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Beginning in the 1990’s and up through 2004, I wrote a number of articles published in The Dove magazine called, “Showdown in Jerusalem,” “How the Devil Was Defeated in the 20th Century” and the origin of the Cabala. These articles brought out a lot of information that had been suppressed by the media and ignored by the Christian leadership in colleges and seminaries. 

Our friend, Gert Timmerman, has done an outstanding job of going through all of the different issues of The Dove and bringing out the main points and key information concerning the question of Judaism, the birth of the Zionist movement and tracing the historical steps. This digest leads the reader through the Cabala, the declaration of Sabbetai Sevi as the Jewish Messiah in 1666, the crypto Jews who today hold political offices in all nations; it also deals with the creation of communism, socialism and fascism; the Russian revolution, World War I and II and the formation of the current political state of Israel.

If Christian Zionists would only take the time to study this truth, there would be no Christian support for the State of Israel and the goal of the Zionist World Federation to some day present the world with a Jewish Messiah which the Bible calls the Antichrist.

Originally, Gert Timmerman constructed this digest to share with friends who are strong Christian Zionists, but as he presented this write up to us, I felt it was a quick and concise review of these historical facts. If you are a serious student of history, you may order copies of the original issues of The Dove magazines from us. We don’t charge for the magazines but it is a big stack; because postage has risen dramatically, please contact us about the shipping cost.


  • This world was created by God and He retains the ownership of it.  Psalms 24:1

  • God gave mankind the authority to manage the earth. Genesis 1:26-29

  • Mankind rebelled and fell into sin, and instead of being blessed, man became cursed. God decided to exterminate all people. Genesis 6:1-8

  • Only eight people survived after the flood. When they disobeyed God, He scattered them to every part of dry land on the earth. Genesis 11:1-9

  • Then God divided them up into nations and set the boundaries for them. (Acts 17:24-27; Deuteronomy 32:8) From the days of Nimrod until now, people and boundaries have been shifted around by man.

  • Abraham came from Ur; he lived in Haran until God called him to live in Canaan. He promised the land to Abrahams descendants. Genesis 12:1-7; 17:8

  • God promised that Abraham would be the father of many nations. Genesis 17:4-6

  • God specifically told the children of Israel that they could only possess the land of Canaan as long as they were walking with Him. Deuteronomy 28:47-68; Genesis 17:8-9

  • The Bible records that the land of Israel was lost in two stages. The 12 tribes were split into two kingdoms. (1 Kings 11:9-13) The 10 Northern tribes formed a kingdom called Israel with its capital as Samaria and the 2 Southern tribes formed a kingdom called Judah with its capitol Jerusalem.

  • The Northern Kingdom was taken into captivity by King Sargon of Assyria in 721 BC and the land was settled by strangers. (2 Kings 17:1-41) Later some remnants filtered back into the land and intermarried with gentiles and were given the name Samaritans because they were half Hebrew and half gentile.

  • The inhabitants of the Southern Kingdom became known as Jews. John 4:1-43

  • The Babylonian army invaded the Southern kingdom in 587 BC.

  • God used King Cyrus of Persia to allow the Jews back into Jerusalem after He had destroyed Babylon. The Jews were never able to regain full control of the land or the sovereignty of Jerusalem.

  • From 587 BC, Canaan was ruled by Gentile empires which allowed Jews to live in the land but not to rule it.

  • The only time that the Jews gained control over Jerusalem was from 165 BC to 63 BC when Judas Maccabeaus led a revolt against Antiochus Epiphanes.

  • The Roman army captured Jerusalem in 63 BC.

  • When Jesus was about 30 years of age and proclaimed to be the Messiah, some Jews wanted to use him to start a rebellion against the Romans, drive them out and set up the Kingdom of Israel again. John 6:14-15

  • The Jewish leadership brought a curse upon the Jewish people that will remain until Jesus returns. (Matthew 27:17-26) Jews as individuals can escape the curse if they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  • The Jewish Leadership revolted and took control of Jerusalem for a short time. Then the Roman general Titus came with a large army in 70 AD and slaughtered approximately one million Jews. Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed and God’s word was again confirmed that the children of Israel that they couldn’t live in the land if they rebelled against Him.


Around 1500 AD, cabalistic Jews began to filter back to the land of Israel. Joseph Nasi (mid 16th century) was a close friend of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. He was very rich and wanted to resettle Jews back into the land of Palestine. His plan involved sending ships to collect Jews from Italy and bringing them to Tiberias, but it could not be carried out because a war broke out between Turkey and the city state of Venice. From around 1540, Jews began to resettle in Jerusalem and Safed around Galilee.

Isaac “Ari” Luria (1534-1572)

Issac Luria was a German-Jewish Rabbi. At this time, rabbinical scholars around Safed began to openly practice the teachings of the Kabala. Luria further developed the Kabalistic teachings of re-incarnation.

Isaac Luria considered himself to be the “Messiah, the son of Joseph,” who           according to Jewish legend would precede the real Messiah, the son of David. He spread the message among the Jews that the Jewish Messiah would begin to rule in 1648. At the same time, the Christian community started to believe that the Antichrist would appear in 1666.

Sabbatai Sevi (1626-1676)

Sabbatai Sevi was born in Smyrna Turkey and died in exile in Albania. He was of Spanish-Jewish origin and studied to become a rabbi. He came in contact with the Kabbalah in his studies and made it his major study. In 1648, he started to proclaim himself to be the Messiah. He had a personal prophet by the name of Abraham Nathan from Gaza. Nathan studied the writings of Isaac Luria and claimed to have apocalyptic visions that showed him to be the prophet to usher in the coming of the Messiah. He moved in “charismatic gifts”. He convinced Sevi that he was the messiah and that he (Nathan) was his prophet. After some mysterious supernatural events by Nathan, the messianic awakening of Sabbatai Sevi began on the 17th of Sivan (May-June) 1665. 

