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Volume 12, 2009

European American Evangelistic Crusades


The Flaming Sword
Contending For The Faith Ė Jude 3



The Corner - Itís been a couple hectic months in the ministry and that is why you havenít received a newsletter lately. Please uphold us in prayer, we value it greatly.
The Obama Election Charade - The Bible tells us that in the end times before Jesus comes back; there will be a world leader sent by Satan, who will take control of the entire earth. His control will not only come from a strong military force but also by having total control of the global economy so that no one can buy or sell without being registered with his system. The Bible also tells us that this Antichrist, also known as the Son of Perdition, will be of Jewish descent and a homosexual. We also know that this world dictator will be tied to the nation of Israel and that he will rule from the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.
The Joy of the Lord - This is a meditation the Holy Spirit gave to me when we were singing the song, ďThe Joy of the Lord is My Strength.Ē The word came to me that we are to guard our joy, because if we donít have the joy of the Lord, we donít have the strength.
Fallen Idols - The inescapable truth is that American people love the lie, if that were not the case they would not follow the lies of their political leaders with such assiduous relish. They applaud the deceitfulness of their political gods and rest upon the promises of these their heathen select. They abhor the truth and adulate the lie. It is the American way; it is the devilís way.
An Urgent Message - I am compelled by the Holy Spirit to send out an urgent message to all on our mailing list, and to friends and to bishops we have met all over the world. An earth-shattering calamity is about to happen. It is going to be so frightening, we are all going to tremble - even the godliest among us.
Prayer Saves Time - If something in your life is falling apart, is prayer the first thing you do or the last? If prayer comes last so will the solution to your problem.
If I Were The Devil - Paul Harvey speculates about what he would do if he were evil.
Truth and the Pursuit of... - The pursuit of truth is our greatest challenge in every day life. In these last days we have witnessed a wholesale abandonment of truth. In any cultural war, truth is the first casualty and today we are told everything is relative. Scripture repeatedly portrays a rise in lies and deceit to be characteristic of the last days.
Liberty as it Pertains to "Authority" - This country was established as a constitutional republic and its laws were and are based on that Supreme Being of Authority, Jesus Christ. Those placed in authority must of necessity hold to the internal controls placed within by a righteous and Holy God from where all authority rests. However, a man placed in a position of authority oftentimes rejects the laws of a righteous God and enacts his own unrighteous rules and regulations to break away from the restraints of a righteous God.

Pen-Pal Wanted - Do you have a passion for pen-paling (e-paling)?

Resurrection Life of Jesus Church
If you are seeking answers, have a need, or if you are in the midst of a trial or circumstance of any kind that seems to have no answers, we want to assure you that Jesus is the answer. God will touch you; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Even though you might not live locally, you can still join us every Sunday morning and watch the service at Resurrection Life of Jesus Church via the internet. Come and join us as we praise the Lord through music and testimonies, pray for one another and hear a message from Godís throne room.

Webcast Archives
If youíre not able to watch the webcast, you can catch the recorded music, testimonies, prayer and sermon from the webcast archives. If you donít have a computer, we can also offer it on DVD, which means you can receive the whole service on DVD and join us from your home. Please contact us for more details.

Bible Study
We recently started a Thursday night bible study on ďDiscovering the Gifts from the Holy Spirit.Ē In these times it is important to not be handicapped but operate in the power of the Holy Spirit. Please join us for a time of learning as we dive into the Bible. We are not webcasting these bible studies but they are being recorded and will be posted on the website.

Salt Your Way To Health - Dr. David Brownstein
This book will show you why salt is the most misunderstood nutrient and how adding the right kind of salt to your diet can help:

  • Fatigue
  • Adrenal Disorders
  • Immune System Function
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Headaches
  • Cholesterol Levels
  • Blood Pressure

For years, we have heard the following: A low-salt diet is healthy. There is no difference between table salt and sea salt. Low-salt products are better for you. These are the myths of salt. Dr. Brownstein will present the research on salt that will change the way you look at this vital substance. Continue reading

Teaching Series on the Prophet Daniel - Sermon Outline Booklet
You may have heard Pastor John mention this booklet in a recent sermon (RLJ-1176) as he addressed the historical facts and cultural settings, but most of all, the message from God. Daniel was chosen by God to lead the people of Israel at a time of crisis when the nation was in upheaval, a large number of the people had been forced into captivity in a foreign land and sin was rampant.

Even though Daniel was only a young boy, his first stand for God was taken at the young age of 14. God responded to this young prince and gave him supernatural understanding and wisdom, so that when he stood before different kings, he was not intimidated, but radiated the power of God and impressed some of the most powerful men on the earth at the time.

God also saw fit to show Daniel visions of the future and what would happen in the end times. This series is an exciting look into the life of a young boy and his progress through life with its various challenges. This booklet contains all 16 sermon outlines from the series.

The Legacy of William Carey - Vishal & Ruth Mangalwadi
He was an industrialist. An economist. A medical humanitarian. A media pioneer. An educator. A moral reformer. A botanist. And a Christian missionary. And he did more for the transformation of the Indian subcontinent in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries than any other individual before or since.

Many know of William Carey. Some know about the specifics of his work and ministry. But few understand the profound contemporary significance of his life. Few realize how much we owe the increasing globalization of Christianity to the silent revolution he initiated. Fewer still are aware of his legacy of sensitivity to the variety of issues confronting true gospel witness in any culture. Continue reading

Another Jesus? - Roger Oakland
Pope John Paul II has called for a new evangelization focused on the Eucharistic Christ. According to Roman Catholic teaching, the Eucharist is the central component of the Mass and the source and summit of Christianity. It is believed that when a priest consecrates the Communion bread, the wafer is no longer bread, but the actual body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ. Rome teaches that Jesus is literally and bodily present wherever a consecrated Host is found. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of Catholic churches claim that Jesus is present in their eucharistic tabernacle or monstrance. Continue reading

Showdown in Jerusalem Digest - Gert Timmerman w/ John S. Torell
Beginning in the 1990ís and up through 2004, John S. Torell wrote a number of articles published in The Dove magazine that brought out a lot of information on Judaism, the birth of the Zionist movement and its historical steps that had been suppressed by the media and ignored by the Christian leadership in colleges and seminaries. This digest leads the reader through the Cabala, the declaration of Sabbetai Sevi as the Jewish Messiah in 1666, the crypto Jews who today hold political offices in all nations; it also deals with the creation of communism, socialism and fascism; the Russian revolution, World War I and II and the formation of the current political state of Israel.

If Christian Zionists would only take the time to study this truth, there would be no Christian support for the State of Israel and the goal of the Zionist World Federation to some day present the world with a Jewish Messiah which the Bible calls the Antichrist.

You can read it online for free. We are also making it available in booklet form because many of you also love the truth and wish to see people set free. Verbal communication dims with time but written words are forever. Get a few copies and give them to your friends.

Faith Undone - Roger Oakland
Is the emerging church movement just another passing fad, a more contemporary approach to church, or a bunch of disillusioned young people looking for answers? In fact, it is actually much broader and is influencing Christianity to a significant degree.

Grounded in a centuries-old mystical approach, this movement is powerful, yet highly deceptive, and it draws its energy from practices and experiences that are foreign to traditional evangelical Christianity. The path that the emerging church is taking is leading right into the arms of Roman Catholicism and ultimately to an interfaith perspective that has prophetically profound ramifications. Continue reading



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