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August 1999 Newsletter

John S. Torell

It is not easy to track every move that the World Government takes. Many of their maneuvers seem to be very erratic and do not make much sense to normal people. This is exactly how Satan works - through DECEPTION.

In my last newsletter we discussed the Russian revolution, the Jewish involvement in the world government and secret societies like the Illuminati and the Freemasons.

In this segment of the historical review of the formation of a world government and how it operates, I am assuming that the reader of this newsletter understands that there are international organizations who are superimposing themselves over national governments.

When members of these different international organizations find employment in the various nationís intelligence services, the reader must understand that these members are loyal first to the secret organizations to which they are members. The leadership which controls the secret societies is now able to find out what each intelligence organization knows, how they operate, and are also able to steer them into operations that might be in total conflict with a certain nations leadership.

Adolf Hitler bitterly complained during the last three years of his reign, that he could not trust his generals. Hitler was correct; his General Staff was working against him. What he did not know was that the entire German intelligence community had been infiltrated long before he took power, and that his chief of intelligence (ABWEHR) Admiral Canaris had long been working with the British intelligence, the Vatican intelligence, and that the entire ABWEHR was full of Soviet agents.

The Soviet intelligence services had been able by the mid 1920's to place agents or recruit agents in the French Deuxieme Bureau, the Japanese General Staff, Mussoliniís headquarters, both British Secret Services (MI5 and MI6), and later in Bureau Jahnke, the German Foreign Minister von Ribbentropís personal intelligence service, the intelligence service of the German Army (Wehrmacht), Reinhard Gehlenís Eastern Front intelligence service (This German officer was the one that set up the new German intelligence service under American leadership after World War II had ended), the German SS (SD) Security Service.

Since the Soviet Intelligence was and is controlled by the World Government, Soviet disinformation was passed on to all nations fighting during World War II. Thus, the World Government controlled both sides, the Axis and the Allies.

What most Americans do not know is that the British Secret Service had totally infiltrated the American intelligence community prior to World War II. Thus the Soviets moved right into America.

Any student who has studied this war, knows that terrible blunders were made on all sides. When the German armies smashed the French and the British forces in 1940, France surrendered and the British army retreated to the city of Dunkirk on the shore of the Channel. Instead of pressing on, the German Army received orders to sit still and not move for about a week, while the British were rescued by every boat floating in England.

At this time Englandís defense was in shambles, its fleet strung out around the world, and the Germans could easily have invaded England and conquered it.

When the German Army rolled into the Soviet Union in 1941 the Russian defense crumbled and the Germans advanced all the way to Moscow and in the south they took most of the Ukraine and also came all the way down to the Black Sea. But instead of falling back to consolidate, Hitler was enticed to advance and the Russian winter did the German Army in. Then he was lured to Stalingrad, where the Germans lost one million men in death or as POWS.

German scientists were far more advanced in building an atomic bomb than the Americans. While the United States had to rely on B-29 bombers to deliver its atomic bombs, the Germans had missiles. But agents within the German intelligence sabotaged the program. This was the secret super weapon Hitler was talking about.

When German forces invaded North Africa they quickly moved west on the coast and smashed all opposition. They then turned east and drove all the way into Egypt. Again the World Government used its agents within the German armed forces, and made it possible for the British to defeat the Germans.

There are numerous examples of how agents working inside the German war machine sabotaged or misled their own people.

The painful truth is, no nation is immune to this kind of treason by its own citizens. As Americans, all we have to do is remember Korea Where we suffered terrible losses of American soldiers. Vietnam was another place of defeat for America, where the World Government created a war and then used it to weaken and demoralize the American people.

Every nation has a government, whether it is a republic, kingdom or dictatorship. Each government is relying upon information by its intelligence service. When making decisions, this information is used for whatever action is to be taken. Also, superpowers from Babylon to the United States of today have used their intelligence services to spread misinformation to other nations, or penetrated another nations intelligence and then toppled a government from within.

Since the World Government has its key people in all intelligence services on this earth, they are able to know in advance what each national government is thinking and planning, and they can either aid or sabotage a nation, depending upon the desire of the World Government. This is something that is not discussed in the general media or at colleges, since this "dirty little secret" is not to be known by the masses. If the people in a nation knew that they were being manipulated, it would be impossible to draft young men and send them into war. Instead, the lie must be preserved so that when a war is started the World Government agents can work up national feelings to a high pitch, and then the young men will rush to the front and fight and die for a lie.

