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April 2004

European American Evangelistic Crusades


The Flaming Sword
Contending For The Faith – Jude 3



John S. Torell


When I started writing the series “A Trail of Blood and Murder,” I did not know that events in the world would develop as rapidly as they have done and thus it is necessary for me to address some of the most urgent developments since they will have a great impact upon our daily lives.  The historical facts that I have brought into light in my last six newsletters should make it easier for the Christian to understand what is happening in 2004.  As I have stated so many times in the past, events in the world yesterday, today, and tomorrow will revolve around the State of Israel and the Jewish World Government.  Now, before we go back to our historical study, let me first touch on the following:

Those of us living in the United States have watched the struggle among the Democratic presidential candidates regarding who would become the nominee to run for the office of president of the United States in 2004.  Many Americans are not aware that the primary elections and the run off election in the fall are carefully staged events in which there is a hidden power elite working hard to get its candidates elected. 1

The Democratic Party is more heavily controlled by the American Jewish community than the Republican Party, thus any Democratic candidate must receive “the blessing” from American Jewish leaders.  Former President Bill Clinton filled most of his staff, including the Cabinet, with American Jews. It was decided that Vice-President Al Gore would be given the chance to run for president in year 2000.   Bill Clinton’s wife, Hillary, wanted to run for the office of president but due to all of the scandals was unable to do so.  She was persuaded to move out of the White House to the State of New York where the Jewish Democratic machine put her on the ballot and consequently she was elected as a senator of New York.  She was told to patiently wait and in time she would be presented as a candidate for the office of President of the United States of America.

When Al Gore lost the presidential election in the year 2000, the Clinton’s blamed him for making too many mistakes on the campaign trail and they parted as enemies.  Thus when Gore endorsed Howard Dean early in the primary election, it infuriated the Clinton’s and their Jewish backers.  It didn’t matter that Dean’s wife Judith Steinberg was Jewish.  During the primary campaign, she refused to travel with her husband, and only appeared with him at political rallies on a few rare occasions.  She blamed her job as a medical doctor and her duty as a mother needed at home as the reasons why she did not take part in her husband’s presidential campaign.  This brings a question to mind: Is this the truth or did she not help out because the Jewish leadership had rejected Dean?

John Kerry

Whoever controls the Mass Media (television, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc.) can move the population in whatever direction they want.  If the Media chooses to ignore a candidate, this candidate has no way of getting their message out and consequently does not stand a chance to win.  The Media makes or breaks a candidate.  The Media uses weekly polls to tell the candidates and the people “which way the wind is blowing.” 2 This was heavily used during the Democratic primary campaign.  From the beginning, the media made Dean the “front runner” for the Democratic nominee and it was speculated by the media that the primary race was pretty much over.  This was the drum beat before any elections had even been held.  Behind the scenes, the Jewish Democratic leaders had decided privately that Senator John Kerry was going to be the nominee.  The Democratic leadership in Iowa was told to get the party faithful out and inform them how to vote.  In order to make it seem genuine and competitive in the eyes of the public, the Democratic Party fielded the following candidates: Congressman Dick Gephardt, General Wesley Clark (Jewish and a friend of the Clinton’s), Senator Joe Lieberman (Orthodox Jew), and Senator John Edwards.

As these “competitors” were knocked out by Kerry, they gracefully resigned from the race and declared that they would line up behind him.  All the harsh words they had spoken about each other in the primary were forgotten and they became great friends.  The slogan of the Democratic Party is “Elect someone who can beat George W. Bush.”  The Democratic Party faithful have been told not to worry about policies and issues, just get Bush out of the White House.

American Jews either own or operate the Mass Media in the United States and the material they produce is specifically tailored for either Jews or Gentiles.  Only in Jewish publications written by Jews for Jews are you able to find the real truth of what is happening behind the scenes.  On March 5, 2004 the following statistics were reported: “Jewish voters in the March 2 Super Tuesday primary states cast their ballots for Massachusetts Senator John Kerry in higher percentages than did voters of other religions, according to exit polling data.  Their vote, which mirrors earlier primary results, suggests that Jewish Democrats (a high-turnout activist group that is concentrated in some battleground states) are among the senator’s most enthusiastic supporters and will be leading the charge for him in November. In New York 72% of Jewish voters picked Kerry, while he received 58% of Protestant voters and 64% of Catholic voters.”

