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November - December 2006

European American Evangelistic Crusades


The Flaming Sword
Contending For The Faith – Jude 3







           All of the events taking place in the world today were planned in the past. The current generation, at any time in the history of the human race, is carrying out the wishes, dreams and desires of the preceding generations. In the previous installment of this writing, I established that the dead rule the living and that most people among the living have not understood this! With the Christian Church disintegrating into all kinds of false doctrine, it is impossible to make a correction unless we know what is wrong. We must also know who initiated the wrongful events in order to change direction and correct the problem. This is why I am taking my time to lay a foundation on which this current generation can stand and make intelligent decisions based upon truth.

            When I came to the United States in 1963 as an immigrant, my wife and I settled in Salt Lake City, due to the fact that my sponsoring uncle lived in that city. I had just graduated from a college in Sweden with a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering, and in a few months I got a job working for the Utah State Road Commission as a designer in the Right of Way Division.

            I did not know that the United States at that time had an Interstate Highway project, which was to connect the 48 contiguous states in a grid of freeways. Billions of dollars were spent to build the freeway system which is now aging and in great need of repair. The State of Utah had been earmarked to have both a north/south freeway and east/west freeway with large beltways surrounding Salt Lake City. In our offices, we worked long hours, often with overtime, to produce the blueprints and purchase the land so that construction could start and the roads be built. Smaller highways were designed and built as connector roads to the freeways which employed thousands of people.

            Most of the people working around me thought just like I did, that we were building these roads so that people could travel faster and easier. I heard a slogan like this one: “To be able to drive from San Francisco to New York without hitting one traffic light.” It was not until later that I learned the real reason for building this road network. Back in the 1930’s, the U.S. Army staff in Washington D.C. tested the possibility of moving troops on a large scale from one coast of the United States to another. A United States Army detachment of trucks drove across the United States, and the result of this research project proved that if a war broke out, it would be impossible to move large numbers of troops and equipment on the existing highway system.

            World War II took away the resources to implement a network of roads, and it was not until the Korean War and the heating up of the “Cold War” that orders were given to start this massive undertaking. In order to be able to qualify as an Interstate Highway, each underpass had to be built to the specification that trailer-transported intercontinental missiles could pass with ease as they were moved through the system. Bridges and road surfaces had to be built to specifications so that they would not crack when heavy columns of tanks and trucks drove on them. To qualify as an Interstate Highway, access had to be limited and was only allowed on designed on/off ramps. The Federal Government paid for most of the construction costs but the maintenance was turned over to the various states.

            The point I am making is this: For almost six years I worked and made a living building a road system for military purposes! I did not know that people in charge of the U.S. military in the 1930’s had made a decision, which was to be carried out by a generation living some 25 years later. There was nothing wrong with building this road system; it benefited the trucking industry, bus lines and made it easier for Americans to take vacations and tour the nation. It greatly helped the tourist industry, including motel and restaurant chains. But the motivating power behind the construction was hidden from me!   And so it is with our Christian walk on earth today; most believers in Christ have no clue as to why they believe what they believe, why they sing the songs they sing, why they are supposed to support the political state of Israel, etc. PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO MAKE WISE DECISIONS. Let’s continue to follow the trail of the Golden Calf.  


            Once Edward had bitten into the doctrine of Lacunza, his preaching changed. He began to teach that Jesus was not divine but had a fallen sin nature like all other men on earth. He also taught that salvation could only come with the regeneration through water baptism. Thus we can see that some of these false doctrines now exist in, for example, the United Pentecostal Churches, which teach that water baptism is part of salvation. Irving was also teaching that speaking in tongues and divine healing were for today.

