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February 2002 Newsletter

John S. Torell

In this letter I want to deal with a number of issues: the murder of two Americans who became liabilities for the World Government, the release of a new "Bastard Bible," the cover up of priest pedophiles in the Roman Catholic Church, the failure to find Osama bin Laden and the homosexual agenda in the United States.

In order for my readers to have a mental picture of what is happening in the world, I want to paint this picture for you. In the kingdom of Satan, there is a spiritual government, which in turn controls Satan’s human government, which is known as the World Government. Let us now begin to look at the spiritual government.

Satan (Lucifer, the Old Serpent, the Devil) is the dictatorial ruler of this government, and Jesus called him "The Prince of this World." (John 14:30) The cruelty of his leadership can be seen in Isaiah 14:12-20 and Ezekiel 28:11-19.

Since the Devil is a created being, a fallen angel, he can only be in one place at one time, and he can only know and see what is around him. Thus, he is relying upon a vast network of fallen angels and evil spirits, who have taken up positions in all parts of the world. He has assembled around himself a group of high ranking fallen angels, who make up his cabinet, and under them are principalities and rulers. (Ephesians 6:12) Satan and his fallen angels do not have the capacity to occupy the surface of the earth, but can only rule in the air over the nations. (Ephesians 2:2) Since the Devil is copying what God has done and is doing, he has built huge cities, which are hung in the air over the cities of mankind (in the spirit dimension). The new Jerusalem that God is building which will hang in the air some day in the future is a colossal structure, as described in the book of Revelation 21:1-2, 9-27 (1,333 cubic miles is what the city will be).

The Bible tells us in the book of Revelation that around A.D. 90 the government seat of Satan was located over the city of Pergamos (Revelation 2:12-13) It is interesting to know that the main altar of Pergamos was removed some 120 years ago and set up in Berlin, Germany. When Nazi Germany collapsed in 1945, a special Soviet Army unit removed the altar and it was taken to Moscow, where it still is. It is also very interesting to know, that the mausoleum built for Lenin’s body in the Red Square in Moscow is a large replica of the altar of Pergamos. We do know that one day in the future, Satan will set up his seat over the city of Jerusalem (II Thessalonians 2:1-6). 1

Satan has built an organization that covers the whole world. Over each nation is a demonic prince (Archon), as described in Daniel 10:13-20. Under this demon prince are other demonic rulers who are in charge of regions, cities, villages, down to the smallest hamlet. These demonic rulers have under them millions of demons who are able to cover every inch of the ground as they hover over the surface of the earth. Every aspect of human development are covered by these demonic forces, from national governments, state governments, county governments, city governments, businesses, educational institutions, hospitals, sports clubs, military units, etc. There is no activity on this earth that has not been targeted by demonic beings. A primary target from the demonic world are all Christian churches, not to mention all the false religious groups that Satan has set up to deceive people.

Then there are billions upon billions of evil spirits (the lowest ranking beings in the demonic world), who are placed in the bodies of people in order to control individual human beings. Now you will understand why so much of the ministry of Jesus was spent in casting out evil spirits - Matthew 10:1; Luke 9:1-2; 10:1-9, 17-22.

The communication system in the demonic world is far more advanced than what we humans have today (2002). There is no doubt in my mind that Satan has a computer system so large and so advanced, that through it he can keep track of every human being on this earth. The evil spirits in a human being always have a supervisor who is in constant contact via computer with his superior, who in turn is in contact with his superior all the way up the chain of command to the Devil himself. What the Devil and his followers fear the most are believers in Christ who are on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ. Thus every effort to build up a revival network, doing mission work, organizing prayer meetings, etc. is met with fierce resistance from the demonic world.

However, when believers in Christ rally in prayer and fasting, God sends in holy angels who break the power of the evil spirits and clear them out. Thus much of the effort in the demon world is to convince believers in Christ not to pray and fast. Read about this in Daniel 9:1-23.

