Patton: "...I think things will come out for the best and may result in my getting lined up with the Anti-Communists because it is they (the Communists) and the Jews who are back of it and succeeded due to the lack of spine of D.D."  2

Once Patton had linked the Communists and the Zionists together, he had signed his own death sentence. On December 7, 1945, Patton had decided to go pheasant hunting with a friend, just outside Mannheim in Bavaria. Patton and his friend traveled in a Cadillac sedan, and on the Autobahn (freeway) they met with an American Army truck that suddenly turned in front of the Cadillac causing a head on collision. Patton suffered a broken neck, and was taken to the nearest American military hospital. On the way to the hospital, a second Army truck hit the ambulance but Patton survived this accident too. Severely injured he arrived at the hospital. As soon as his wife heard about it, she flew out from the U.S. to be with her husband. Patton told his wife, that unless she had him removed from the Army hospital, someone would kill him. Before she could get the proper papers and have him transferred out to the U.S. he died on December 21, 1945. The death certificate listed the death as the result of heart failure. Again another master murder had taken place, just as the Soviets had bragged about so many times, "It takes an artist to make a murder look like suicide or a normal death due to illness." At that time the War Department (now called Defense Department) policy was that no American service man who died in a foreign land could be brought back into the United States for burial, they had to be buried in the place where they had died. In Pattonís situation, he was buried in an American military cemetery in Luxembourg. (In biographies and other listings, the second accident with the ambulance has been removed through sanitation)

Igor Orlov was an "Ace in the hole" for the Soviet Union. At that time the Intelligence Service of the Soviet Union was known as the NKVD.

Igor & Eleonore Orlov

Orlov was the master product of the Russian Jew Lavrentij Beria 3 who was the chief of the NKVD from 1938 to 1953. When the German armies attacked the Soviet Union in 1941, the entire Russian front collapsed and the only holdout in Western Russia was Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) and a line from Moscow down to Stalingrad. The Germans captured the Soviet war hero, General Andrey Vlasov (1900-1946) and millions of Russian soldiers. General Vlasov was not a friend of Stalin, and detested the communist system. Once in German captivity he was befriended by the Germans, and agreed to fight the Soviets. At his disposal he had some one million Russian soldiers, who disliked Stalin and the communist system. Had Hitler unleashed this force on the eastern front, it is most likely that the Soviet Union would have collapsed. But the Zionist leaders could not let this happen, it would jeopardize their plan for Palestine as a Jewish state. Beria hand-picked a young NKVD agent by the name of Aleksandr Ivanovich Navratilov (born 1918), who was also known under the nickname of "Sasha." His name was changed to Lieutenant Igor Grigoryevich Orlov, and this identity was stolen from a dead Russian soldier. Sasha was a ruthless man, having betrayed his own father to the NKVD and saw him taken away to be killed in a Gulag (labor camp). Orlov had no soul, no allegiance except to himself and the Communist party. A plan was hatched in which a Russian military aircraft was to fly west and cross over into German territory where Orlov was to parachute out and "defect" to the Germans. His goal was to infiltrate German Intelligence and sow discord between the Germans and General Vlasov. To show the reader how little regard for human life intelligence agents have, the Russian flight crew were not told that before Orlov jumped, he would kill the crew and let the aircraft crash, in order to convince the Germans that he was defecting from the Soviet Union. As he jumped from the aircraft, he was wounded by gunfire from German soldiers and then captured and taken to a medical facility. After having been interrogated at length by German counter-intelligence agents, he was cleared as "a true defector," and introduced to General Gehlen. During his interrogation sessions he told the Germans, that he was a NKVD agent and now he wanted to help the Germans to expose Soviet agents, who had infiltrated Vlaslovís army. General Gehlen bought into this lie, and let Orlov ferret out NKVD agents. In order to convince the Germans that he was authentic, Orlov had been given names and addresses of NKVD agents in Germany, who were either low ranking agents or agents who had not produced results. Orlov betrayed these agents who were then arrested, tortured and executed. This convinced Gehlen that Orlov was genuine. Orlov now did great damage to the trust the Germans had for General Vlaslov. This information went all the way up to Hitler, and the result was that Hitler did not permit General Vlaslov and his army to participate in the battle on the Eastern front. Thus, one well placed Soviet agent prevented some one million Russian soldiers from fighting the Communists. During the very last months of the war, the German military command decided to use Vlaslov and 50,000 of his men to take a stand against the Communists in Hungary. Vlaslovís force was overrun, most of the men fled west to surrender to the Americans. Vlaslov himself was captured, taken to Moscow and severely tortured, before he was killed. His head was cut off, impaled on a pole and paraded through the city of Moscow.

