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The Kabbalah -- Book 8: Bitter Fruit
John S. Torell

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Most people have never heard of George Hegel and his philosophy that is embedded within the American educational system. Parents send their impressionable children to schools filled with teachers who have embraced a satanic form of thinking. The Hegelian brainwashing begins at an early age and continues into college and is even found in Christian seminaries.

There is a sinister organization that came into existence in 1832 at Yale University and this secret society has played a major part in shaping American politics and heavily influenced the educational system at the behest of the Illuminati. Skull and Bones is a small but elite organization whose stealthy members have steadily forced a depraved system upon the American people with tangible results. These vaunted Bonesmen have gone on to serve as presidents, congressmen, senators, judges, governors, captains of industry, professors, lawyers, doctors, bankers, journalists, authors, mathematicians, and even clergy.

Bonesman took control of public education in 1850’s by infiltrating the top universities, which in turn provided them with the leverage to shape the budding medical and pharmaceutical fields, and the content of the textbooks used by the public school system. This book identifies the men who are responsible for perverting the souls of young people with an ungodly philosophy. Most of these men are dead now, but their worldview was malignant, evidenced by the fact that they were sworn enemies of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is time to open your eyes to a diabolical world that is entrenched deeply in our educational system and what we can do to effect change for the following generations.


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