The lowest of these organizations are the Freemasons, which are operating in most nations. Members of these lodges are conditioned to be loyal to "the brotherhood", not the nation they are born, raised and live in. The next layer of secret organizations are catering to bankers, business, TV, Radio & Media personnel, Union Leaders, Military officers and political leaders. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which was founded in 1921, is used by the World Government as a forum of upcoming policies, which national governments are forced to accept and enforce. The Bilderburgers was founded in 1953 and The Trilateral Commission (TC)is a newcomer, founded in 1973. Some of the highest organizations a Gentile can join are The Club of Rome, The Knights of Malta, The Round Table and The Illuminati. Most of the people joining these other organizations have been trained and then recruited from the ranks of Freemasonry.

World Government leaders are also constantly looking for a few young college students who can be manipulated. They are then offered scholarships to certain institutions, where they will be further groomed and morally corrupted. The Rhodes scholarship is well known, and it is no coincidence that Bill Clinton was given a Rhodes scholarship and taken to England when he was in his early 20's.

Is it possible that the dictator of Libya, Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi ordered the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 in 1988, with the plane crashing in Lockerbie, Scotland, because it contained that years American Rhodes scholarship students returning home? Since he is angry with the leadership of the World Government, is it too far fetched to assume that this was one way he could hurt them, by killing some of their future leaders?

The World Government is going to great length to cultivate and condition young people to their policies. All around the world on every college campus or university, there are fraternity organizations, divided into male and female. The freshman is more or less forced to join a fraternity or sorority on the campus, with a gruesome initiation.

Instead of leading these young men and women into a higher moral value system, they are introduced to alcohol, drugs, and immoral sexual acts. The World Government does not want to have people working for them who are strong Christians with solid Biblical values, they want broken down people, who in their sins and debauchery can be manipulated and even at times blackmailed. These college organizations are like a cob web covering the earth from nation to nation and once the students graduate, many of them will continue their membership. Others will graduate into Free Masonic lodges.

Some of the most infamous fraternity organizations are Skull & Bones, Scroll & Key, and Wolfs Head. All three of these are located at YALE UNIVERSITY. Not only are the fraternity organizations bent on immorality, they also have occult rituals. Is it a coincidence that George Bush is a member of Skull and Bones, and so is his son, George W. Bush, currently running for the office of President of the United States.

Here are some of the most well known fraternities: PHI BETA KAPPA founded at Williamsburg, Virginia in 1776, KAPPA LAMBDA founded in 1819 for medical students, the following fraternities at Union College in the State of New York , KAPPA ALPHA in 1825, SIGMA PHI and DELTA PHI in 1827. SKULL & BONES founded at Yale in 1833.

One of the most well known hedonistic pleasure club is the Bohemian Club, located at Monte Rio on the banks of the Russian River, some 70 miles north of San Francisco, California. It was founded in 1872. The place is huge, 2,700 acres, with tightly guarded borders.

Here the participants are furnished whores, if they so wish, and they may also revel in homosexual acts. Many rituals at this place are done with the participants in the nude. Expensive corporate jets fly in to the airport of Santa Rosa, where the members are whisked away to the club. According to the Sacramento Bee, there are currently some 2,700 members in this club, with a waiting list for future members, who may have to wait 10 to 15 years before being processed as members.

There is a special two week retreat held each month of July at the club. Some of the most well known participants in the 1999 event were former president George Bush, his son George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, retired U.S. General Colin Powell, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (he is currently in the process of divorcing his second wife of 18 years), Frank Popoff, chairman of Dow Chemical Corporation and actor Danny Glover. American presidents from Herbert Hoover and on are known to have visited this den of iniquity.

The World Government has pleasure clubs located all over the world, and the rich and the powerful leaders are taken to these places, where they can act out all their perverted sexual acts, drink themselves into a stupor without any media hearing about it. The clubs are also used to inform world leaders of new policies, as well as secretly video taping them, to be used in future blackmail, if so needed.