Although Sevi was rejected by some Jewish people, the majority of Jews   came to accept him as the Messiah. He was arrested while on a ship from Smyrna to Constantinople by the Turkish navy.

On September 16, 1666, Sevi was brought before a court of the Sultan of Turkey and charged with rebellion against the Turkish government. He was given an ultimatum to prove he was the messiah with a miracle or face execution. He dropped to his knees and asked the Sultan to accept his conversion to Islam. The Sultan accepted and he was given a new name Azis Mehemed Effendi. Three of his rabbinical followers who accompanied him also converted to Islam. The Jewish people were shocked and turned to Nathan for answers. It was then that the true nature of the Kabbalah was brought out to the masses. Nathan explained that Sevi had to commit apostasy in order for him to obtain salvation for his followers. The Jews split up over this issue and some turned back to the old form of Judaism but large numbers turned into “secret” Jews who were strong believers in Sabbatai Sevi and the messianic utopia for Israel which would later become Zionism. The birth of Zionism would follow later through another Jew named Jacob Frank.

Meanwhile Sevi continued having visions, writing them down and spreading them in secret to his Jewish followers. He traveled regularly to Constantinople where he would secretly teach and minister his Jewish followers. They were Muslims outwardly but this was only a cover. Sabbattai and his three rabbis were arrested after a Jewish prayer service on September 12, 1672. On December 15, 1672, Sevi was tried for blasphemy against Islam. He should have received a death sentence but was sentenced into exile to the province of Morea (Albania). Nathan continued preaching that Sevi was the messiah and encountered strong resistance from Jewish non-believers. To his followers, Sevi was continually paying the high price of redeeming the Jewish people from sin. They believed that Sevi would some day become king of Israel and subdue all Gentile kingdoms. After more visions, Sabattai Sevi died on the Day of Atonement in 1676. Nathan convinced Sevi’s followers that he was resurrected. Nathan claimed to have been visited by Joshua and Caleb who appeared to him. Nathan lived in Sophia Bulgaria and kept claiming that Sabbatai Sevi was the true messiah and that there would be no other one but him. Nathan died on January  11, 1680.

Summary of Sabbatai Sevi Messianic Movement

Jews around the world united in “falling into apostasy,” becoming hidden Jews who would take Gentile names and publicly live like Gentiles but secretively were followers of the Kabbalah and Sabbatai Sevi.

The Jewish leadership started to work on a plan to bring Jews back to Palestine. The ones in “apostasy” advanced quickly into government positions in a number of nations and set the policies for the nations. Within the next 300 years, the new global organization was able to control the nations and most of the economic activities.


Moses Hess (1812-1875)

Moses Hess was born in Bonn, Germany and died in Paris, France. He was practiced Orthodox Judaism but broke away and embraced the Kabbalah. In 1837, he anonymously published his first book, “The Holy History of Mankind,” which revealed his ideas on anarchic socialism. In 1841, he founded the radical newspaper, “Rheineische Zeitung.” In 1842 he promoted Karl Marx, a German Jew to chief editor. Hess introduced Marx to the Freemasons and to communism. In 1844, Hess introduced Marx to the German Jew Friedrich Engels.

Moses Hess is considered the father of two political movements: communism and Zionism. He was buried in Cologne, Germany, but in 1961 his remains were re-buried in the graveyard of Kineret (Lake of Galilee, Israel) next to the graves of other founders of the modern Zionist socialist movement.

Some of his writings:

  • 1841, Die Europaische Triarchie: Promoting a formation of socialism based upon German philosophy, French politics and British political economy.

  • 1862, Rome and Jerusalem, the Last National Problem: Promoting Socialism, but he also wrote, “I have always been strengthened by the Hebrew prayers.”

  • On the Right of Labour

  • On Social and Economic reform

  • The red Catechism for the German People: Hess wrote, “My religion is the socialistic revolution.”

The writings of Hess promoted that outside of Judaism the following should happen:

  • No person should own any private property. (land, house, car, furniture, etc)

  • All humans should be moved into a classless society that is ruled by a group outside the law.

  • In order to force people into one classless society, it may be necessary to incite different groups against each other to prevent them from working together and destroying the very fabric of current society.

  • To force a socialistic revolution using Judaism, racial strife and the battle between different classes in society.

  • A Socialist must embrace Internationalism, with the exception of Jews, there should be no patriotism. Only Jews should be patriotic about Israel.

Hess believed that his ideology could be carried out under the banner of the Jewish Rothschild family. He publicly swore destruction and death to anyone who resisted his teachings on socialism, but in private, he was a religious Jew.

Hess told Karl Marx that the Jews had been given the task to transform the Gentiles into wild animals.  Meanwhile his public teachings appealed to the young European people because life was hard for the working class. Here was a system that took the wealth from the rich and allowed all people to live a wonderful life in a utopian socialist society.


Theodor Herzl (1860-1904)

Theodor Herzl was born in Pest, Hungary and died in Vienna, Austria. Even though he graduated from law school in 1884, he became a writer involved with Zionism. He wrote books and various plays about the problems facing the society of his day. From 1891 to 1895, Herzl served as the Paris correspondent for the Vienna newspaper, “The Free Press,” an influential liberal Vienna daily newspaper.