When the war was over, the American army, at the request of the Soviet Government, forced the Vlaslov army survivors to be handed over to the Soviet Army, and most of them were extremely tortured, before they were killed en mass. The American military code name for this operation of shame was "Operation Keelhaul." Orders were given to Orlov to cross over into Soviet territory where he was debriefed and informed that he had been promoted to Lt. Colonel. Instead of getting a desk job in Moscow, he was sent back to Germany and told to be recruited by the Americans. 4

General Gehlen had come to the conclusion, in 1944, that Germany was going to lose the war. The devoted Nazi General decided that it was time to prepare for a post war life for himself and his friends. On April 28, 1945, he put a plan into operation to offer his best intelligence agents his vast collection of documents and his knowledge of the Soviet Union to the United States. Gehlen buried three complete sets of documents in separate locations. The most important files he had were the ones on the Soviet agents who had surrendered to Germany and worked for German intelligence. Gehlen contacted the OSS (forerunner to the CIA) office in London and offered his surrender package. American OSS agent Frank Wisner was given the assignment to accept the surrender of General Gehlen, his family and several hundred of his agents and their families.

With his former Nazi intelligence unit intact, the United States made it into an American protected unit, and in 1956 it became the core of the new West German Intelligence Service.

Gehlen now proposed to his American handlers that it was of utmost importance that as many German scientists as possible, including rocket scientists like Wernher von Braun, be located and employed by the U.S.. This project was called "Operation Paperclip," and run by the OSS Director William "Wild Bill" Donovan and Allen W. Dulles. Another very important American working on this project, was the German born Jew, Henry Kissinger. President Truman was more or less left in the dark, thus the operation was run like the future Iran/Contra affair. 5

Thousands of leading Nazis in Germany including scientists, engineers, medical doctors, intelligence agents, civilian officials, military officers and soldiers were "rescued" from the detention camps and secretly shipped to the United States. The U.S. Army, the OSS and all other American agencies committed to fight the communists, scoured detention camps, military tribunals and "rescued" any German Nazi, who was believed to be useful for American intelligence and the future American Space Industry. Even the dreaded head of the Gestapo, Heinrich Mueller was taken away from a war crime tribunal and employed by the American Government. 6

General Gehlen and his staff were taken to a U.S. Army base outside Washington, D.C. for ten months, where they laid the ground work for Operation Paperclip. Thousands of Gestapo, Wehrmacht (German Army) and SS officers were "rescued" and brought into the American intelligence network. A hard line Nazi like Alois Brunner, who had been Adolf Eichmannís top assistant, became a senior manager in the Gehlen organization.

The Gehlen intelligence group was riddled with double agents from the NKVD. Behind the Soviet lines German NKVD agents worked day and night producing fake Nazi files, containing all kind of false information which was then fed to Gehlenís organization, who fed it on to the Americans. It was a bonanza for the communists and a disaster for the United States, who later was going to pay in blood, first in Korea and later in Vietnam.

During his debriefing by the NKVD, Orlov had been given a new identity, and he was now called Alexander Kopatzky, who had been a Polish man forced to fight for the Germans during the war. He was told to make his way to a displaced persons camp, outside Munich, Bavaria, which was in the American Zone. Once there, he began to sell on the black market, in order to be arrested by the U.S. army. His scheme was that once arrested, he could reveal his intelligence skills, and be employed by the Americans. What he did not know was, that Gehlenís organization had put his name high on the list of intelligence agents, who they wanted to employ against the Soviets. Once arrested, his old identity as Igor Orlov was discovered, and in no time at all he was welcomed with open arms, and his first American case officer was David Murphy, an American Army counter-intelligence officer. Eventually Igor Orlov was stationed in West Berlin at the CIA headquarters, and thus the Soviets had a mole, who had deeply penetrated the American intelligence operation. He would do much damage, first by betraying CIA agents working behind the Soviet lines, who were picked off one by one and killed, secondly by bringing in massive false information, which was then passed on to the Pentagon and the White House, and used as a basis to set American policies.

