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The Kabbalah -- Book 7: God's Antidote to the Illuminati
John S. Torell

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God was working while the Illuminati writers like Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Mikhal Bakunin and Moses Hess were spewing out their satanic toxin in Europe. There was a battle taking place between satanic spirits and the Holy Spirit for the souls of men and women. The revolutions fomented by the Illuminati in 1848 were bloody years and tens of thousands of young people died as a result. The fierce competition for the souls of mankind will not come to an end until Jesus returns in power and casts the Devil and his fallen angels into the Lake of Fire.

Despite the chaos, there were thousands of men and women who gave their lives to Christ in England and the United States during the 19th century. God raised up hundreds of strong young men and women to storm the gates of hell. George Müller, George Williams, William Booth and Hudson Taylor were four outstanding Christian leaders who inspired millions to receive Christ through their lives, preaching and writing. Thousands of men and women responded to God’s call to go out into the world and became pastors, evangelists or missionaries and the fire from the day of Pentecost continued to spread, much to the chagrin of the Illuminati.

The modern church needs to re-examine the success of its past or become irrelevant and fade into obscurity. Müller, Williams, Booth and Taylor were firebrands for the Gospel and encountered resistance but they operated in the power of the Holy Spirit and that was the deciding factor in the victories they won. God is continuing to call men and women who are willing to blaze a trail for the next generation. Will you answer that call?


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