            It is interesting to note, that the Baptist doctrinal beliefs of pre-tribulation, the support for the political state of Israel and the imminent return of Christ all came out from the teachings of Irving, but his teaching on speaking in tongues and healing were rejected. The Pentecostals accepted all the teachings from Irving. Both the Baptist’s and the Pentecostal’s rejected his teaching on the fallen nature of Christ. Thus, the Christian leadership at the time when Irving lived, decided what to pick and what to toss, just like they do with the Bible. Once the different leadership’s had picked up what they wanted, it was somewhat revamped and presented so that people in later years would not know where their doctrine originated. If a Baptist preacher would stand up today and tell his congregation that their doctrine on the rapture, the state of Israel and the imminent return was written by a Jesuit priest, who was also a secret Jew, that pastor would be fired on the spot by the church board and told that he was mentally deranged. The fall-out in a Pentecostal church would not be so severe, since the Pentecostal denominations are getting closer and closer to the Roman Catholic Church. Forgotten are the days when Pentecostal preachers would rail against the Catholic Church and call her the “Great Whore.” The fiery preaching of Jimmy Swaggart (left) in the 1980’s against Rome and its stranglehold of people cannot be heard any more. His wife has been writing in 2006 in their magazine, “The Evangelist,” what Jimmy used to preach, but it is not “politically correct” to verbalize it any more.

And let us not forget the old fashioned fire and brimstone preacher, Jack van Impe (right), who in the 1990’s joined the Catholic Church and repented of all the truth he once preached as a fiery evangelist.  Van Impe is now the Pope’s lap dog.


As a result of his new doctrines, the Church of Scotland held a heresy trial where he was found guilty and defrocked in 1833. He moved back to Glasgow where he was a dominant leader in the new Catholic Apostolic Church (Catholic means universal, general). But leaders in this new church pushed him out and he died in 1834. In a short amount of time, Irving did much damage to the Christian Church and was instrumental in lighting a fire that would transform masses of Christians into slaves of Judaism. With Irving gone, the Jewish leadership focused their effort on the next torchbearer to further their cause, John Nelson Darby.


            If there was a kingpin at this time in history, it would have to be the British banker, Henry Drummond. Again, the global leadership is very careful in releasing historical facts and data in current encyclopedias and history books. In the Encyclopedia Britannica 2006, we are told that Drummond was a British banker, writer and a member of Parliament during two periods, 1810-13 and from 1847-60. He studied at the University of Oxford, but never graduated with a degree and was the founder of the Catholic Apostolic Church. It is obvious that this banker used part of his wealth to bankroll a number of Christian activists at this time, which also included Darby. When I realized the importance in financing Christian activities at this time, I wanted to find out the background of the Drummond family. Was their bank big or small? Looking at several encyclopedias, I found nothing on the historical background of the bank. It is like someone had “sanitized” the historical facts. There are Drummond Banks in the United States and England but all a person can find is current facts and their quest for your business. I searched three sets of Encyclopedia Britannica, a 1937 edition, a 1974 edition and a current 2006 edition, with nothing to be found on the bank. I then searched two Swedish encyclopedias, both sets were from 1952. The bank is not even mentioned, just the fact that the Drummonds are of Scotch nobility dating back to the 14th century, and that some of their women married some kings and that the clan supported the Stuarts.

            But information from other sources tells me that the Drummond Bank was a major bank in England at the time the American colonies revolted against the King of England and that John and Henry Drummond were contractors to the Treasury as Paymaster to His Majesty’s Forces in North America during the years 1767-83. In other words, these were the bankers who were in charge of paying the British Army during its occupation and later the war with George Washington and the Continental Army. As I dug back deeper into history, it got murkier.

            Most of the Royal Houses in Europe at this time had been linked to each other by marriages, from the royal families in Sweden, Denmark, Holland, England, the many German States, France and even Russia. King George III of England was a cousin to Frederick II of Hesse-Cassel. When King George III (right) started to have trouble in the American colonies, he turned to his German cousin, who was in the business of renting out soldiers to other kings. A total of 30,000 German soldiers were rented by the English king and eventually shipped to North America to fight the American Colonial Army. To give the reader a better understanding of this event, these German soldiers were not rented as individuals; they were part of German regiments that included officers and equipment, which were sent out as mercenary forces.

