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Showdown in Jerusalem
Gert Timmerman with John S. Torell

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Beginning in the 1990’s and up through 2004, John S. Torell wrote a number of articles published in The Dove magazine that brought out a lot of information on Judaism, the birth of the Zionist movement and its historical steps that had been suppressed by the media and ignored by the Christian leadership in colleges and seminaries. This digest leads the reader through the Kabala, the declaration of Sabbetai Sevi as the Jewish Messiah in 1666, the crypto Jews who today hold political offices in all nations; it also deals with the creation of communism, socialism and fascism; the Russian revolution, World War I and II and the formation of the current political state of Israel.

If Christian Zionists would only take the time to study this truth, there would be no Christian support for the State of Israel and the goal of the Zionist World Federation to some day present the world with a Jewish Messiah which the Bible calls the Antichrist.

You can read it online for free but we are also making it available in booklet form because many of you also love the truth and wish to see people set free. Verbal communication dims with time but written words are forever. Get a few copies and give them to your friends.

Gert Timmerman was born in South Africa and moved to Belgium to work for a large telecommunications company. He is an account manager by profession with a post graduate in science but also a student of the Bible by passion. He has been married to one wife for 17 years; they have three children and recently adopted another. Gert came to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour at a very young age, and as he has studied the Bible, he desires to see Christians set free from the lies of Zionism.

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