As a successful play-write, Herzl was able to use his influence to promote the idea of an independent Palestinian state. With the rising of anti-Semitism in France, he began to write articles and plays promoting his ideas of how to solve the Jewish issues by having young Jews join the Socialistic movement en mass. He later took a hard stand that the only solution to establish a homeland for the Jewish people was a mass exodus of Jews from countries which were anti-Semitic. In 1895 he wrote a plan to relocate Jews to Palestine.  He looked for financial backing from the Rothschild’s when he presented his plan. Max Nordeau (1849-1923), a Hungarian Jew became a supporter of it.

In 1896, Herzl published a book called, “Der Judenstaat,” in which he outlined his plan to relocate the Jews to Palestine. The first step was to build a strong political base. The book stirred up emotions in the Jewish community worldwide. The Jewish communities in Western Europe rejected the proposal while the poorer Jewish communities in Eastern Europe and Russia embraced the idea of a Jewish homeland; the Zionist Movement was born with Theodor Herzl as the Father. Herzl knew that a gradual colonizing would only stimulate anti-Semitism, so he advocated a population transfer under international supervision. jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Zionism/herzl2.html

Summary of Herzl’s Plan:

First was the transfer of the “desperate Jews” fleeing oppression in Russia due to the assassination of Tsar Alexander II, in 1881, by a group of Jewish conspirators. This first group of Jews would be retrained for labor to cultivate the soil and build the infrastructure of the homeland

The second group brought in would be the poor Jews from Eastern Europe who would create vast labor pools which would be used to develop the nation commercially.

Once the infrastructure had been built and the farmers were able to support the people, then the prosperous Jews would be transferred to capitalize on the new Jewish state’s trade. The objective would be to bring in Jewish businessmen who could build up the economy of the nation. 

The final transfer would be the wealthy Jews who would move in and live comfortably in the land that had been built by sweat and labor of the first three groups.

Theodor Herzl anticipated resistance from comfortable Jews and wrote, “Old prisoners do not willingly leave their cells… Perhaps we shall have to fight first of all against many an evil-disposed, narrow-hearted, short-sighted member of our own race. Whoever can, will and must perish, let him perish, but the distinctive nationality of the Jews neither can, will, nor must be destroyed. Whole branches of Judaism may wither and fall, but the trunk remains.”

Very few leaders of the Zionistic movement were religious. Many of them didn’t believe in God nor had a regard for the Old Testament. Most of them were atheistic or agnostic and similar to secular Jews today. It was not Judaism, but anti-Semitism created by the Jewish leadership which antagonized the Gentiles that helped to create the political state of Israel. Herzl’s plan outlined two organizations that needed to be built before the transfers of Jews could start:

1.      “A Society of the Jews” to manage the affairs of the emerging Jewish state. The organization was formed in 1899 with the name “Jewish Colonial trust” was incorporated in England with 2 million Pounds.

2.      “The Jewish Company,” a financial banking system. This would take care of the transfer of the wealth of the Jews as they move. In exchange for their current financial status, they would be compensated with land, machinery and homes in the new state. It would also take charge of their former financial matters and sell them of to “honest anti-Semites.” The Jewish National Fund was established in 1901 to purchase and cultivate land in Palestine, and in 1903, a subsidiary bank called, “The Anglo-Palestine bank,” was opened.

Theodor Herzl promised Christian governments good discounts on former Jewish holdings and had no mercy on Jews. They were to give up all their homes, savings, properties and business and move to Palestine and live in kibbutzim.

When Jewish people rejected the idea, Herzl warned them, “Great exertions will hardly be necessary to spur on the movement. Anti-Semites need only to do what they did before and then they will create a Jewish desire to emigrate where it did not previously exist.”


Various groups have worked separately with achieving the goals of Theodor Herzl:

  • Marxist group for Emancipation of Labor formed by George Plekhanov, (a Russian gentile who married a Jewess named Roza) and the Jewish Marxist’s Vera Zasulich, Lev Deutch and Pinchus Axelrod. They were later joined in 1895 by Vladimir Lenin, a Russian Gentile who married the Jewess Nadezhda Krupskaya, and went back to Russia and started an underground movement. He was arrested and sent to Siberia, released in 1900 and ended up in Geneva.

  • Anti-Jewish publication in Vienna called “Ostara” started by a half Jew named Adolf Joseph Lanz who married to Jewess Libenfels, changed his name to Dr. Georg Lanz von Liebenfels and later added the title Baron. The magazine was blatantly anti-Semitic and promoted the Roman Catholic Church and the pure Aryan race.

  • “The Thule Order” was a secret society created by Lanz. It later played a major role in the formation of the Nazi Party and the rise of Adolf Hitler. In 1907 Lanz hoisted up a Swastika flag over the castle in Werfenstein.

  • In 1909 Adolf Hitler (a half Jew) met with Lanz and became his student.

Lanz told Lenin in Switzerland, “We counter-revolutionaries give Jews the right to create their own state in Palestine.”

  • Benito Mussolini at the age of 19 moved to Switzerland and became a student of Marxism. He moved back to Italy after he met with Jewish International Communist leaders.

  •  At this time the system was in place to move Jews from Europe to Palestine.In order to get the Jews moving, Theodor Herzl become the “Shepherd” and Hitler became the “Prosecutor.”

  • Some Jews were upset and angry; others were excited about the plan.

Theodor Herzl tried selling his idea at various times:

  • The Jewish congress in September 1898.

  • Private meetings with the German Emperor Wilhelm II on October 18, 1898 and November 2, 1898. Under pressure from rich Jewish Bankers, Jewish leaders in Germany and Jewish Newspapers in Germany.