            Frederick II did not rent out these army units cheaply, this was a “for profit business” and the King of England had to pay well for them, including lump payments for every German soldier killed in action or wounded. It took bankers to handle the payments, and in England it was the Drummond Bank that paid the soldiers in America their monthly stipend and also paid the German banker, who in turn paid King Frederick II. The German soldiers were paid a pittance, the British and German bankers made a handsome profit, and King Frederick II made a bundle on his mercenary soldiers.

            King George III did not have the money for this upfront, so he took a loan from the Drummond Bank, which amounted to 3,191,000 British pounds during the years 1776-1783, an astronomical sum at that time. Taxpayers in England then had to pay the Drummonds back, after all, there is nothing new under the sun. When Frederick’s son, William IX, succeeded his father, the German banker handling the payments was none other than Mayer Amschel Rothschild (right), the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty. Since France was on the side of the American colonies, the money from England was transferred to Denmark and from there to Germany. Rothschild had his own courier network for this kind of transfer. Historical records tell us that Rothschild helped himself to more money than what was agreed upon, but since William IX could not himself handle the transfers due to the military threat from France, he was a pawn in the hands of Rothschild.

            Thus, when Henry Drummond, Jr. was born in 1786, he was not only born as an aristocrat but also into great wealth. After two years of studies at Oxford, he left without obtaining a degree but joined the Drummond Bank in London as a partner. Drummond, Jr. was an extremely wealthy young man who did not have to work to make a living. He became involved in two different fields; he became a politician and a member of Parliament and he became a leader in the “new prophetic” Christian movement of that day.

            Drummond, Jr. traveled on the European continent and spent some time in Geneva, Switzerland, where he met Robert Haldane (1768-1851), the son of a famous British admiral. The Haldane family was very wealthy, and after Robert had been in the British Royal Navy, he retired from the navy. Someone preached the Gospel to him and his brother, and they devoted the rest of their lives to preaching the Gospel, doing mission work and establishing churches in Scotland. During the years of 1816-17, Robert taught theology at the Universities in Geneva and Montauban in France.

            At that time, a heresy and a sect had developed in Europe called “Socinian.” It was a teaching developed by the Italian Laelius Socinus and his nephew Faustus Socinus. The latter moved to Poland in 1579 and built a network of some 300 churches. Their theology was that Jesus was a revelation from God, but he was not divine. They did not believe in the trinity of God. They also taught that the soul dies with the body, and that only those who had obeyed Jesus’ commandments would be resurrected at the end of the world. They also taught that the state and the church had to be two different entities. In 1628, the Polish government and the Roman Catholic Church declared the movement illegal and its adherents were told to convert back to the Roman Catholic Church or be executed. Thousands of them fled to nations all over Europe as the sect was stamped out in Poland. Thus, when Robert came to Geneva, he engaged in a strong battle against this sect. When Henry Drummond, Jr. came to Geneva, he joined Robert Haldane in this fight. It is interesting that while Drummond was fighting this sect, he was financing the false teaching of the Plymouth Brethren. The theology of the Socinians’ became the theological platform for John Biddle, the founder of English Unitarianism, which later spread to the United States and became strong in the Boston area and surrounding states.


            These damnable false doctrines are not dead or forgotten. The well-known Charismatic black preacher, Carlton Pearson (right), from Tulsa, Oklahoma, has accepted this dogma and developed it further, stating that, “All people who have lived and are living on this earth are saved and will go to heaven. There is no need for salvation, Jesus died for all people, regardless what religion they are practicing and that even the Devil and his fallen angels shall be saved and allowed into heaven at the end of this world.” Pearson, a disciple of Oral Roberts, member of the Board of Directors of Oral Roberts’ University and ordained bishop by Oral, was defrocked by Oral Roberts and rejected as a heretic by the main Christian leadership in the United States. From having had a church with thousands of members, it has now dwindled down to a few hundred who bought into this lie.


