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The Berean's heard Paul and Silas preaching in the synagogue, and they were commended for listening and searching the scripture as to whether or not the things that they had heard were true. (Acts 17:10-11) With that in mind, there are many things that Christian's do that don't always line up with the Bible. It is the responsibility of every Christian to see if what they are doing is glorifying to God, so if a Christian who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, they will either quit being mistaken or cease to be honest!

Christians can react with hostility to information that contradicts what they know to be true. It is our hope that you would re-examine your assumptions of truth through the clear lens of a sincere Biblical analysis. One of the most wonderful aspects of the Good News is the fact that God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (Galatians 6:7) The truth is, the Strong Delusion the LORD promised he would bring is closely related to the lies that have been told – and God warned them that “I will choose their delusion” (Isaiah 66:4), “…because they received not the love of the truth…” 2 Thessalonians 2:10

  • Alcohol, is it good or bad? - Should today's Christian drink alcohol? What does the Bible say about it?

  • Sipping Saints (external link)  - An outcry by David Wilkerson against the alarming spread of drinking among Christians.


There are many people in the last 150 years who have been brainwashed into believing that anyone who is critical of Israel or the Jewish people is an anti-Semite. This is what the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and other attack groups would have you believe. Webster’s dictionary defines anti-Semitism as “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group.” According to that definition, you will find in reading the Old Testament that God also is anti-Semitic, but we know that is not the case. Any material this ministry has published that is critical of Israel or the Jews always uses the Bible as the source of truth. We don’t hate the Jews but Christians have been taught a double standard that means separate rights and a two-tier salvation plan. This is unscriptural and heretical. Any Christian holding to such a belief needs to re-examine their assumptions of truth through the clear lens of a sincere Biblical analysis.


  • Chrislam - Very few Christians have heard of Chrislam and don't know that it began in the city of Lagos, the biggest city and sea port in Nigeria, with a population of more than seven million. The author of this unholy union of Islam and Christianity was a man by the name of Tela Tella, who started his religion in the 1980’s. Like so many other false religions, Tella claims that an angel of God told him to create this mixed religion that would bring peace between Muslims and Christians.

  • Is the dove pagan? - Why you use the symbol of the mother goddess Isis for your magazine?

  • Which day is the Sabbath? - To the Jews, the day we now know as Saturday is the Sabbath for them, and for most Christians, Sunday is the Sabbath day; but what day is truly the Sabbath?

  • The Passover Week - Using the Bible as a timeline, we can know exactly what transpired during the Passover Week leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection.

  • The Passover Week and the Two Sabbaths - An examination of the Jewish calendar that proves Jesus was crucified on a Wednesday, not on a Friday as most would suppose.

  •  The Purpose of God's Law - This short article describes why all humanity needs Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

  • Slandering Fellow Believers? - One reader writes that we are guilty of slander, read our response.

  • What gives you the right to judge people? - Isn't it a sin to judge people? This is a question asked by many people who read our articles and wonder why we seem so judgmental and intolerant. This article is a must read for all people who think you cannot be a Christian and judge people!

  • Once Saved... Always Saved? Can a born-again Christian ever lose their salvation? Can someone who has truly been saved ever be lost? What does the Bible say?

  • Jesus Who? - Do you know the one true Jesus or another Jesus which is the invention of men and demons?

  • Five Fundamentals of the Faith - Five basic fundamentals which are essential for Christianity.

  • Is Homosexuality A Sin? - Read the sermon transcript of Swedish pastor Åke Green that was deemed hate speech and resulted in a 30 day prison sentence.

  • The Old Testament - How was the Old Testament divided, what exactly was the Law, the Writings, and the Prophets?  How does the Old Testament apply to me as a Christian today?

  • Isn't "Easter" in Acts 12:4 a mistranslation? - Why does it only appear once in the King James Bible? Does the Bible mistranslate the word "Easter" in Acts 12:4?

  • What took place in the Passover Week leading up to Jesus' death.

  • What were the days of Noah like compared to what we see today? - What does the Bible mean when it says, "as the days of Noah?" What exactly went on back then?

  • Video Games & Fantasy - The capabilities of the video game consoles and computer hardware increases every year and this allows more and more realistic environments to be created on the screen. With the creation of home computers, gaming has moved from a family environment in the living room to an individual fantasy experience in a private room. Video games can creates tracks in our mind, cause people to avoid responsibility, give the illusion of false comfort, causes addiction, opens the door to seducing spirits, blocks intimacy and creates selfishness.


  • Questions about Islam - The adherents to Islam would have you believe it is a peaceful religion but that is far from the truth. There is a war taking place on earth and in the heavens. The purpose of this reference library notebook is to provide protection and understanding for you and your family.


  • Stem Cell Research - What do you know about cloning, stem cell research and gene splicing? Is there anything morally or ethically wrong with it?