Democratic strategist Steve Rabinowitz made the following statement: “What it says to me is that it was a bad day for both President Bush and his Jewish backers.  Jewish Democrats are very quickly coalescing behind John Kerry, and it’s only March.”

The press then reported that the Jewish sample was too small in the seven other states voting to provide meaningful statistics, but the pattern of Jewish hyper-voting for Kerry has been seen elsewhere, from Delaware to Michigan.

Paul Wolfowitz
Richard Perle

There are three American Jews who have shaped the foreign policy for President George W. Bush.  Paul Wolfowitz is the U.S. Deputy Defense Minister.  He was born in New York in 1945; his father was a Jewish immigrant from Poland in 1920, and later became a mathematics professor at Cornell University.   Richard Perle, Assistant Secretary of Defense under Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger during the Reagan presidency, served as foreign-policy adviser in George W. Bush’s presidential campaign and then became the chairman of the Defense Policy Board (DPB) when Bush took office as president. 3 The third American Jew is William “Bill” Kristol who was Chief of Staff to former Vice-President Dan Quayle and is currently editor for the prestigious Washington D.C. publication Weekly Standard.

William Kristol

These three American Jews are the authors for the American invasion plans of Afghanistan and Iraq.  The reader must understand that these three men are not working together just because they like each other, but in reality, they are unregistered FOREIGN AGENTS representing the government of Israel.  Their assignment has been to influence and shape the American domestic and foreign policies to benefit the State of Israel regardless of the cost or consequences to the American people.   During the Bush election campaign in 2000, Wolfowitz promoted the need to mobilize a massive U.S. force to oust Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and ensure Iraq becomes a stable democratic Middle Eastern ally.  The Jewish publication, The International Jerusalem Report, in an article on October 3, 2003, awarded Paul Wolfowitz with the title, “Man of the Year” for the Jewish year 5764 according to the Jewish calendar.  In the article, the following statement was made: “It is that thinking out-of-the-box post September 11 that has made Wolfowitz one of the most influential men of the past year.  His fans and foes alike credit him with almost single-handedly persuading his bosses, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Vice President Dick Cheney, and ultimately U.S. President George W. Bush – who he advised during the 2000 campaign – to mobilize a massive US force to oust Iraqi President Saddam Hussein…”

Douglas Feith

Douglas Feith, another American Jew is the current Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and is the Pentagon’s third-ranking civilian official.  The following was reported in the prestigious magazine, The New Yorker, in an article entitled “LUNCH WITH THE CHAIRMAN” March 10, 2003 and written by another American Jew, Seymour M. Hersh. “… In 1989, Feith created International Advisors Incorporated, a lobbying firm whose main client was the government of Turkey.  The firm retained Perle as an adviser between 1989 and 1994.  Feith got his current position, according to a former high-level Defense Department official, only after Perle personally intervened with Rumsfeld, who was skeptical about him.  Feith was directly involved in the strategic planning and conduct of the military operations against the Taliban in Afghanistan; he now runs various aspects of the planning of the Iraqi war and its aftermath.   He and Perle share the same views on many foreign-policy issues.   Both have been calling for Saddam Hussein’s removal for years, long before September 11th.   They also worked together in 1996 to prepare a list of policy initiatives for Benjamin Netanyahu, shortly after his election as the Israeli Prime Minister.  The suggestions included working toward regime change in Iraq.  Feith and Perle were energetic supporters of Ahmad Chalabi, the controversial leader of the anti-Saddam Iraqi National Congress, and have struggled with officials at the State Department and the C.I.A. about the future of Iraq.”   

In order for the average Christian to understand the quote above, let me share the following information with you.  Why would American Jews show an interest in the Islamic country of Turkey?  The answer is that Israel and Turkey have been allies for a number of years involving trade and military cooperation.  The Turkish government has been fighting a running battle with the Kurds for years and needed a strong military ally.  Turkey also desires to be more closely tied in with the European Union, which is only possible if the international Jewish leadership is pleased with Turkey.  Thus, as most Islamic states are hostile toward Israel, Turkey is extremely friendly and thousands of Israeli tourist vacation in Turkey.  Also, the Israeli intelligence services are able to freely operate in Turkey.