            Henry was a co-founder of the Catholic Apostolic Church together with a number of clergymen. This church was birthed out of five annual conferences (the first held in 1826) on the prophetic Scriptures at his Albury home in Surrey County (southwest of London). In 1834, Henry was ordained an angel (bishop) for Scotland, as the Catholic Apostolic Church tried to enlarge its territory. He wrote and published a number of books and writings on subjects like prophecy, the circulation of the Apocrypha (writings from the first century that were rejected from being part of the Bible by the apostolic leaders) and the principles of Christianity. His financial dealings with contemporary preachers, evangelists and Bible teachers have been carefully “sanitized” and it is impossible for me at this time to find how much money Henry funneled into different evangelical ministries. But it is obvious that Drummond helped to bankroll Darby who was able to travel far and wide, despite the fact that he had no large income that can be documented. You will find a chart at end of this newsletter that will show the timeline of the most well-known people of that era in Christian circles in order for the reader to get a better understanding of how the Jewish leadership was able to spread doctrine beneficial to them by supporting evangelical movements and their leaders. I believe that men like Darby and Scofield were aware that their support came from Jewish sources, but others did not understand or know where the money was coming from. In a letter from Joseph M. Canfield dated September 11, 2006, he writes: “In my investigation of Scofield, I developed a strong feeling, which cannot be proved, that Scofield, after 1895, when he was moved (by someone) to Massachusetts, put pressure on Moody, which hastened Moody’s death.” 1 I will write some more on this subject, how Scofield was able to infiltrate D. L. Moody’s (left) organization and become president of Moody’s Bible schools. There is an old saying, “Follow the money trail and you will find the boss.”

CHARLES TAZE RUSSELL (1852-1916) Founder of Jehovah’s Witnesses

            As I was searching for connections between evangelicals and Jews I found out something that I had never before run into. (My information here is from the Baptist pastor G. Richard Fisher in his article titled, “The Other Gospel of John Hagee.” Fisher has been the pastor of Laurelton Park Baptist Church in Bricktown, N.J., USA since 1968)

            In 1874 Russell (right) began teaching the return or “Second Presence of Jesus.” He had by now read a publication by the name of “Herald of the Morning” published by a “leftover Millerite/Adventist” by the name of Nelson H. Barbour (1824-1905, some place his death to 1908). Despite the colossal failure of William Miller, Barbour was predicting the rapture to take place in April 1878. When Russell had read this article, he contacted Barbour and the two renegade ministers met in Philadelphia to compare notes. Note this! Russell did not hear from God, but was convinced by a man coming out of a failed movement, which had several times tried to predict the rapture and the second return of Christ.

            Russell’s next move was to sell the five clothing stores he had inherited for which he received $300,000.00 in cash (in today’s value of the dollar it would be $5.5 million). During that time in America, it was a huge sum of money, as the whole nation was strapped for cash (see previous newsletter). Since Barbour was poor, Russell started to bankroll him and a number of publications were written by Barbour and published. During the two years prior to 1878, Russell tried to call all Christian leaders in Pittsburgh, but the Christian community in the city rejected his invitations and would not come. April 1878 came and there was no rapture and again the followers of Miller and the Adventists had their dreams dashed. While Barbour (left) was crushed, Russell simply figured out a way to state that there had been a problem with the calculation of the time and that it was really no big deal. (Compare this with Harold Camping (right) of Family Radio, who predicted that Christ would return in 1994, and when it did not happen just continued with his false teaching and ignored his own prediction) Barbour felt badly about his botched prediction and refused to hop on the bandwagon of Russell, so the two became enemies and the money from Russell was cut off.