  • Private meeting with Sultan Abdul Hamid II of Turkey on 17 May 1901, since Palestine belonged to Turkey. Under pressure from Jewish Bankers again, the Sultan asked for Financial aid for Turkey before opening up Palestine. A second meeting with the Sultan in 1902 was refused.

  • 4th Zionist congress in 1900

  • Testimony in the Royal commission in England where he met with The Rothchild banking house.

  • Meeting with Russian Minister of Interior Baron Vyacheslav K von Plehve. Russia promised to lobby with Sultan of Turkey

  • 6th Zionist congress in August 1903.

  • Greater Action committee in April 1904.

Theodor Herzl died on July 3, 1904. He left behind a foundation to build upon despite tough resistance from wealthy Jews.


Jacob Henry Schiff (1847-1920) was a German Jew who moved to New York in 1865 and became a protégée of the Rothchilds. He married the daughter of Solomon Loeb, a Jewish banker. Schiff became the head of the bank in 1885. His wife’s sister, Nina, was married to Paul Warburg (1868-1932) of the Jewish Warburg banking house in Hamburg, Germany. He also moved to New York and became a partner in the bank Kuhn, Loeb & Co. Paul Warburg became the first chairman of the federal reserve in 1913. His brother Max Warburg (1867-1946) stayed in Germany and helped to finance the German war efforts during WWII. At the same time Paul Warburg financed the war effort of the American government. It is interesting to note that WWII was financed from both sides by the same banking family, the Warburgs and Kuhn, Loeb and Co. Another brother, Felix Warburg, married the daughter of Jacob Schiff and later became the Chief Operations Officer of Kuhn Loeb & Co.

During the 1890’s, young Marxists/Socialist Jews who emigrated from Eastern Europe to the United States received terrorist training in America under the Jewish Masonic Lodge (B’nai B’rith). They returned to Russia and tried to overthrow the Russian government through a revolution. Russia started to refuse American passports and punished the Jewish terrorists. As a result, American Jews accused the Russian Government of being Anti-Semitic.

Jacob Schiff and the Jewish leadership wanted to teach Russia a lesson and encouraged Japan to demand concessions from Russia and relinquish territory from its Eastern part. Russia refused and as Japan got ready to attack. Jacob Schiff arranged a financial boycott of Russia and financed Japanese war efforts. Russia was starved for cash and Japan had all the financial aid it needed. The war began on February 8, 1904. While the war was raging, the Marxist/Socialistic Jewish terrorists struck from within Russia with assassinations of government officials and law enforcement personnel. Prime Minister Viachelav von Plehve was assassinated and the Tsar of Russia sued for peace. Russia ceded territory to Japan between August 9 and September 5, 1905. Jacob Schiff was present at the signing of the peace treaty on September 5, 1905. On December 16, 1905, three hundred Jewish Marxist/Socialist terrorists were arrested following the Black Sunday revolution. Schiff was determined to overthrow the Russian government and replace them with a Marxist leadership. He and his International Banker friends arranged to starve the Russian government of any loans while a stronger nation like Germany would be used to attack Russia.  WWI was being planned!


Between 1905 and 1914, Russia progressed very well with landownership programs for farmers. Russia gave voting rights to its people and raised their standard of living. Tsar Nicholas gave Russia a representative government and a constitutional monarchy. A legislative body called the “Duma” was created and free elections were held. Jewish Marxist terrorists tried to assassinate Premier Stolypin in 1906. The second assassination attempt succeeded when a Jewish attorney Mordecai Bogrow shot and killed the Premier in 1911. By 1911, Russia produced 40% of the world’s crop of grain products.

The Russian population was angry with the Jews because they knew it was the Jewish leadership that had set up all the public violence in order to overthrow the government. Russian mobs attacked Jewish stores and homes and over 800 Jews were killed. The violence continued and by 1911 approximately 50,000 Russians had been killed in bombings, shootings and mass attacks on civilians. In 1906 approximately 600 Jewish Marxist/Socialistic terrorists were executed by the Russian Government. The world started blaming the Russian government of being anti-Semitic. Between 1907 and 1908 another 2,328 Jewish Marxist/Socialistic Terrorists were executed by the Russian Government after trials of military tribunals. The result is that about 35,000 Jewish terrorists fled to Palestine, United States and Europe.

Joseph Stalin (1879-1953)

Joseph Stalin was half Jewish and half Russian. In 1903 he was recruited by the Russian secret police and led a double life. He was arrested 8 times; he escaped and continued his work in the Marxist/socialist movement.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924)

Vladimir Lenin was also half Jewish and half Russian. He was a Marxists/Socialist that worked for the Jewish world leaders. He was arrested a few times and sentence to exile in Siberia where he married his Jewish wife. After he served his sentence, they lived in Germany, Belgium, England, Poland, and Switzerland before returning to Russia. He was never employed but lived a life of luxury in Europe. He was a member of the French freemasons “Art et Travai.”

Leon (Lev) Trotsky (1879-1940)

Leon Trotsky’s real name was Leiba Bronstein. He was under the training of Alexander Parvus (whose real name was Israel Gelfand) during high school. Parvus was a Russian Jewish freemason. He not only taught Trotsky in the Talmud but he also introduced him to the Kabala, Zionism and Marxism/Socialism.  Trotsky became a member of the freemasons and the B’nai B’rth.

The Russian police arrested him twice, each time he was sentenced to exile in Siberia but escaped both times. Together with Lenin, Trotsky and Parvus helped arrange the Russian revolution. Trotsky was finally deported to the United States where he lived under the protection and payroll of Jacob Schiff.