Marc Racicot

The Jewish magazine, Forward, reported the following on March 5, 2004: “Bush’s campaign chairman, MARC RACICOT, is working the Jewish community of South Florida and he sure wants the rest of the country to know about it. On Sunday morning, he met with 62 members of the campaign’s ‘Jewish leadership team’ at a Jewish community center in Boca Raton, calling the Forward afterwards to tell us about it…Racicot couldn’t say how much money the campaign collected from Jewish Floridians.  ‘Such data isn’t tracked, he said, but suffice it to say the amount is substantial.’  Because Bush won Florida by only 537 votes in 2000, he’s eyeing Florida’s rich trove of Jewish voters – a heavily Democratic group that makes up 8% of the state’s electorate.  The campaign’s efforts may be paying off.  A poll taken last week for the Florida Sun-Sentinel and the Florida Times Union showed Bush leading Kerry by 47% to 42% in Florida.  In recent national polls, Kerry has been leading. 

…Racicot, a former Republican National Committee chairman, acknowledged that Jews have been more generous to the president’s reelection bid than they have to the Republican Party, but he said that he would try to win them over to the party by stressing the president’s ‘leadership and steady hand’ and policies on such issues as Israel, Medicare reform and low taxes.  

…Racicot also voiced concern about Democratic 527 soft-money groups, such as those funded by billionaire financier George Soros 4 which have vowed to raise millions – according to Racicot, six or seven of such groups have pledged to raise $500 million in total-to defeat the president.”

During the last week in February, 2004, Richard Perle submitted his letter of resignation to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.  In his resignation letter Perle stated that he resigned because he did not want his controversial views “to be attributed to you or the president at any time, and especially not during a presidential campaign.” 

Perle publicly stated that he resigned in order to be able to speak more freely about international affairs without inflicting his views on the administration.   When the Jewish magazine FORWARD asked Perle if he had been told to resign by anyone in the president’s administration, he strongly denied it.

In a speech in March 2004, Perle stated, “John Kerry has been expressing many views on foreign policy that are silly and naďve in order to appeal to the Democrats’ liberal base,” but he believes that Kerry would move to the center when he’s confronted with the good sense of the general electorate.  Perle then said, “It’s more likely Kerry will become more realistic than President Bush who will become less realistic.”

Cameron Kerry

The chief strategist for the John Kerry campaign is his younger brother Cameron Kerry.   Cameron has served his brother as a counselor and strategist on all his campaigns, all the way from John’s unsuccessful run for Congress in 1972 until his election as a Senator. 

Here are some interesting facts about the Kerry brothers.  John Kerry is 60 years old, Cameron is 53.  They were raised as Roman Catholics but in 1983 Cameron converted to Judaism in order to marry the American Jewess Kathy Weinman.  Cameron and his wife settled down in Boston with two daughters who they raised as Reformed Jews.  Kathy Kerry is a board member of their local synagogue and also its ritual committee.  Cameron is an attorney specializing in telecommunication.  He works for a Jewish law firm in Boston, Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo PC, which currently employs 450 attorneys.  The firm was founded in 1933 by Jewish lawyers, which at that time were not well accepted in American high society circles.  Currently a large percentage of the firm’s clients are Israeli high-tech companies, helping them to gain access to the American market.   Cameron has taken a leave of absence from the firm in order to work full time on his brother’s election campaign.

As of March 5, 2004, employees of the law firm have given $113,500 to the election campaign of John Kerry.  Cameron is very pleased with the effort to raise money in the American Jewish community and has been reporting that it is paying off very well.  Spearheading this fundraising are American Jews, Alan Solomont, national finance chairman Louis Susman, and Denver fund-raiser Ron Brownstein.

In 2003 the Boston Globe 5 newspaper began an investigation into the Kerry brother’s backgrounds.  It was discovered that the paternal grandparents to John and Cameron were Austrian Jews, who in the 19th century had converted to the Roman Catholic faith.  When John was informed, he became very excited and called Cameron to tell him that they in reality were “blood Jews.”