It makes no difference if the club or hotel is located in the Black Sea resort area of Russia, or at the French Riviera, the Bahamas, Las Vegas, Florida, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Thailand, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Hawaii, the scenario is the same, luxurious buildings, with swimming pools, hot spas and saunas, golf courses and tennis courts. Staffed with young provocatively dressed women for the men, and handsome "male prostitutes" for the ladies and the homosexuals. Lavish dinners with expensive wines are served and hard liquor, cocaine, heroine and other drugs served to those who desire them. Any perverse sex act is available, including all the pornography they request. Swimming in this sleazy cesspool you will find the so called "jetset," actors from the movie and TV industry, music recording artists, the rich and the famous, including members from the royal families in Europe, business tycoons etc. They are watched, interviewed and photographed by "gossip magazines," that you will find at the check out counters at all stores in America and Europe.

A normal believer in Christ who is not involved in the world, cannot imagine what a rotten immoral life these people live. But this is the reward that the World Government gives to the people it is using and abusing.

This is the world that is a "glittering paradise" to the Union Labor leaders, the local politicians, national and state political leaders, military officers, business men, bankers, all kinds of professional people like doctors, journalists, scientists, engineers etc. And remember this, their appetite for this sleazy immoral life style is advertized to them through TV and movies when they are children, then introduced to them in the fraternity and sorority societies, and more will follow for those who join secret societies like the Freemasons. The higher they climb in the World Government service, the more sleazy immoral activities are available to them. Princess Diana of England was part of this sorrowful world, as she was hustled around as merchandise. When she died at the hand of a drunken driver, the World Government media made her into a "goddess." Many of the Kennedy family are part of this dark society.

When president Bill Clinton was impeached, the media went into a frenzy and took daily polls to show that the American people did not care if Clinton had sex in the Oval office with a young intern and then lied about it to the whole nation. And when it came down to the trial at the Senate, most of the senators backed off. They were just as guilty as Clinton, they just had not been caught. How many people remember today that the porno king, Larry Flint, set out to expose all the Republicans who had dark secrets in their lives. Suddenly, it became very silent at Congress and several leading Republicans had to resign and admit to their adultery.

This is the "Iron Grip" that the World Government has over the people working for them. In just an instant they can destroy them by releasing compromising photos and videos taken at a World Government "whorehouse."

This is an area where very few Gentiles have any knowledge at all. Some people have heard the name BíNAI BíRITH, and vaguely think of it as some kind of a Jewish organization. In reality it is a Free Masonic lodge for Jews. It was founded in the United States in 1843 as an independent order with the object of uniting for social, cultural and philanthropic purposes those Jews who already differed widely in their religious views. It spread very quickly in the Jewish community. The order is headed by a president elected at triennial meetings of the supreme lodge (made up of representatives of district grand lodges), it has a board of governors and an administrative committee. Bínai Bírith is Hebrew and means "Sons of the Covenant," with menís lodges, women chapters and youth chapters.

Around 1880 German Jews asked the American lodge to send representatives to Germany and form lodges in Germany. The European branch of BíNAI BíRITH spread rapidly to many nations in Europe and become a strong political force.

Just as the Gentile Free Masonic order has a strong public relations front, so does the Jewish Free Masonry. They organized the "HILLEL FOUNDATION," which is active on colleges and caters to the needs of Jewish students. It sponsors Jewish education among adults, youth groups, support hospitals and philanthropic institutions, sponsors welfare projects in Israel, assists victims of natural disasters and carries on a broad program of community service and welfare. This foundation confers with government leaders on such issues as civil rights , Jewish immigration, abuses of freedom for Jews by totalitarian states, the position of Israel and problems affecting Jews throughout the world.

In 1913, the order established the "Anit-Defamation League." BíNAI BíRITH is a Free Masonic order, but it is so powerful it has its own representative at the United Nations. The organization is now active in most nations in the world, where there are Jews living. In 1990 Bínai Bírith International voted to admit women as full members; a self- governing, affiliated organization "Bínai Bírith Women," desiring to remain concerned with womenís issues continued its independent status.

This is the most powerful political organization in the world today (1999). It consists of a general membership of Jewish people, each paying dues of 35.00 US dollars per year to maintain a membership. In return they receive a monthly news update called "Dateline World Jewry." Once a quarter they are mailed "The WJC Report," which gives an update with photos of the latest development concerning Jewish people and national governments. Members are put on a number of Jewish organizationsí mailing lists in which they are asked to send money for Jewish causes.