In an interview with the publication, “New American Journal,” on February 3, 1949, John Schiff, the grandson of Jacob Schiff told the interviewer that his grandfather had given 20 million dollars to start the Russian revolution. Other American Jews and Gentiles who also donated to the cause of the Russian revolution were Paul Warburg, Harriman, Rockefeller, and J. P. Morgan.

In 1917, Lenin and Trotsky started the process of taking over Russia. Joseph Stalin joined the group as a double agent, working also for the Russian government. Some 8,000 Jewish revolutionaries joined at St. Petersburg to form the core of the emerging communist party. These men took leadership in the Red Army and in the terrible “Cheka” later renamed to NKVD and then renamed again to KGB.

The Russian revolution was in reality a Jewish takeover of Russia in the midst of WWI, in preparation for the formation of the state of Israel and the coming Jewish Messiah.

American Jewish Committee (AJC)

The AJC was started in 1906 by Jacob Schiff and 60 other well-known influential German Jews to forward the Jewish cause in the United States. The majority of the Eastern European Jews were not happy with the AJC. The AJC considered itself the upper class since they were very rich and the majority of the Eastern European Jews were not Marxist/Socialists but were simply trying to survive in a hostile world. But the Jewish leadership had an agenda of creating a homeland for the Jews in Palestine. Russia and the United States would be used to force the creation of a homeland for the Jews in 1948 when they forced a positive vote at the United Nations.

Jacob Schiff and his friends lived a life of luxury in the United States as did the Marxist/Socialist leaders in Western Europe while young Jewish activists were sent into Russia to stir up trouble. Most of them ended up sacrificing their lives. WWI had been planned for some time and was ready to be implemented.


The World Government secretly promised France and Great Britain the numerous German colonies as spoils of war once Germany was defeated. These colonies included Togo, Cameroon, Namibia, Mariana Islands, Caroline Islands, Marshall Islands, Western Samoa, New Guinea, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania.

A total of 29 nations lined up against Germany and its allies. All of the nations involved in the war had been prepared beforehand. The national bankers were all notified that a war was about to break out; orchestrated and controlled by the World Government through the Rothschild family. Investors were lined up at the stock markets in the different countries and industries were geared up for war production with enormous profits for the operators and shareholders.  The war started when Prince Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife were assassinated while on a state visit to Bosnia on June 28, 1914. Austria demanded concessions from Serbia, which was a state of Russia and called on it for protection. Austria called on Germany and on August 1, 1914, Germany declared war on Russia and soon France declared war on Germany. During 4 years and 3 months of the war, 8 million soldiers and 20 million civilians died.

Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky would play a major role in 1917 in the take-over of Russia where millions of people were tortured and killed. Together with 200 Jewish revolutionists, they were transported by train through countries of Germany, Sweden and through Finland to St. Petersburg. This operation involved the secret police of Germany, Sweden, Great Britain and traitors within the Russian Okhrana. The Jewish world leadership sponsored the transfer under leadership of the Warburg banking family.

Trotsky had 20 million dollars in gold coins with him when he arrived in St. Petersburg. This was used to buy the non-commissioned officers of the two regiments in St. Petersburg. With the help of these two regiments that were staffed by Trotsky’s American trained officers, Lenin and Trotsky were able to take over St. Petersburg and set up the Communist regime with the Red Army. The armed forces that remained loyal to the Tsar formed the White Army.

A total of 14 nations sent troops into Russia to protect the Bolshevik revolution and defeat the White Army. In Western Europe, the war was raging and German troops were fighting against British, French and American troops, while in Russia the British, French, American, German and Japanese troops worked together to defeat the White Army. In 1918, the Bolshevik government of Lenin and Trotsky signed a peace treaty with Germany.   

Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia used this opportunity to declare their own independence while a civil war raged in Russia. There was a terrible hate towards Jews in Russia due to the fact that the Bolshevik leadership was Jewish. More than 100,000 Russian Jews were executed by the White army. The civil war lasted from 1917 to 1920.

During the civil war, Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky ruthlessly killed all opposition and only allowed Communists to work and organize in the Soviet Union. The Russian Jews had no problems; they organized and traveled at will in and out of Russia. This proves that the Bolshevik leadership was in itself a Jewish revolution aimed at taking over Russia.

The Versailles Treaty

The German government sued for peace in October of 1918 and asked President Woodrow Wilson of the United States to act as mediator. The American delegation included members of the American Jewish Committee and the American Jewish Congress (Group of Zionistic Jews), such as:

  • Julian W. Mack (1866-1943)

  • Rabbi Stephen S. Wise (1874-1949)

  • Louis D. Marshall (1856-1929)

  • Jacob de Haas (1872-1937), Editor of London Jewish World and Zionists and personal friend of Theodor Herzl

  • Nachman Syrkin (1868-1924), founder of Socialist Zionism

  • Jewish delegations from Palestine, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Poland Eastern Galacia, Romania, Transylvania, Bukovina, Italy, Greece and other nations.

A group was formed during the congress called, “Committee of Jewish Delegations to the Peace Conference.”

  • Secretary General Leo Motzkin (1867-1933), a personal friend of Theodor Herzl

  • World Zionist Organization

  • B’nai B’rith

  • The peace deal imposed harsh conditions on Germany. The Jewish leadership had written into the treaty the assurance of a Jewish homeland in Palestine (a province of the Turkish Ottoman empire), including Jewish rights in other nations. The Peace treaty was signed on June 28, 1919.

Six years later when Hitler lead Germany, he bitterly complained about this treaty being the work of Jewish bankers.