            To people familiar with the Watchtower Society, it is a known fact that the leadership of this religious corporation has re-written many of the doctrines it has designed since the beginning of the organization. The leadership has followed the same pattern as the Soviet and Chinese communist regimes, when there is a need for new doctrine, old books are called in and destroyed, history is re-written and then “the slaves” are told that there is new revelation from God and just disregard what God said yesterday. Since the Watchtower Society denies the deity of Jesus, it has caused a problem for the current group now in charge of the corporation, a problem they have fixed by creating their own Bible translation (New World Translation) to fit their peculiar doctrine.


The New Testament of this version was originally published in 1950 and the Old Testament was published in part from 1953-60. The whole Watchtower Bible was revised and issued as a one volume edition in 1961, and then revised in 1970 and again in 1984, when the leadership of the corporation felt that it fit their man-made doctrine. The translation of the New Testament is based upon the corrupt Greek manuscript of Westcott and Hort, two British clergymen who were Satanists. Every mention of God the Father and his relationship to His Son Jesus has very carefully been deleted and the meaning totally changed. The word “cross” has been taken out and substituted with “Torture Stake.” Jesus Christ is depicted as an angel and a brother of Satan.


            In 1878 Russell played the “Jewish Card” and began to teach that 1878 instead was “a decisive year in Jewish history” and that a period of automatic mercy and a return of grace began for the orthodox Jews. This indicates that Russell had been influenced by the new doctrine pushed by Darby. Russell stated that the Abrahamic Covenant automatically provided redemption for them and the orthodox Jews would enjoy millennial favors before all others.

            Russell developed a doctrine that pleased the Jewish leadership in the United States and in Europe. He stated that the favor from Jacob was passed on to Jesus, and now Jesus was passing this favor back to the Jews in 1878. Just like John Hagee has shocked the Christian community in the 1990’s, teaching the old Russell doctrine, so the Christians in 1878 were shocked at what they heard and read from Russell. Here is what Russell taught over and over again: Jews did not need Jesus, there should be no mission work among Jews and that it was wrong for Jews to accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The land of Palestine belonged to the Jewish race (Jews are not a race, they are a family) and that God was now calling them back to Palestine. Jewish people would be the center of earthly leadership in God’s kingdom to come. Russell predicted that Jews would flock to Palestine from all nations in the world and form their own nation by 1910 (it never happened). Russell became the first “Christian” minister in the United States to be known as a “Christian Zionist.”

            Russell became the “darling” of Jewish leadership around the world and began to travel in the United States as well as overseas speaking to Jewish gatherings. His subject was to teach the prophecies of Jewish return to Palestine, the future Jewish government and the political State of Israel. In 1910, Russell conducted a meeting at New York’s well-known Hippodrome Theater, with thousands of Jews attending. Two years before his death in 1916, he began to stress strongly that the year 1914 prophetically marked the time when all Jews should flock to Palestine and boldly reclaim the land. The Jewish press around the world published his teaching and pushed it to the forefront. The year 1914 was the year that World War I broke out, and the World Zionist Federation was putting enormous pressure on the British Government to declare Palestine to be the homeland of Jews.

            There are some questions about Russell for which I do not have answers, such as: Who purchased Russell’s clothing stores and was able to come up with such a large sum of cash at a time of economic depression in the United States? Once Russell had run out of his funds, who financed him as he took trips to Egypt with a large group of people to study the Pyramids? His interest came from his involvement in the occult studies of the Great Pyramid of Giza?

            Just like Scofield, Russell went through a nasty divorce and his dirty laundry was laid out in the court proceedings. When Russell died in 1916, a fight broke out within his organization as to who was going to be his successor. After stormy fights, schemes and harassment, a man known as Judge Rutherford (right) wrested control of the organization. Those who were followers of Russell were labeled as idolaters and forced out. The majority of the members left in disgust, but Rutherford was able to rebuild the corporation, ousting all elected elders and taking control as a dictator of a theocratic kingdom.