GEORGE WEISZ (1918-1982)
George Weisz was one of the most valuable spies that the Mossad had, and in the same class as Robert Maxwell.
7 George was born in Miskole, Hungary on August 27, 1918 to Jewish parents. His father and mother immigrated to the United States in 1932 and lived in an Hungarian neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. The family came to the U.S. during the deepest years of the depression. He graduated from high school in 1937 as an honor student, and then enrolled in college at Cooper Union.

The Weisz family were Jewish, but lived like secular Jews having little to do with the Synagogue system. In the fall of 1941, before the U.S. had officially entered World War II, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and left for Officersí Candidate School in Kentucky. Due to his high degree of intelligence and speaking several languages, he was selected to become an intelligence officer. Early in 1944 he was assigned to Fort Ritchie, Maryland, where he received special training in how to break a suspected enemy agent. George, who was known for being a womanizer and being ruthless, excelled in winning the confidence of his victim, and would then crush and break him. After the D-Day invasion in Normandy, France in June 1944, George was transferred to Europe and assigned as an intelligence officer, first with the 14th Armored Division and later with the 28th Infantry Division, inside Germany.

Allen Dulles was in charge of this operation, despite the fact that he was no longer working for the U.S. government.

Using The Council on Foreign Relations as a base, Dulles did his work behind the back of President Truman through Frank Wisner, a prominent agent with the old OSS. Wisner had gone to work for the State Department, and was heading up an agency called The Office of Policy Coordination (OPC), which was in reality an organization in charge of covert operations and sabotage against the Soviets. Wisnerís agency was in charge of identifying and retrieving useful Nazis. The U.S. Army supplied whatever force was needed, as it also was running Gehlenís intelligence group. Officially, Wisner was running a refugee administration. At that time the program was known all the way up to the President, so the White House, the State Department and the Pentagon all had to lie to the press and the American people. The operation was no secret to the Soviet leadership or to other Western governments, only the American people had to be lied to in order to not cause a public outcry in the U.S.

Allen Dulles was then (1947) working as a private attorney for the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell, and in pretending to be working for this law firm, he was in reality the boss of Frank Wisner. Wisnerís right hand man was Carmel Offie, who had openly declared that he was a homosexual. It was Offie who was going to run George Weisz. Offie was looking for an intelligence agent to work in Hungary, and find suitable Nazis and Hungarians, who had worked with the German regime during the war. These were to be recruited either as undercover agents or be brought to the U.S. for special work. During his previous work as an intelligence agent Weisz had been able to keep it a secret that he was a Jew. Wisner and Offie had no clue, when they hired Weisz, that they were sending out a Jew to rescue Nazis from being tried for war crimes.

Weisz accepted the offer and was sent off to Nuremberg, Germany, where war crime tribunals were being conducted at this time against Nazi officials, SS officers and other former German military personnel. Since Weisz spoke and read Hungarian fluently, he was well suited for the job. At Nuremberg he went through the records of Germans having served in Hungary, and then interrogated them as to who they knew in Hungary. Armed with this information, he traveled to Hungary, officially to find Nazis to bring to trial but secretly to find and either recruit them as agents or bring them out to the West. It did not take long for the Nazi underground in Hungary to learn that Weisz was a ruthless operator. If a Nazi would not cooperate with him, he would turn that man or woman over to the Communists to be interrogated, tormented and then executed. In a short time Weisz had built up a large American-lead resistance movement inside Hungary, the nation where Raul Wallenberg had worked a few years earlier to save Jews from the Nazis.

Officially Weisz told the Communist regime in Hungary, that he was a Nazi hunter and a Jew, seeking revenge. For every Nazi he found and recruited, he would take a less desirable Nazi and turn him in to the Communists.