The “Balfour Declaration of 1917” was made while WWI was still raging. The British government by the hand of Arthur Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary, made a declaration and asked Lionel Walter Rothschild to bring this declaration to the attention of Zionist Federation. It was endorsed by Britain’s allies in the war. It was finally endorsed by the League of Nations. The Balfour declaration recognized the right of Jewry to Palestine, while Palestine was still a province of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. From this moment on, the Zionist Jews claimed that they have a legal right to Palestine through “International Law.” This claim makes a mockery of the law that God gave Moses and the promise to inherit the land if Israel was to keep Gods law. There was a penalty (the loss of the land) if Israel were to depart from the Lord. (Deuteronomy 28)


Betar is a Jewish organization that helped bring Jews to Palestine. It was founded in 1923, in Riga (Capital of Latvia) by Vladimir Jabotinsky. The organization started as a youth revisionist movement but later developed into a para-military terrorist organization. It is named after the Jew Joseph Trumpeldor (1880-1920). Trumpeldor served in the Russian Imperial army. After attending the first Zionist Congress in 1897, he returned to Russia and founded a Zionist society in Pyatigorsk. He graduated from St. Petersburg University in 1912. He evolved into an anarcho-socialist, which promotes taking over rural areas and using them to launch terror against the state until it had been destabilized and destroyed, and a Zionist and called for the settling of Palestine of agricultural Jewish collective farms. He moved to Palestine and worked as a laborer when the war broke our in 1914. The Turkish government expelled him to Egypt, where he met Jabotinsky. In March 1917, Trumpeldor traveled to Russia with the mission to establish a Jewish legion of 100,000 Jewish soldiers to fight its way down to Palestine and free it from the Turks. When Lenin ordered the legion to be disbanded, Trumpeldor formed a Jewish self-defense organization and became involved in He-Halutz, a pioneer organization of Jewish youth that trained its members for pioneering work and self defense in Palestine. When he arrived in Palestine in 1919, he offered British General Henry Allenby help in forming a Jewish legion of 10,000 Russian Jews. After he was turned down, Trumpeldor worked to unite the different trade unions in order to make it easier to bring more Jews to Palestine. In 1920 Trumpeldor was killed in an attack on Galilee. His efforts only paid off after his death.

By 1939, Betar had 100,000 Jewish members in 26 countries and formed the National Workers Federation in 1934. Betar members became powerful under-ground fighters in Palestine where they attacked Arab and British troops.

The first Jewish naval training camp in Civitavecchia, Italy in 1934 and in Riga Latvia in 1935 were established and manned by Betar. As was the first Jewish training center in Paris (1934), Lydda Palestine (1938), Johannesburg South Africa (1939) and New York (1941). Since 1948, Betar groups have formed 45 new settlements particularly in occupied territories.  The Zionist leaders have at their disposal a powerful private organization. If a dirty job is therefore needed somewhere in the world, Betar forces can be dispatched without any trace to the Zionist leadership.

The plan to take Palestine from the people living there was not known to the majority of Jews. Although a part of the Jewish leadership knew about it and opposed it, the majority of the Jews were deceived by the Zionist leadership. Most were deceived into believing that the Jewish population in Palestine could be built up peacefully and a Jewish state would eventually emerge. Most of the Jews were comfortable with this approach, especially in Eastern Europe and Russia; however, the Jewish people in Western Europe and North America had no intention of being part of this pioneering effort because they were educated and generally more well-off with homes and businesses.  Therefore, the Zionist leadership had to create some kind of force to convince the skilled Jews of Western Europe and North America to leave their security and start over as pioneers. The Zionist leadership decided to target the Western European Jews as the American Jews could not be subjected to harsh pressure since they were financing the Zionistic movement. Theodor Herzl’s 38 year old plan was going to be implemented.


In the early 1920’s and early 1930’s, large amounts of money were given to the Nazi party from Jewish banks.

  • The Bank House Mendleson & Company in Amsterdam made two transfers. One for 10 million USD and one for 15 million USD.

  • Kuhn Loeb & Company in New York (later taken over by Jacob Schiff)

  • J P Morgan & Company in New York

  • Samuel & Samuel of London

  • Royal Dutch Shell sent 10 million Guilders as late as 1937.


Rudolf Rezso Kasztner (1906–1957)

Rudolf Kasztner was born to Jewish parents in Transylvania, a state of Austria which was transferred to Romania. Kasztner studied and became an attorney, journalist and a leader in the Zionist youth movement “Aviva Barissia” and “Ha-lhud ha-Olam.”  He moved to Budapest in 1942 and joined a local Palestine Foundation Fund which was a fundraising organization of the World Zionist Organization. He also held the post of Vice chairman of the Hungarian Zionist Federation.

Kasztner was in the top management of the Zionist movement and authorized to negotiate with the German Nazis and make deals with them. He was accepted by Hitler’s regime as Zionist leader representing Hungary. Early in WWII, he had open channels to Henrich Himmler (1900-1945). When Adolf Eichmann (1906-1962) traveled to Budapest in March 1944, he met with Rudolf and worked out some deals after Hungary surrendered to Germany during the war.

In the early days of Hitler’s government, an arrangement had been worked out between Nazis and Zionists to transfer Jews to Palestine in exchange for payment to the German Government. Only a small number of Jews were allowed to escape. Of the 750,000 Jews in Hungary, 550,000 were sent to their deaths in German extermination camps.