When there is an important vote coming up in the United States Congress or Senate, members are activated and asked to contact the senators and congressmen and let them know how they should vote. This is a typical lobby action used by all groups in the United States and is not out of the ordinary. Thus a general member of the World Jewish Congress does not really know what the organization stands for or what it does behind the scenes.

Just like Freemasonry, there are layers of membership in this organization. People who advance higher will be given important jobs working on political leaders and national leaders. WJC has an official representative at the United Nations, despite that this is not a nation, but a political group. The current president of WJC, Edgar Bronfman and his board of directors have full access at any time to the White House, the Vatican, and to any national government leader in the world. Any national political leader, regardless if he is a prime minister or a president, who comes against the policies of the WJC does not stay in office very long. To be at odds with any Jewish organization is political and financial suicide.

The WJC has another layer underneath it. There is the American Jewish Congress, the European Jewish Congress, the African Jewish Congress and Latin American Jewish Congress. These continental agencies are in charge of carrying out policies in nations, and also report any opposition to the WJC.

Local members of Jewish Free Masonic lodges, who do the bidding of the Jewish Congress, make sure that local political leaders, including bankers, educators, judges, law enforcement leaders etc. are kept informed of what action they should take in any matter concerning Jewish people. If they do not conform well enough, they are labeled "Anti-Semitic," and their public life is over and if they own a business, it will be ruined.

During the recent fire bombing of three Jewish synagogues in the summer of 1999 in Sacramento, California, there was no effort spared to find the people responsible for this attack. Despite the fact that no person had been injured, only property damage had occurred, the FBI assigned a large number of agents to the case, including agents from the ATF. All local TV stations spent long segments on the subject, the Sacramento Bee (the only daily newspaper in the area) gave coverage for days, using page after page to discuss this hate crime. Christian pastors were contacted and asked for statements, and also to join in meetings condemning this hate crime. There was no sector of the community left, which did not speak publicly to denounce this act. Many public rallies were held, etc. If, for example, three Christian church buildings would have been fire bombed, there would never have been such activity. What the reader of this newsletter must understand is, when Jewish interests are at stake, no effort will be spared to find the guilty persons and to make it "A MAJOR CRIME" that cannot be tolerated. I am not saying that it was not very wrong to damage Jewish synagogues, I am saying that the people in charge are able to choose what is important to them and what is not important to them.

To make the point stronger, there are more than a thousand small air planes crashing each year in the United States, where people die. Usually, there is a search and rescue effort for each one of these, but a very limited one that will only last for a few days. Then, if they cannot find the wreckage, the government writes it off. Not so when John Kennedy Jr.ís small plane disappeared. He belonged to the "jet set," a higherup in the World Government service. Suddenly the Coast Guard and the US Navy were involved and no effort was spared to find the plane, recover the bodies and bring the wreckage to land. Bill Clinton became personally involved, the TV media gave coverage for a whole week to this crash. In other words, this was VIP treatment for a man that did not hold an elective office, was not an official for the United States, but he was a powerful player on the World Government team.

As you are reading this newsletter, and you stop and think deeply, you must agree that what I have written is true. The World Government is now entrenched strongly enough that they can squash any opposition. If you ask any questions about Israel or Jewish people, there will be an immediate reaction in your community and you will be labeled as an "anti-Semite." Once this label has stuck to you, try to find a new job, get a loan at the bank or be elected to an office in your community. If you are a business owner, you will find your business going down hill, no one will want to sell to you, and no one will want to buy from you. Pastors and Christians will shun you. If you ask people why they treat you like this, they will try to avoid you. If you finally meet someone who will talk to you, they will tell you that you have been labeled "anti-Semitic." Ask the person why and does he know what you did? Most of the time he will say that he does not have any knowledge, except, this is the label he heard placed on you.

The Jewish World Government is now so strong, that they need no trials, no proof to present, all they need is to place a label, and the person is financially and politically dead and removed from all fellowship in the local community. Only our heavenly Father can give us the protection and help that we need.

There is a conformity here in all nations. Recruitment is done at colleges through fraternity and sorority organizations. Masonic lodges are also used. The intelligence service is looking for men and women who have been morally compromised and can be motivated through greed, power, sexual perversion, religious convictions (for example Islam) or national zeal. At times blackmail can be used, or if the person is living in a dictatorship nation, a loved one can be threatened with death unless the person signs up for the spy organization.

To be continued. . .

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