It was in Hungary that Weisz was recruited to work for the NKVD (later known as the KGB). The NKVD agent was another Hungarian born Jew, who approached Weisz as being a Zionist activist, trying to break up an underground organization known as "Odessa," which were helping Nazis escape the Communists. This developed Weisz into a "triple agent," unknown to his American superiors and the NKVD, Weisz also became a Mossad agent, with his real allegiance to Israel only, throwing bones to the Americans and the Soviets to keep them happy.

Etta Jo &
George Weisz

In 1947 Weisz married the American intelligence officer Etta Jo McEndree. This was a cover marriage for George who, during the remainder of his life, would have a number of mistresses. By 1948 George was transferred from the U.S. Army to a foreign service cover job with OPC. In 1949, Weisz started to work for Dr. Erhard Dabringhaus, who was a top U.S. Army intelligence agent and controlled a number of high ranking Nazi war criminals working for the U.S. Weisz was assigned to recruit the former SS Colonel Gunther Bernau, who had been part of Klaus Barbieís (1913-1991) Gestapo network in Lyon, France from 1942-44. Klaus Barbie was also known as "The Butcher of Lyon." In 1951 Weisz was transferred back to the U.S. and a job at the Pentagon. After a short stay in Washington D.C., Weisz was transferred to the CIA station in Berlin, where he was going to play a major role in the uprising in Hungary which was going to be used as a diversion when Israel was going to attack Egypt in a joint military operation with England and France.

Unless you knew the hidden web that the Zionist World Government had spun, you would never be able to accept the following facts from that time in the world: As Dag Hammarskjold was working hard to bring peace to the Middle East, the Zionists had planned for Israel, England and France to go to war against Egypt. Knowing that the United States would violently oppose this, a diversion was needed. Unknown to President Eisenhower, the CIA had been using its "Nazi network" to build up a resistance movement inside East Germany, Poland and Hungary, trying to topple the Communist puppet regimes. Money, weapons and training were given to the "freedom fighters" who had been recruited by the CIA Nazis. The uprising in East Germany June 17, 1953 failed as Soviet troops crushed the uprising killing many and arresting thousands who ended up as slave laborers.

What the reader must understand now is that the Soviet Union welcomed and encouraged the CIA to instigate rebellion in the Soviet held territory. Having totally infiltrated the CIA, this was the golden opportunity for the Soviets to ferret out any remaining resistance to the puppet governments in Eastern Europe, by having the CIA entrap them and give names and addresses to the NKVD through double agents.

Israel needed a diversion for its war, and used its embedded agents in both the CIA and the NKVD to encourage these activities and to make sure that the timing of the uprising would be just right. On October 19, 1956 American covert CIA officers started the uprising against the Soviets in Poland and Hungary. The revolt was large and it seemed that the Soviets were on the run. Every news media in the West had 24 hours coverage of the uprising and people in the West were rejoicing, the Communists were finally going to be rolled back. People were riveted to their television sets and radios, including myself.

On October 29, Israel attacked Egypt on a broad front. President Eisenhower now had his hands full as he realized that he had been triple crossed, first by the CIA, then by the British and French who had joined Israel in the attack on Egypt.

The result was that the Soviets totally crushed the uprising in Poland and Hungary. As the American military help which had been promised to the freedom fighters was withdrawn, Israel enlarged its boarders and the United States was once again humiliated in the eyes of the people in the world.

During all this lying, cheating and conniving, Dag Hammarskjold was given the thankless job of stopping the war in the Middle East, while he had to let the people in Eastern Europe succumb to the Communist butchers.

To be continued...

1. See The Dove 2001, Page 113-115.

2. A similar situation happened to General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), when President Harry S. Truman fired him as commander of the American forces during the Korean war on April 11, 1951, because MacArthur refused to stop going after the enemy that was hiding just beyond the Chinese border. The World Government did not want America to win the Korean war, as was the case later in the Vietnam war, 1959-1975.

3. Beria was born in 1899 and was executed on orders by Malenkov, Molotov and Khrushchev in 1953. See The Dove 2001, page 108.

4. See The Dove, Summer 1994, pages 19-20.

5. See The Dove, Autumn 1999, pages 42-45

6. See The Dove, Summer 1994, pages 20-23

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