The chief weapons of evil spirits are sexual sins (adultery, fornication, bestiality, pornography, rape, incest, child molestation, homosexuality etc.), idolatry (false religions, pagan rituals like Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter egg hunts, the Easter bunny etc.), ungodly music, seduction by drugs of all kinds including alcohol, witchcraft and Satanism. For the last 7,000 years young people in all nations have been seduced and destroyed. 2

In order to control the surface of the earth, the Devil needs human foot soldiers who are possessed by his evil spirits. In order to understand who the people are in the World Government, WE MUST UNDERSTAND THE GOALS OF THE DEVIL! Here it is in a condensed form: He wants to rule all nations and to be hailed as the Messiah. To get to this position, he must gain control of the physical offspring of Abraham and make the Jewish people his worshipers. There is only one city in the world from which he wants to rule and that is the city of Jerusalem. To do that, he must be in control of the current nation of Israel. Satan is offering the Jewish people supreme leadership of all nations, in return for them to accept him as their Messiah. 3

The human World Government consists of the following structure:

At the top, the Council of 13. These are 13 demon possessed men, who have sworn their total allegiance to "the Holy Serpent," and one day one of the 13 will emerge as the "Antichrist." One of these 13 men is the dictatorial ruler, receiving his orders directly from the Devil via the demons possessing him. Under this council is another council, consisting of 33 demon possessed men, who make sure that the laws and directives issued from the council of 13 are carried out. The Council of 33 has at its disposal what is called "the Congress of 300," who are to make sure that the political, military, financially, religious and all other directives are being implemented by all national governments. There are no Gentiles in these upper power centers, only dedicated Jewish men, steeped in the Cabala and fiercely dedicated to Zionism.

To make sure that policies are implemented in politics and business, Gentiles have been recruited into several organizations. The Bilderburgers direct national leaders, bankers, business executives, media moguls and political opposition leaders.  The Council on Foreign Relations is handling national military leaders, newspaper owners and editors, educators, senators, congressmen etc. 4

To streamline the policies of the World Government and put fear in any national political leader, the following organizations exist:

WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS, current president, the Canadian born Jew, Edgar Bronfman (the Bronfman family owns and operates Seagram LTD, the biggest alcoholic beverage producer in the world). In charge of Central and South America is LATIN AMERICAN JEWISH CONGRESS; AMERICAN JEWISH CONGRESS, controlling the United States; CANADIAN JEWISH CONGRESS, controlling Canada, EUROPEAN JEWISH CONGRESS, controlling Europe, including the former Soviet Union and Asia; AFRICAN JEWISH CONGRESS, controlling the continent of Africa.

The World Jewish Congress has offices in all major nations in the world and they are treated like diplomatic embassies. This entire organization of congresses is connected with the latest technology and all their data is processed in central super computers. Since most Jewish people living in different nations feel an allegiance to the Jewish cause and the State of Israel, these offices are drawing on information from the cooperation of hundreds of thousands of Jews all over the world, so the leaders have access to any information they deem is needed by them. If a political party in any nation tries to introduce legislation that will not benefit Jewish interests, the Jewish Congress in charge of that nation will immediately dispatch personnel, who will contact political leaders, mass media and other local power brokers, and then apply pressure to stop the legislation. A prime example occurred in the nation of Austria. 

When the people of Austria elected Kurt Waldheim to be their president in 1986, the World Jewish Congress leaders said, "absolutely not." It had been discovered that Waldheim had served as an intelligence officer in World War II with a German army unit that had committed atrocities against Jews in Greece. Despite the fact that Waldheim had served two terms as the United Nations’ Secretary General from 1972-1981 and traveled widely in and out of the United States, and that no one at that time had raised any questions about his World War II service as a German officer, the Jewish leadership told the American president, "Refuse to let Waldheim enter the United States as president of Austria." The State Department was told to issue no visa for the Austrian president. During his six years as president of Austria, Waldheim could not enter the United States and he was also shunned by most governments in the rest of the world. 5

To exercise more control over the everyday life of the Gentile population in the world, all Masonic lodges reach into the smallest towns in the United States, Canada, England and other European nations. Politicians, judges, lawyers, chiefs of police departments, sheriffs, educators, business men, military officers, medical doctors, pastors, elders, deacons and other leaders in the communities have been recruited, and thus every community is controlled from the lodges, just like a spider controls his web from its center.  Add to this, as I have spoken about it before, every intelligence service in all nations is under the total control of the World Government.