Kasztner did not work alone. Joel Eugen Brand (1906-1964), a Jew from Transylvania started to work with him in 1943 in rescuing Jewish refugees. Brand received an message from Adolf Eichmann to travel to Turkey and convey the message to the Jewish Agency that Hungarian Jews would be spared and released in exchange for military supplies. A meeting took place with the Jewish agency on June 16, 1944. Brand was arrested by British security forces en route to Palestine and sent to a military detention center in Cairo, Egypt. There he was allowed to meet Moshe Sharrett (1894-1965) the head of the Secret Security Commission of the Jewish Agency and a high official in the Zionist movement. The British Government refused to accept the German offer and the shipment of Hungarian Jews to the death camps began. However, Kasztner was able to negotiate with Neutral nations, and some trucks and other supplies were given to the Germans that resulted in 1,786 Jews being released into Switzerland. Kasztner’s efforts were marginal compared to the 550,000 Hungarian Jews who died in Germany.  Many of the Hungarian Jews were kept no more than three miles from the border with Romania and were only guarded by a small group of German soldiers since Germany was losing a lot of manpower to the losses against the Allied forces. There were also very strong underground fighters in Hungary which could have overpowered the Germany soldiers. Instead of being warned and helped to flee, Kasztner told the imprisoned Jews that there was no danger and that they should just be patient. The Jews trusted their Zionist leadership and sat like cattle outside a slaughterhouse waiting for their deaths.

Later, after WWII, Rudolf Kasztner was given a government position in Israel as member of the Mapai party. In 1953, he was accused by Malkiel Gruenwald of collaborating with the Nazis and being the direct cause of the deaths of Hungarian Jews. The Israeli government took it very seriously and tried to protect Rudolf Kasztner by ordering the Israeli attorney general to file a criminal lawsuit against Gruenwald!  On June 22, 1955, the judge found that the case against Rudolf Kasztner had merit and so the Israeli cabinet voted to order the attorney general to appeal it to a higher court. A vote of no confidence was introduced in the Israeli Parliament, and when Zionists refused to support the vote, it caused a cabinet crisis.  If the truth of the Holocaust came out, it could bring down the Zionist Movement and threaten the very existence of Israel. Most Jews didn’t know that the Zionists worked with the Nazi’s. If the public were informed about the truth, they would react with horror and outrage. The Supreme Court would have started its hearings in 1958, but the Zionist movement couldn’t take the chance being incriminated if Kasztner testified. As a result, Kasztner was assassinated on March 3, 1957. On January 17, 1958, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the late Rudolf Kazstner.


The story of Rudolf Kasztner and his collaboration with the Nazi’s was reported in a book called “Perfidy” by an American born Jew named Ben Hecht (1894-1964).  Ben was a staunch supporter of a Jewish state in Palestine at first but in the end he became a strong anti-Zionist. His book is a well-documented expose of the Zionist movement and how the Zionist Leadership worked with the Nazis in the annihilation of their fellow Jews to create such a hostile climate in Europe that Jews had no other option but to immigrate to Palestine.

More evidence

In 1977 Rabbi Moshe Schonfeld published a book called “The Holocaust Victims.” Schonfeld confirmed the writings of Ben Hecht and wrote that the Zionist leadership was concerned only in the creation of the state of Israel, not with saving Jewish lives. The book had photocopied documents supporting the charges of betrayal against the following three people:

1.      Chaim Weizmann (1874-1952), a Zionist Leader and the first President of Israel.

2.      Rabbi Stephen Wise (1874-1949), a Hungarian born Jew living in the USA.

3.    Yitzhak Grunbaum (1879-1970), a Polish Jew and the chairman of Jewish Agency, a high leader in the Zionistic movement and Minister  of Interior of the first Israeli cabinet in 1948

Paul Wallenberg was the Swedish ambassador to Hungary. He arrived shortly after 438,000 Jews were deported from Hungary to their deaths in German extermination camps. He issued Swedish passports to approximately 35,000 Jews and made Adolf Eichmann furious. As the Germans would march Jews in what was known as death marches, Wallenburg and his staff would go to train stations and hand out passports to rescue the Jews from being taken. This upset Rudolf Kasztner and his Zionist teams because the goal of the Swedish team was to transport as many Jews as possible to Sweden as soon as the war was  over. This was contrary to the goals of the Zionist leadership who were implementing Herzl’s plan. Any surviving Jews were to be taken to Palestine, not Sweden. Wallenburg succeeded in bringing out more Jews than Rudolf Kazstner ever did. When the Soviet army invaded Hungary in January 1945, Wallenburg was arrested on January 17. He was charged with espionage and murdered. Paul Wallenburg had exposed the cooperation of the Zionist leadership with the Nazis and this was a secret that could not be let out. Therefore, the Communist/Zionist leadership eliminated a noble man who had given his all to save Jewish men, women and children.

When the debate about the Nazis working with the Zionists would not go away, the Jewish Leadership decided that something must be done to put the issue to rest. If the gentile population found out about the dark shadow over the formation of Israel, it could undermine current and future support for the state of Israel that cannot exist without the billions of dollars it receives in aid every year from the United States.

Edwin Black, an American born Jewish writer and journalist was asked in 1978 to investigate and write a history of the events. With a team of more than 10 Jewish experts, the project took five years. The book was named, “The Transfer Agreement,” and it accurately points out a whole list of Jews in the Nazi leadership but the conclusion innocently states that the Zionists who negotiated the transfer agreement could not have anticipated the concentration camps and gas chambers. The book is very well researched but still doesn’t tell the history of the Zionist movement and the ideology of Theodor Herzl. Most importantly, it leaves out Herzl’s words that “if whole branches of Jews must be destroyed, it is worth it, as long as a Jewish state in Palestine is created.”

