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Christian Dynamics Course 2
John S. Torell

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This book deals with the following topics:

  • What is prayer?

  • Prayer and fasting

  • The dangers facing a prayer warrior

  • Obedience to God

    • Tithing

    • Church membership

    • Backsliding

    • Sex outside of marriage

    • Pornography

    • Homosexuality

    • Masturbation

    • Marriage

    • Sex within marriage

    • Birth control

    • Abortion

    • Child rearing and family life

    • Marriage between Christians and Non-Christians

    • Divorce

  • The power of the spoken word

  • Counseling

    • Salvation

    • Rededication

    • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

    • Sickness

    • Demon possession

    • Demon oppression

    • Other problems

  • Instruction to Christian counselors

An audio companion guide is also available:

Christian Dynamics Course 2

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