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According to the World Book Encyclopedia, Halloween means "a holy evening" because it takes place the day before "All Saints' Day."

Many superstitions and symbols are connected with Halloween. Long before the advent of Christianity In Europe, the belief in witches, sorcerers and magic was widespread. A worship of fertility was the main object of these early religious and mystical practices.

From about 1500 B.C., the much feared Druids were in power In Western Europe. This was a sect of priests, both male and female. Their cruelty and barbarity in the kind of magic they practiced far outweighed their scholarship. People were used as sacrifices and were flogged, tortured, and sexually molested before they were killed by having their hearts torn out while they were still alive. Their sexual organs were cut off and conserved to be used in black masses. Sometimes they were skinned, and the skin was used in different rites.

The Druids taught that on Halloween ghosts, spirits, fairies, witches and elves came out to harm people. From this terrible satanic religion comes the use of witches, ghosts, and cats In today's celebration of Halloween.

The Druids had an autumn festival called "Samhain," which marked the end of summer. It was a fertility festival thanking the spirits (demons) for the crops of that year. During the night, black masses were conducted. The custom of using leaves, pumpkins, and cornstalks as Halloween decorations comes from this Druid festival.

In 700 A.D. The Roman Catholic Church made November 1, "All Saints' Day" and the old pagan customs and the Christian feast day were combined into the Halloween festival because the people refused to leave the old customs.


A 16 year old qirl was taken to a Sacramento Hospital in 1988 where she was treated for severe mental disturbance. She formerly was able to paint beautiful oil paintings of nature and animals, but now all she could paint were hideous winged demons that drank blood from chalices and wore earrings of upside down crucifixes (the sign of the Antichrist). This Information was released by her mother to the Roseville Tribune In order to warn other parents and children as to what can happen to a child (or adult) who plays with the occult. This girl had undergone treatment In the hospital for almost one year, yet there was no sign of recovery.

As a freshman, the girl was an honor student at Placer High School In Auburn and did not seem to have any friends who were Into the occult. Her mother discovered the dark side In her daughter's character one night when, for no reason, she pulled out a knife and said that she was going to kill her mother.

In the discussion that followed, the daughter admitted to the regular taking of drugs, but none by Injection. The girl developed a taste for funeral type music. As the girl's mind began to further deteriorate, she would spit at her mother, hiss, roll her eyes and chant In Latin. Upon searching her room, the mother found the Satanic bible, ritualistic black candles, bells, a ouija board, and drug paraphernalia under the daughter's bed.

The girl boasted of weird, perverted sex acts with members of the coven. They needed the energy flow to meet the "Master," but she wouldn't say who they were or where they met. The mother also said that recently her six year old daughter had told her that the older daughter had used knives to sacrifice cats and dogs on the kitchen floor. (The mother is a single parent and works outside the home). The older girl had also confided to a relative that she would consider sacrificing a small child as part of a Satanic ritual – even her own sister, "because she has no personality; she is not old enough."

The older girl began reading at the age of 2 and started by reading her mother's Steven King books. She also once told her mother that there are only three ways out of devil worship; suicide, being killed by another devil worshiper or becoming insane.

It Is so sad that the mother of this mentally sick girl does not know Jesus and His Power to set someone free from demon possession, which is what has happened to this very unhappy 16 year old girl. The tragedy is that she is not alone. Every Halloween thousands of young children are introduced to the occult by their parents, church, school and others.

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Dozen may be linked to gay cult, ritual murder near Bay

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – More than a dozen people may be linked to a homosexual satanic cult believed responsible for the mutilation murder of a transient, police said Tuesday.

"We've been told all along that this is not just a couple of people," said homicide Inspector Earl Sanders. "We have a lot of names. We've got more than a dozen names."

The Investigation resulted In the arrest of 45-year-old Clifford St. Joseph, who was booked two weeks ago for investigation of murder, sodomy and false Imprisonment In connection with the slaying.

The nude body of the unidentified man was found on June 15, 1985, stuffed under a truck parked downtown. Sanders said the man was bled to death and that he was butchered In ritualistic fashion In a devil-worship ceremony. Sanders said a pentagram, a prop used In black masses, was carved In the chest of the victim, who was probably a homeless drifter. The Investigation Is continuing, but Sanders said the information received from witnesses points to an "association of Individuals" who are tied to a satanic cult.

"We know it's satanic, and most of the people we've run into are gay males," he said. "We have run Into some people who are of substantial means."

Sanders declined to Identify other suspects or elaborate on the probe. He said the department has received telephone calls from the public In connection with the case. Other killings that may be connected to the case are being checked, he said.
- The Sacramento Union, July 8, 1987


More and more children are becoming demon oppressed, and the youth are leaving the churches by the thousands, turning to drugs, rock music and the occult. The Rock music is now totally in the hands of Satan worshippers who are openly offering Satan to the youth. Back masking on records is now a fact.

Freemasons are luring our young men into the occult.  Occult schools, like the Waldorf Schools, are flourishing, and the list can go on. Where does it start? It starts when the parents are lax and allow their children to partake of the sins and idol worship of the world and think nothing of it.


Therefore if any man be In Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new (II Corinthians 5:17)

When a person accepts Jesus Christ as his or her Lord and Savior, he has become a new creature. That means that the old life is passed away with all its sinful customs.


But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that you should have fellowship with devils. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils, you cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and the table of devils. Do we provoke the Lord to jealousy? Are we stronger than he? I Corinthians 10:20-22

Christians and Christian churches who celebrate and participate in the Halloween festival are flirting with demons and opening themselves to satanic oppression and the WRATH OF GOD. Any church which allows Halloween to be celebrated in church is selling out to the Devil and opening itself up for demonic destruction.

You shall have no other gods before me (Exodus 20:3)


Demons do exist! They are constantly looking for people opening themselves to Satan. To learn more about this subject and how to overcome it by the blood of Christ, order our catalog today, which is free.


On Friday the 13th 1984, Henry Lee Lucus was convicted by a court in Georgetown, Texas for a Halloween murder. Lucas openly boasted to the authorities, that he had murdered some 360 people and that he belonged to a nationwide organization called "The Hands of Death".

In July 1984 Richard Kasso hanged himself in a jail cell in Riverhead, N.Y. He had been arrested that day for a ritual murder of a teenager, by gouging out the eyes and then stabbing him to death. Kasso belonged to a Satanic group called "Knights of the Black Circle."

Firefighters summoned to a blaze at an occult shop in Hollywood during the month of July, 1984 discovered six human babies who had been preserved and two human skeletons, which had been used in Satanic worship.

On September 3, 1985 Ricardo Ramirez was arrested in Los Angeles on murder charges of some 15 people. The police investigation has confirmed that Ramirez was a Satan worshiper, and that his murder victims had not only been raped, but murdered according to ritual proceedings. Pentagrams and other satanic symbols had been left behind at the murder scenes. Ramirez was also heavy into rock music and his favorite group was AC/DC, a group known for being satanic, and singing lyrics about rape and murder.



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