On February 29, 2004 Cameron organized a meeting with 40 prominent Jewish leaders in Manhattan, New York, with whom John spoke and answered questions.  The meeting received a glowing report in the Jewish newspapers the following day.  According to the newspaper reports, John had impressed the Jewish leadership with his knowledge of Middle Eastern affairs and his emotional grasp of the issues. 6

John was also given the opportunity to clear up “a mistake” made earlier during the campaign when he had suggested appointing former Secretary of State James Baker and former President Jimmy Carter as possible envoys to the Middle East.  Both of these men are very unpopular with the American Jewish leadership and consequently the statements made by John angered them.  John apologized for his remarks and assured the Jews that when he became president, Baker and Carter would not be nominated for any position in his administration.   Alan Solomont informed the press that the changes in John were due to the influence of his brother, Cameron.

Sometime before this meeting, Cameron fired Jim Jordan, John’s very popular campaign manager.  There is no doubt in Democratic circles that John Kerry is the candidate for president, but it is Cameron Kerry who sets the policies behind the scenes.

On March 25, 2004, all Democratic leaders in the United States as well as some 2,000 hardcore Democratic activists met for a gala dinner named, “A DEMOCRATIC UNITY DINNER.”  At the dinner, $11 million was raised for the John Kerry campaign.  Present at the meeting were former President’s Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton with his wife, Hillary, as well as former Vice-President Al Gore.  Most American Christians are not aware of the fact that Carter dislikes the Clinton’s very much and that the Clinton’s and Al Gore had a big fallout after the 2000 election.  Gore, who had endorsed Howard Dean for president, now gave great praise for John Kerry.

At the end of the dinner, Carter, Clinton, Gore and Kerry linked their hands and raised their arms over their heads as a sign of unity, together with Howard Dean, Senator John Edwards, Ret. General Wesley Clark, Congressman Dick Gephardt, Senator Bob Graham, Senator Joe Lieberman and the Reverend Al Sharpton.  All insults, attacks and negative ads from the Democratic primary were now forgotten at this unity dinner of the Democratic Party.  Bill Clinton made this statement: “They (the Bush administration) tried to push this country way to the right, and they’ve tried to push the world all over the place; we know they are going in the wrong direction.”

The Democrats are outraged over abortions now being restricted, homosexuals are being hindered from having recognized marriages, conservative judges are being appointed to Federal courts and Christian virtues are being upheld and promoted.  The American Jewish leadership does not care about the moral decline in the United States, they only care that Israel is given all the aid it needs in order to survive in a very hostile environment.  The liberal and immoral American Democrats do not care how much of the taxpayers money is given to Israel as long as their immoral decline and lifestyle is protected, regardless of how bad it is for our nation.  The Jewish leadership and the decadent Democrats have entered into a “marriage” made in hell.

Democratic Party Chairman, Terry McAuliffe, told the cheering activists: “I’m proud to say that your party is better prepared for the general election than at any other time in the history of the Democratic Party.”

Once the Jewish leadership had made up its mind that John Kerry was their candidate for president, pressure was applied to all of the leaders in the Democratic Party; they could line up or face the wrath of the Jewish controlled media and punishment in the financial world.  If Ralph Nader insists on running as an independent candidate, he will be severely smeared by the media and ignored as much as possible.  Any individual financially backing Nader will be reprimanded.  If they still continue to support Nader, they will be punished.

