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Jesus created a huge rift in the Jewish religious system with the launch of His Messianic ministry and temple and synagogue system suddenly became obsolete. It was difficult for the Israelites to embrace a Messiah who had been rejected by the high priest and the rest of the leadership. The apostle Paul was determined to make sure the Israelites knew Jesus is the high priest of a new and eternal priesthood that replaced the Levitical priesthood when God the Father reconciled mankind to Himself by having His Son crucified. Jesus endured the cross, despised the shame and is now set down at the right hand of God the Father.

Christians can now boldly enter the Godís presence and communicate without fear since Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. This gives us great security because the process of salvation is solely His work. At the same it is necessary to be vigilant about false doctrine and remember that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. The First Covenant has been replaced with the Second Covenant and Paul knew it would take faith for the Israelites to embrace this truth and discontinue priestly services. That is the purpose of his letter, to effectively destroy any attempt to lure a Christian into apostasy and to declare the supremacy of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

Part 1: Jesus is the Creator
Part 2: Jesus and the Angels
Part 3: Take Heed!
Part 4: Working with the Lord
Part 5: A Strong Warning Against Unbelief
Part 6: Entering Godís Rest
Part 7: The Four Covenants of God
Part 8: Eternal Security in Christ
Part 9: A Strong Foundation
Part 10: The End of the Levitical Priesthood
Part 11: The New Covenant
Part 12: The Secret Religion of the Antichrist
Part 13: The Tabernacle and the Temple
Part 14: Coming Boldly to the Throne
Part 15: Sinning Willfully
Part 16: Are You Ready For Persecution?
Part 17: The Definition of Faith
Part 18: Obedience Leads to Faith
Part 19: The Testing of Abraham
Part 20: The Eternal Goal
Part 21: The Life of Isaac
Part 22: Hated by God
Part 23: Running from Slavery
Part 24: Wrestling with God
Part 25: Josephís Struggle
Part 26A: The Founder of Israel
Part 26B: The Founder of Israel
Part 27: Godís Call on King David
Part 28: David the Psalm Writer
Part 29: Faith and Love
Part 30: The Living and the Dead
Part 31: Donít Give Up!
Part 32: Bitterness is Deadly
Part 33: The Final Chapter


This series has been broken down into two volumes for your convenience.

  Compact Disc DVD MP3 CD
Volume 1
(12 Messages)
Volume 2
(11 Messages)
Volume 3
(11 Messages)


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