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The Kabbalah -- Book 5: The Rise of the Illuminati
John S. Torell

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Does the mythical Illuminati exist, and if so, what are the intentions of this secretive group?

Most people interested in prophecy and the Mark of the Beast will invariably come across a mysterious organization called the Illuminati. A great deal has been written about this secretive group but how much of it is truth? Who was Adam Weishaupt and why did he create the Illuminati? To answer that question we must examine his political viewpoints that were formulated upon writings of Plato, Jacob Frank and the Kabbalah. Utilizing this information along with historical facts that have been preserved in various libraries of France, England and the United States will present a picture of his mindset and intentions toward humanity.

While the Illuminati fomented revolution in France that resulted in widespread death and destruction, God simultaneously worked upon John Wesley, George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards, who became lightning rods for a revival that would touch the entire world. Weishaupt had similar plans for revolution in England and the American colonies, but these three men were instrumental in thwarting this effort and you will be inspired to learn about God’s intervention in human affairs.


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