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RLJ-1596 -- APRIL 23, 2017

Part 24: Overcoming Evil with Good


Did you know that one-third of our time on earth is spent working? The Bible speaks about how we are to conduct ourselves at work and how business owners are to treat their employees. Every human being will encounter problems; what matters is how you deal with them. Is your life spent worrying over circumstances or being a joyful overcomer? Did you know that worry is rooted in lack of faith in God? Jesus said we should seek the kingdom of God and that all subsequent things would be provided. Christians should also care for and love the people which we encounter on a daily basis. The Bible instructs us to be compassionate with our words and follow it up with action. Kindness does not come naturally as revenge begins manifesting at an early age. We should pray for our enemies and not curse them, even if they are evil. Remember, a bad person is already cursed by God. Praise the Lord when you are persecuted without cause, and if you are compelled to do a job that is not your responsibility, do it with gladness anyways! Paul encourage us to be Christ-like and not a protégé of the Devil.

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