On March 26, 2004, The International Jerusalem Report carried an article called “THE JEWISH QUESTION.”   Here are some excerpts from that article: When John Kerry met with Jewish leaders in New York in February, he emphasized his Jewish heritage, it seemed, to illustrate that he would be the natural candidate for Jewish voters in November’s presidential election. It is a constituency he continues to court over the next eight months.  And like voters countrywide, American Jews will be taking a closer look at his lineage as well as his voting record on Israel and other issues.  Kerry learned last year from a Boston Globe report that his paternal grandfather, Fritz Kohn, was born Jewish…And Kerry has a more recent connection to Judaism through his brother Cameron, who converted two decades ago to marry his wife, Kathy Weinman…But Jewish voters are sophisticated and they will be looking at more than heritage when they vote, observes say.  His support for Israel, as reflected in his voting record is solid.  He has consistently voted for foreign aid and has historically taken the pro-Israel position, for example, in the late 1980s and early 1990s opposing the sale of F-15s and other missiles to Saudi Arabia…Kerry had trouble articulating a consistent view on Israel’s security barrier but seems now to have come down strongly in support of Israel’s right to construct it…He has echoed President George Bush in his rejection of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat as a negotiating partner, describing him this week as an’ impediment to the peace process’“…One person close to Kerry adds, ‘He has a 19-year record on issues dealing with Israel.  He has a flawless record…’According to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Kerry’s congressional voting record on Israel is ‘near perfect…’“Over a nearly 20-year Senate career, Kerry has amassed a mostly liberal voting record, including support for a woman’s right to an abortion, gun control, environmental protection and opposition to many big-ticket weapons programs.  He opposed tax cuts for the wealthy and the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which discouraged same-sex unions.”

When you read this excerpt from The International Jerusalem Post, it is crystal clear that Kerry is sitting in the “Israel First” camp; he is a liberal with no moral convictions at all.

Al Franken

The money pumped into the Democratic campaign by George Soros, one of the world’s wealthiest men, is now beginning to show up.  On March 31, 2004, it was announced that a new liberal radio network had been formed and that it was going to target Rush Limbaugh and all other conservative radio talk hosts.  Let me give you some information to show you how massive this venture truly is.  The network will be called Air America and will be heard Monday through Friday from 6 am to 11 pm, with additional programs on the weekends.   The main host of this liberal network is author/comedian Al Franken, an American Jew.  The programs will begin running in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, Riverside/San Bernardino and San Francisco.  It will also be available on XM Satellite Radio and streamed on the Web.   Other hosts include comedian/actress Janeane Garofalo, TV writer/comedian Lizz Winstead, Florida radio personality Randi Rhodes, rap star Chuck D, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., media analyst/associate dean of Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California Martin Kaplan, and public radio host Katherine Lanpher.  I am sure that a number of these hosts are American Jews and supporters of the Democratic Party.

In a press conference Al Franken said this: “We’re not ceding this territory anymore.  To their credit, the right wing has captured radio.  We’re going after them, and we’re going after them hard… My plan is to alter the political landscape, drive this radical right-wing president from office…”

Al Franken’s two books are titled Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot and Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right.

According to the Sacramento Bee’s Washington D.C. bureau, “the network’s debut is part of a concerted liberal counterattack against perceived conservative dominance in some media.  Other groups include MoveOn.org, which hosts a Website and raises money for political candidates, and the Center for American Progress, a Washington think tank started last year by John Podesta, President Clinton’s former chief of staff, that sends reporters dozens of e-mails per day attacking President Bush.  Even former Vice President Al Gore is seeking financial backers for a possible cable TV network.   

While Rush Limbaugh built his radio empire by syndicating his show for free, the founders of Air America Radio are following a different strategy.  They are buying entire radio stations with an initial investment of 30 million dollars by Progress Media Inc. of New York.  Air America president Jon Sinton doesn’t expect to make a profit for at least three years – the tradeoff to build an audience ages 25 through 54, the most lucrative for advertisers.   In a statement to Cox Newspapers John Sinton said: “In some terms, it’s all about ideology.  In other terms, it’s all about business.”

Javier Saade, the network’s executive vice president, said he has firm advertising commitments from several national companies and organizations, but he declined to identify them.

George W. Bush
John Kerry
Skull & Bones Mascot

At the University of Yale there is a powerful secret society made of Jews and Gentiles alike and each year 15 new members are added.  Skull and Bones 7
is mentioned very seldom by the Media.  Currently there are around 800 Bonesmen (a name by which members are known) alive in the world.  Both President George W. Bush and John Kerry are members of this elite secret society, Kerry joining in 1966 and Bush in 1968.  Kerry’s current wife who is wealthier than his first whom he divorced both came from Skull and Bones families.