            Rutherford double-crossed the Zionistic leadership, and in 1932 declared a new doctrine, there was no automatic Jewish redemption and the covenant that God had with the Jews had been replaced by Rutherford’s corporation, now known as Jehovah’s Witnesses. This theology is known as Replacement Theology, in which Rutherford proclaimed that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are now the real heirs to the promises which God gave to Abraham and his descendants. By 1932, Rutherford’s organization had gained financial and numerical strength and he no longer needed Jews to finance his empire. Most likely the Zionists were happy that Rutherford had dumped them, since the main denominations rejected the Watchtower society. It would be more profitable for the Zionists to make inroads into the main denominations, since they had more political clout through their members’ voting in elections. Plus, there is more money to milk from the main body of Christians than from a sect-like splinter group.

            Current members of the Watchtower society do not know this part of their history and even if they are told, they will just reply that it is not true; it is just slander against their organization. Neither would the Pentecostal preacher, John Hagee, like for people to know that he is repeating old Watchtower Society doctrine, dating all the way back to a dead Jesuit priest.

            For people not familiar with Watchtower doctrine, it is important that you understand that they are teaching that only 144,000 persons will be able to go to heaven, and that every seat was taken and filled in the 1930’s. In order to have something to offer future Jehovah’s Witnesses, they are now selling tickets to the 1,000 year kingdom (millennium) and once the 1,000 years have passed, all people will be put to sleep and exist no more, except for the 144,000.


            In order for the reader to understand the enormous amount of money that is used to shape Christianity today, look at the following statistics:

            One of the most valuable Christian ministries to the Jewish Zionist World Federation is Trinity Broadcasting Corporation (TBN). It was founded by two couples, Jim and Tammy Bakker and Paul and Jan Crouch. Once their first television station in Los Angeles, channel 40, was off the ground and running, a fight between the two couples broke out and the Bakkers were kicked out. According to Forbes’ list of income for wealthy people in America, published in 2005, and using IRS reporting files as its source, income and assets of TBN were as follows: 

            Annual salary for Paul Crouch in 2004: $409,306, Jan Crouch $361,000 This amounts to a daily income of $3,000. Furthermore, they own a five million dollar, 9,500 square-foot house in Newport Beach that has nine bathrooms, an elevator, a six-car garage, tennis court and a pool with fountain.

            In Dallas, TBN owns an 80 acre estate listed for $10 million. The organization also owns and operates 30 ministry owned houses across the United States, which are at the disposal of the Crouch family. The ministry is operating a $7 million Canadair jet, used by the Crouch family. According to TBN’s own financial reports, the ministry has $341 million in cash and cash investments, which means that if all income would be cut off, they could operate their ministry for 2.5 years before their funds run out.

            Yet, Paul and Jan Crouch (below right) and their friends constantly have fundraisers on their programs where they tell the viewers of the need to sacrifice and send money to TBN for the furtherance of the Gospel. But looking at these staggering numbers, it becomes clear to a person who is educated in finance, that there is a source of hidden financing which is pumping in millions of dollars to keep this organization going. Paul and Jan Crouch are faithfully paying their dues, by promoting the doctrine of Christian Zionism and broadcasting preachers who propagate the lie that if the Christians in America do not support Israel, God’s wrath is going to fall on America. Thus, the poor and the sick are sitting in front of their television sets, singing and worshipping with the charlatans and sending their hard earned money to make sure that the Crouch family and other prosperity preachers on television can maintain their “modest living,” while they say they are feeding orphans around the world and preaching the Gospel to the poor. What kind of Gospel are they preaching? Well it goes like this, “Jesus loves you, come to Jesus and be saved, send us more money, and if you don’t have it, charge it to a credit card.” You will never hear Paul and Jan state their financial facts on their television broadcasts.

            Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker (above left) were bashed for a lavish lifestyle that included a much talked about air-conditioned dog house. But compared to the Crouch family, the Bakkers lived very modestly.


CONTINUED: Dancing Around The Golden Calf - Part 4
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[1] Joseph M. Canfield is the author of the book, The Incredible Scofield and His Book.






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