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The Bible consists of 66 books and the Paul’s letter to the Romans is the most powerful of them all. The Christian faith almost went extinct from 325 to 1517 as Roman Catholicism added baptism, mass, confession, prayers to Mary and the saints, indulgences, good works, and purgatory to faith in Christ.

A Roman Catholic monk desperately sought peace with God and it was the Book of Romans that brought him to salvation in Christ and started the Reformation. The fiery words of Paul destroyed the death grip of the Roman Catholic Church and its complicated process of salvation that leaves no assurance of eternal life and forgiveness of sin.

Martin Luther was used by God to rekindle the Church of Jesus and the fire spread worldwide. There is supernatural power in Paul's letter to the Romans and each subsequent generation is transformed when they read the words inspired by the Holy Spirit. Study the Book of Romans for yourself and experience the power of God in your life!


Part 1: Sexual Immorality
Part 2: Living a Double Life
Part 3: The End of Judaism
Part 4: Circumcision & Faith
Part 5: Violent Conflict
Part 6: Journey of Faith
Part 7: Avoiding Hell
Part 8: The Love of God
Part 9: Covenants & Atonement
Part 10: The Law of Death
Part 11: Water Baptism
Part 12: Struggle Against Sin
Part 13: Faith & Healing
Part 14: Benefits of Salvation
Part 15: Salvation and the Book of Life
Part 16: Will The Real Jew Stand Up
Part 17: Replacement Theology
Part 18: Determining Your Fate
Part 19: Down the Roman Road
Part 20: Ignorance vs. Stupidity
Part 21: Jews vs. Gentiles
Part 22: Walking in the Spirit
Part 23: Love & Correction
Part 24: Overcoming Evil with Good
Part 25: Christian Conduct
Part 26: Submit to Caesar?
Part 27: Law Abiding Christians
Part 28: Vegans vs. Meat Eaters
Part 29: Shattered Dreams
Part 30: Reject Troublemakers


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Volume 1
(6 Messages)
Volume 2
(6 Messages)
Volume 3
(6 Messages)
Volume 4
(6 Messages)
Volume 5
(6 Messages)


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