The reason that this Order is so powerful, stems from the fact that it was founded as a Luciferian organization and dedicated to the creation of a One World Government, or as former President George Bush stated “A NEW WORLD ORDER.”  The Order has from its inception been controlled by the World Jewish Government.  Experts on this Order have been somewhat surprised that two of its members are running against each other for the presidency.  My personal conclusion is that despite all the negative attacks from Christian groups on George W. Bush concerning his “Christian faith,” the World leadership also has not been pleased with Bush.  He has signed a number of bills promoting biblical values and appointed a number of conservative judges which will stem the moral erosion in the United States.

Bonesmen worked in the 2000 election and contributed finances for Bush, and in return the following Bonesmen were appointed by President Bush: Victor Ashe (1967), mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee to the board of FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION (Fannie Mae), the country’s largest source of financing for home mortgaging.  Edward McNally (1979) was appointed in November 2001 as general counsel of the new federal Office of Homeland Security.  Robert D. McCallum, Jr. (1968) became assistant attorney general, civil division of the Justice Department.  Roy Austin (1968) became an ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago. 8 Evan G. Galbraith (1950) became the Secretary of Defense’s representative in Europe and the defense adviser to the U.S. mission to NATO.

When comparing the Skull and Bones appointments with the appointments of American Jews in the current administration, it is clear that the Bonesmen have been given very marginal positions.

The United States never would have invaded Afghanistan or Iraq if Bin Laden and his terrorist network had not struck the twin towers in New York and the Pentagon.  When Bin Laden’s network attacked the USS Cole in the harbor of Yemen in 2000, killing 17 and wounding 39 sailors, President Clinton took very little action.  Just like Pearl Harbor in 1941, the United States would never have entered World War II if the Japanese had not attacked Pearl Harbor.  It has been proven that the U.S. government had prior knowledge of the Japanese attack but chose to ignore it in order to have an excuse to enter the war.  There are too many people with corroborating stories that the attack on September 11, 2001 was not unknown to American intelligence services.  Rather the attackers were protected by the FBI and the CIA from being detected and the current hearings in Washington D.C. remind us of the hearings after Pearl Harbor when an American Admiral was made the scapegoat.  This time the scapegoat will be President Bush.  Ask yourself this question, “Who has benefited from the war in Iraq?”  Certainly not the United States, instead we are losing soldiers, a huge amount of tax dollars are being spent on the occupation of Iraq, and Americans are upset every time they fill their gas tanks because prices have soared.  There is only one entity which has benefited from the war, the STATE OF ISRAEL!


What was true in 1956 is true in 2004.

1. It should be noted that George W. Bush did not have anyone running against him in the Republican primary.

2. I personally have never known or met anyone who has been polled.

3. The Defense Policy Board was established in 1985 by the Defense Department.  There are about 30 members on this board; some of the individuals are not members of the government but they still have access to classified information and senior policymakers.  They give advice not only on strategic policy but also on such matters as weapon procurement.  Most of the board’s proceedings are confidential.  Another Jewish heavyweight on the board is the German born Henry Kissinger.  It is interesting that most Americans do not even know that this agency exists, much less that its members set the policies for the President of the United States.

4. Soros is a Hungarian born Jew and has rocked nations, forcing them into devaluation. He is currently living in the United States.

5. The Boston Globe was purchased in 1993 by the New York Times Company.

6. Kerry impressed them with his understanding of the Israeli political position and emotional grasp as a blood Jew.

7. The following sources will give you an in depth knowledge of the Order of Skull and Bones:

  1. The Dove, Summer 1988, pages 14-15, exposing the Bush connection with Skull and Bones;
    The Dove
    , Winter 1991-92, pages 5-12, The Curse of Politics by Antony C. Sutton and Bones open to women;
    The Dove, Summer 1992, pages 29-35, Skull and Bones International by Antony C. Sutton;
    The Dove, Autumn 1999, pages 45-50, the Brotherhood of Death by John S. Torell, a historical expose.

    (Photocopies of all Dove articles are $15.00 pre-paid and includes shipping and handling)

  2. Books by Antony C. Sutton:

    An Introduction to the Order, 1983;
    How the Order Controls Education
    , 1983;
    How the Order Creates War and Revolution
    , 1984;
    The Secret Cult of The Order
    , 1984.

  3.  Secrets of the Tomb, Alexandra Robbins, 2002.

8. These island nations are often used in laundering money, either for intelligence services or drug cartels.

9.Former Secretary’s of State

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