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While we might not agree with all the views and opinions expressed in the following links, you may find them informative and helpful.


e-Sword - e-Sword is a free, fast and effective way to study the Bible. It has many features such as Strong's numbers, commentaries, dictionaries, and maps in a rich and user friendly interface.  Many Bible versions are available but all you need the KJV.

Howard Pittman - Howard Pittman has a clear message for the church: Wake up! Learning from his near-death experience of facing an angry God for how he had been living his Christian life, which had been excellent by human standards, Pittman warns believers of the danger of falling into the same trap. God's special task for him is in unveiling the tactics of Satan and his demonic forces. One secret to victory in this life is learning how to deal with the enemy.

Resurrection Life of Jesus Church - You are invited to join us for praise and worship of the Lord and a study of the Bible as God speaks to us through His Word. We are not your traditional one hour church, but we are a loving and caring church that teaches truth.

Truth Tellers - This site exposes an elite of "insiders" who are secretly moving to create a new world order. Ted Pike never advocates persecution or restriction of Jews, but to re-establish the Biblical right to expose and criticize the sins of Israel - a prophetic duty just as much required today as when Christ and the Hebrew prophets reproved them. Ted has been called "anti-Semitic", an accusation that is like a "kiss of death" to the career of any public person.  Find out why Ted Pike is viewed as so dangerous to these "insiders".

The Power of Prophecy - Texe Marrs is biased in favor of the Truth. He views the world through Biblical lenses and does not shy from being branded "politically incorrect" or "religious extremist," when these terms apply to our stand for Jesus our Lord, for Righteousness, and for Truth.





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