  • Are We to Get Married? - Aside from being born again, this is a major step in your life and the decision you make with have lasting consequences.

  • Saved! One of the most hateful and blatant attacks on Bible Believing Christians is the new movie titled Saved!. This is beyond belief!

  • The Beast - There is an upcoming movie whose plot consists of trying to "prove" that the Lord Jesus never even existed, while at the same time paint Christians as crazed lunatics.

  • Is Music Neutral? Supporters of Christian Rock claim that music is neutral – that tones, rhythms, and notes are neutral. But what are the facts? What does science, medicine, physiology and God say about the neutrality of music? Is rock music inherently evil? Read the facts.

  • Religious Rock The music of devils in the Church!

  • Music From Hell! A letter from Peter Peters and Vasilij Ryzhuk, Unregistered Union of Churches, Moscow, Russia.

  • What about the rock band P.O.D.? - Here is a detailed, documented, extensive, four-part analysis of P.O.D. and their music. It is an absolute must reading for Christian fans of P.O.D.!

  • Ozzy Osbourne - One of today's hottest celebrities is Ozzy Osbourne. MTV's reality program on The Osbournes is currently the most watched cable program on TV. Even the President of the United States has recently honored Ozzy. But there's more to Ozzy Osbourne than most people know. Here is "the rest of the story".


Too many Christians are enthusiastically celebrating pagan holidays, thinking they are Christian. Once you understand how very pagan America and the rest of the Western world has become, you can see how God's judgment cannot be far behind. Our holidays have been copied from paganism and simply given Christian names. You will be shocked to realize how very pagan our annual celebrations are and how most of the symbols used in our holidays originated within paganism.

  • Halloween: A Covenant with Death and Hell - Halloween comes from ancient Baal rituals that practiced human sacrifices of children! In this well documented article, we unearth the hellish tomb of Halloween to exhume its sinister "covenant with death and hell."

  • What's wrong with Halloween? - Is it wrong to dress up in a costume and celebrate it? It's just harmless fun, right?

  • What does the Bible have to say about Easter - From where then does Easter observance come?  Did the apostles ever observe Easter?  Did the early Christians dye Easter eggs or go to the bakery and buy hot cross buns?  Did Peter or Paul ever conduct an Easter sunrise service?  Where did all of these customs come from?

  • The Truth about Christmas - Was Christ ever in Christmas? Why do we celebrate Christmas?

  • Santa Claus: The Great Imposter - What does Santa Claus have to do with Jesus Christ? Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus fits in the Bible? Where did he come from?

  • Is Family Radio Going Down? -

  • Can Harold Camping Go Any Lower? - Harold Camping is preying upon children and leading them to believe a lie which will destroy their faith in God when May 22nd rolls around.

  • Harold Camping is Dishonest! - Would you still ask for money if you were Harold Camping and believed that Jesus was coming back in less than ten days? This is exactly what Family Radio is doing; they have you believe that there ongoing bills that must be paid or perhaps it's because they don't really believe that Jesus is coming back either and need the money to continue functioning after May 21, 2011.

  • Harold Camping: Going Down in Flames - It is now thirty days until Camping is proven to be a false prophet again. The propaganda is steadily increasing as he is down to the last 30 days and there is no way that he can recover on May 22nd with integrity, but you can rest assured that he will come back with that droning voice that there was a change in heaven and he has been given more time to get more people saved. A new date will be set and many of the devotees will fall for yet another lie.

  • Harold Camping: The Contingency Plan - Time is progressing and news is leaking out from the staff of Family Radio that Harold Camping is aware that May 21, 2011 might not be judgment day after all. Consequently, he has already prepared a defense to explain to the radio listeners that he was not wrong, but that God has heard all the prayers and seen the repentance of people, and in His mercy has postponed the judgment.

  • Harold Camping: An Unrepentant False Prophet - Camping continues down the road to doom and gloom by claiming that Jesus is coming back on May 21, 2011.

  • Harold Camping: A Man With No Shame - You have heard the outrageous claims of Mohammad, Joseph Smith and other false prophets; they are dead but Harold Camping is alive and just as bad. There are millions of Christians who have been taken in by his lies and lead astray. The only way to stop this madman is expose his lies. Take the time to educate yourself so you don’t get sucked into the deception.

  • An Open Letter to Tiger Woods - Why would I write a letter to Tiger Woods? I don’t play golf nor do I follow the sport but I felt sorry for a man that has damaged his life over sleazy sex and possibly destroyed his marriage. As Christians living in the United States, it is important to realize how the unsaved people think and live and their rejection of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Young men and women are cheating on their spouses, destroying their families and causing their children grief by divorce. God has the answer to all these broken people but they will never find out that God loves them and Jesus is ready to save them if we don’t tell them.

