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The Kaballah Series: Exposing the Hidden Secrets of the future World Government - John S. Torell


Have you ever wondered what motivates the people who make up the World Government? What religion do they embrace? This is important because religion is a foundational building block behind every political movement. It is true of Communism, Nazism and Fascism. Do you know that all three of these violent movements have the same religion? Furthermore, it is the same religion that inspired these Satanic movements which is also the religion of the people in the World Government.

In this series of booklets you will learn how the diabolical Kabbalah was started in the days of Moses, more than five thousand years ago by men who rebelled against God. This secret religion among the twelve tribes of Israel burned like a smoldering fire under the surface and it was King Solomon who fanned the fire some 900 years before Christ and made it into the refined system we see today. As we are approach the coming of the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast, it should be of utmost importance to know about the religion of this coming world dictator. This series will teach you the following:

  • What do Kabbalist's believe?

  • Who is their god?

  • What are the plans of this god?

  • How the Kabbalah already affects many aspects of your life.

The knowledge you gain about this evil religion will help you resist the Mark of the Beast and the oppression that is going to come on this earth.

The Kabbalah - Book 1: Sabbatai Sevi $9.00
The Kabbalah - Book 2: Jacob Frank $9.00
The Kabbalah - Book 3: The Rothschild Family $9.00
The Kabbalah - Book 4: The Stealth Takeover of the United States $9.00
The Kabbalah - Book 5: The Rise of the Illuminati $9.00
The Kabbalah - Book 6: The Illuminati Writers and the Revolutions $9.00
The Kabbalah - Book 7: God's Antidote to the Illuminati $9.00
The Kabbalah - Book 8: Bitter Fruit $9.00
The Kabbalah Series (8 books) Save when you buy the whole series. $64.00


A number of people have asked me why I have named this series of booklets after the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is the religion that Satan created for his final rule on this world, which the Bible calls the Great Tribulation. During this period, the Devil will rule the world through a man, which the Bible calls for the Antichrist. At his side he will have a religious leader that the Bible calls the False Prophet and he is going to be the high priest of the Kabbalistic religion that will be forced on all people living at that time. The religion of the Jewish leadership that makes up the World Government is the Kabbalah and this also holds true for the Gentiles who make up the leadership in the Illuminati, which in turn controls the Masonic Orders around the world. The extreme devotion to the Kabbalah by these men and women is the glue that Satan uses to hold his organization together through the centuries as a generation passes away and a new one takes over.


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