Edwin Black’s book is a great documentation, but it is sad that he and the Jewish Leadership are not willing to face the facts that the Zionist Leadership was the cause of the Holocaust.  It is even more sad to think that the Jewish people suffered tremendously during the Nazi regime caused by their own leadership. They were sacrificed for the cause of establishing a “kingdom” on earth, which has no place for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. (Matthew 23:13-15) Some day in the future the Jewish people will understand that their Messiah, which their ancestors rejected, was the Son of God. (Zechariah 12:10-14)

In 1964 a book by Dietrich Bronder (German Jew) was published in Germany called, “Before Hitler came.” The book tried to come to grips with why the German Jews turned on their own people and caused so much destruction of innocent people. The answer given in the book states that the driving force behind the Jewish Nazis, was the old dream to have a Messiah who could establish a world rule with the Jews in power. The same ideology as can be seen in John 6:14-15.

The most prominent Gentile and Jewish-Nazi leaders were:

  • Adolf Hitler: half Jew

  • Rudolf Hess: Reich Minister; half Jew

  • Hermann Goring: Head of German Luftwaffe

  • Gregor and Otto Strasser: brothers and leaders in Nazi party

  • Joseph Goebbels: Propaganda Minister; Jewish

  • Alfred Rosenberg: Editor of the official Nazi paper “Volkisher Beobachter;” Reich Minister for Eastern occupied territories; Jewish

  • Hans Frank: legal council of the Nazi party; Jewish

  • Heinrich Himmler: Head of Gestapo; commander of the SS; homosexual

  • Joachim von Ribbenstrop: Foreign Minister

  • Reinhard Heydrich: Security chief and Second in command of SS; later became the Governor of Bohemia and Moravia; homosexual; Jewish

  • Admiral Wilhelm Canaris: Chief of German Intelligence; Jewish

  • Abram Goldberg a.k.a. Julius Streicher: Editor of the weekly Nazi paper “Der Sturmer;” homosexual; Jewish

  • Adolf Eichman: SS Officer; prosecutor; Jewish

  • Robert Ley: Ministry of Labor; organized the slave labor camps

  • Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski: SS General

  • Odilo Globocnik: SS General

  • Helmut Schmidt: officer in Luftwaffe

Documents supporting the “exceptions” that Hitler made for German Jews serving in the Nazi party numbered around 1,200. There were 2 Field Marshall’s, 10 Generals, 14 Colonels, 30 Majors and thousands of lower ranking officers and non-commanding officers who received these exceptions.


From a rational and economical point of view, it doesn’t make sense that the Nazi leaders initiated the total destruction of German Jews and other Jews in Western Europe by their own accord. Historical records show that the German Jews were the most assimilated. Germany had established a friendly atmosphere for Jews since the mid 1850’s which caused them to prosper greatly. They owned and operated banks, factories, and businesses throughout Germany, especially exports which was the lifeblood of the economy. German Jews posed no threat to Germany; in fact, the German economy had become very dependant on them. The German Jews saw themselves as more noble than the eastern European Jews. In the 1920’s the head of the German Jewish bank in Hamburg, Paul Warburg, even advised the German Prime Minister Ebert to stop the migration of Jews from Eastern Europe.

Warburg later told a Wall Street courier that “with Jews, Hitler means the Polish Jews who polluted Germany since World War I began.”

The Nazi leadership was in their late 20’s to early 30’s who had become disillusioned with the different administrations, having lived through WWI and seen the destruction of the German economy. They had been drawn into the occult and many members of the Nazi leadership were members of the Thule Society which had connections to American and British freemasonry. The Nazi religion was a mixture of Thule Society and the Scandinavian religion of the Nordic gods and the myth of the pure Aryan race with blond hair and blue eyes.

The young German Jews were angry with the Jews in England and the United States and blamed them for starting WWI and destroying Germany. The strong Eastern European Jews who made up the Zionist movement had a fanatical dream of establishing a new Israel.

God was not the one who created the political state of Israel in 1948; it was the work of sinful men. Most of the people in the Zionist movement were atheistic, agnostic or followers of the occult Cabala or Talmud.

Moses Hess, Theodor Herzl and other Zionist leaders never mentioned that God had spoken to them to undertake this project. Instead, they were driven by communism/socialism. What they didn’t know was that the force which drove them was the Devil himself. (Revelation 13:1-2)


Why Hitler and his Jewish followers decided to destroy the Jews in Europe is a mystery that won’t be fully known until the Great White Throne Judgment. All that we know is that the Nazi’s and the Zionists entered into an unholy alliance of death and murder which caused pain on a scale that humanity had never before experienced. Theodor Herzl’s book written in 1896, “Der Judenstaat,” spelled out the destruction of some Jewish communities in order to motivate other Jews to move to Palestine.

Something is wrong in the way that history has been written since 1945. The sanitized history that Hitler and his Nazi’s were all stupid and didn’t know what they were doing doesn’t make sense! Hitler was ambitious and intelligent, he understood that killing off the German Jews and their businesses would have been a suicidal disaster for the struggling economy.

If Hitler really hated the Jews, it would have been smarter to hide his hatred and build up the military power economy first, then attack the different nations, and then afterwards, turn on the Jews. Therefore, a power much stronger than Hitler, the Zionist movement with its blue print laid out by Theodor Herzl, and forced him into the policies he made.


The Antichrist is going to rule from Jerusalem someday where he will sit in a temple which is not yet erected. God is not going to establish a temple in Jerusalem and institute sacrifices again. This goes directly against the teaching of the New Testament and is blasphemy against Jesus Christ. (Hebrews 9:11-26)

God doesn’t have a special salvation plan for Jews. There is only one way for Jews and Gentiles to be saved and that is through Jesus Christ. (John 3:1-8, John 14:6, Acts 4:8-13, Galatians 3:26-29)

Volume 8, 2008



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