  • Is Ted Pike Anti-Semitic? - It was with great sadness that I read a letter from Ted Pike in which he tells about a boycott he is receiving from the mainstream Christian leadership because the word has been put out that he is anti-Semitic. Why are these Christian leaders acting in such a fashion against a fellow soldier of the Lord?

  • Dutch Sheets' Response to the Recent Presidential Election - Was what happened Tuesday God’s will? I am quite confident it was not. America was offered a very clear choice between moving further toward protecting the unborn or further away; between a Supreme Court that would move toward honoring God, life and morality or away from it. The stakes couldn’t have been higher nor the cost greater. As a nation we put on blinders concerning Barack Obama’s background, associations, beliefs and practices, and set these causes back years, possibly decades. And in doing so we took another step away from God and His plans for America, and another step toward judgment.

  • Why I Can't Vote for Obama - A few months ago I was asked for my perspective on Obama, I sent out an email with a few points. With the election just around the corner I decided to complete my perspective.

  • Why did George Bush really win the presidential election? - An interesting article by Tom Watchorn

  • Ed Smith & A Biblical Evaluation of the Theophostic Ministry - Ed believes that "all of us are emotionally wounded and need our hearts and minds healed by Jesus." Jesus is supposed to speak directly to the hearts and minds of wounded people, exposing the specific lies that bind them. When this occurs, recovery is immediate, not gradual, and permanent — that is, recovery is "genuine" as opposed to progressive.

  • Isaiah Oendo - A report on our former African mission and a public declaration of our withdrawal from the mission field in Kenya.

  • Isaiah & Rose Oendo - The fraud continues in Kenya.

  • Isaiah & Rose Oendo Repent - How should the Christian community respond when a Christian has committed a sin, is found out, and later repents and asks for forgiveness? Isaiah and Rose Oendo have repented and for this we praise the Lord. We are publishing their repentance so that everyone can see that they are now forgiven.

  • Joel Osteen: True or False? Joel's appearance on Larry King on June 20, 2005 raised many questions about Joel Osteen. Read the facts and you decide: True or False?

  • Rick Warren Speaks - Roman Catholicism, the Essentials of the Faith, Peter Drucker, and Global Peace.

  • Gene Robinson: Homesexual Pervert takes the Office of a Bishop

  • Harold Camping: Camping's False Doctrine

  • Carl Sanders: The Investigation   Update #1  2009 Update  We have had numerous inquiries about Carl Sanders over the years and these are our findings on him.

  • Fritz Springmeier: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing   Update

  • The Real Truth about Evangelist A.A. Allen - An apology by Pastor John S. Torell

  • Todd Bentley - This evangelist has been holding revival meetings in Lakeland, Florida that have become known as the Florida Healing Outpouring. He is now the talk of the Christian media and people from all over the world are flocking to Lakeland to receive the anointing.

  • Spirits of Arrested Development - Casting out demons and setting God’s people free from demonic bondage is part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Recently I came across an article dealing with a specific type of demon called, “Arrested Development.” When we started to attack this demon, some people who obviously had this problem began getting results.

  • Spiritual Intoxication by Sin

  • Pastor Henry Wright's Visit and the Arrested Development Spirit

  • Arrested Development Spirits - Personal testimony of John S. Torell concerning demonic oppression, salvation and the deliverance process in his life.

  • My Experience with Arrested Development - If someone had asked me a few years ago about “Arrested Development,” I wouldn’t have been able to tell you anything about it, let alone if it affected me. Nevertheless, when I became aware of it, I was certain that I didn’t suffer from Arrested Development, but I was incorrect and living in denial.


The tattoo epidemic is not only sweeping over the unsaved people in the world but is also making great inroads into the Church of Jesus Christ. Tattoos represent two things, rebellion against God, and conformity to the masses in the world. God has clearly stated in his Word that men and women are not to mutilate the skin of their bodies (Leviticus 19:28). Demon oppressed Christians try to eliminate verse 28 by incorrectly quoting the previous verse which says you are not supposed to trim your hair or beard. Verse 27 correctly applied refers to men and women adorning themselves for occult rituals, this is not the same as someone merely getting a haircut or shaving off his beard. Tattoos and body piercing are now preparing people for the mark of the Beast (Revelation 13:16-18, 14:9-12).

  • Tattoos & God's Forgiveness - Can you be tattooed and still be a Christian? Is your salvation at risk? Does God forgive all tattoos? These questions and more are answered in this article.

  • Tattoos and the Bible's Authority - This article stems from an email which we received on the subject of the Tattoos and the Bible’s authority. It is especially relevant since the views expressed by this person are representative of the many young people in the world today and how they view tattoos in the light of Scripture.

  • To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo - A Christian Response to the Tattoo. An examination of the tattoo in the light of the Word of God and history. Documented information clearly revealing the satanic origin and serious danger of the tattoo.


When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth,
he will either quit being mistaken or cease to be honest!




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