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Strong Delusion
Gordon Ginn

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The greatest need that mankind has in our time is the need for truth.  Not truth that is directed toward individuals to expose their personal weaknesses, but rather teleological truth in order to set us straight in our beliefs about God's character, His purposes, and His predictions regarding this world.  Truth of that kind has suffered through the ages, but it is especially the victim of modern "enlightenment".  Evidence of this can be found every time someone asks, "But what IS truth?"  Pilate asked this question just before acquiescing to the Jewish leaders who condemned Jesus.  If one has to ask it, then one has already fallen prey to the great Hoodwinker of the ages, the devil himself, disguised in various clothing such as humanistic psychology, humanistic sociology, bad science, cultural fads, and in the persons of historical charlatans. Who stands to benefit from this confusion?

Strong Delusion is an attempt to bring some understanding to the reader of those political, economic, social and religious forces which are playing a major part in shaping history and fulfilling Biblical prophecy, and to show the continuity of those forces from ancient times to the present.  If this evidence is correct it should be seen by a maximum number of people.  I hope that all who read this will not only profit from the experience but will endeavor to reach others for the same results.

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