The Devil views the world like a chess board, and he is playing it hard to bring his kingdom into power, known as the system of Antichrist (Revelation 13:1-18) The September 11, 2001, attack upon the United States was not an isolated incident directed by Osama bin Laden. Instead this was a calculated move of the Devil, who gave orders to his demon henchmen to transfer this plan to the head of the World Government, and for these men to plot it out and have it done. Osama bin Laden is not a "lone ranger," he is a trained agent who received his training by the CIA in the 1980's. He is still valuable to the Devil, and that’s why he was never found in Afghanistan, but instead was taken out via Iran. He then took off on one of his commercial ocean going ships. In the near future he will be recycled, just like Yasser Arafat has been used for years by the Israeli Mossad to further the State of Israel. It is very interesting to note the following: The Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said in an interview January 31, 2002 that he is very sorry that Israeli troops did not kill Yasser Arafat 20 years ago when Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982. Sharon was Israel’s minister of defense and in charge of the invasion of Lebanon, and in his statement he said that at that time Israeli soldiers were not allowed to kill Arafat. Those of you who were adults at that time, might remember that Yasser Arafat and 16,000 of his PLO fighters were taken out of Lebanon on American, British and Italian warships and taken to Tunis, while the Israelis held their fire to save the skin of Arafat and his fighters.

The Devil is not interested at all in stamping out terrorism, instead he is the instigator of all terrorism (John 8:44; 10:10). At this time in history, the Devil has great wrath because he knows that his time is short (Revelation 12:12) and he is now playing his game of war to get rid of the Islamic mosque on the temple square in Jerusalem and enable the new Jewish temple to be built. The orders have been given to the men in the World Government, "do what is necessary to get the job done!" Thus, expect no peace soon in the Middle East. There is only one nation strong enough militarily to take out the nations of Iran, Iraq and Syria, and that nation is the United States. Once the United States attacks these nations, the army of Israel will clear the temple ground, raze the mosque complex on the temple ground, and wipe out all Palestinian resistance.

But the men in the World Government have a problem, they cannot directly order the American president to start this new war. It will take another blow against the homeland of the USA to create such anger that the American president will do what he did to Afghanistan. Thus, at this time, secret preparations are being made to strike at the American people and make sure that a calling card is left, identifying the enemy from Iran, Iraq and Syria. That is the reason why Osama bin Laden was saved from death – he is needed again and again, until the war has been ignited.

Osama bin Laden, his fighters and the Taliban are gone from Afghanistan. Thousands of American soldiers are now stationed in the area and Bush is stuck with paying the bill to rebuild Afghanistan. All the president can show the American people at this time is the American Taliban John Walker Lindh, who is being tried in a federal court and some 180 detainees sitting in a prison camp at the US naval base in Cuba. And these detainees are not talking. This war on terrorism so far has cost the American tax payer hundreds of millions of dollars.

In the meantime US military forces are being made ready to attack the nation of Lebanon. This, according to news leaked by the Israeli Mossad (intelligence). One of bin Laden’s five top commanders, Abu Zubeidah, has been located hiding in Lebanon, where he arrived around the middle of January, 2002. The Mossad states that he has three layers of security: first, some 35 al-Qaida fighters who are willing to die in order to defend Abu, the second layer consisting of 50 Hezbollah (Iranian controlled) security agents under the command of Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, and a third layer, a group of Palestinian intelligence and security agents, directed by Sultan Abdul Ayan. The Mossad then goes on to disclose that American troops, including special forces, have been brought into Turkey, Israel and Jordan to prepare for this special operation. The Mossad also claims that US spy satellites and large numbers of manned and pilotless aircraft have been diverted to this region to cover the preparation.

If this is truth coming out from the Mossad, they are setting up the American forces for a slaughter. If I can get a hold of information like this, so will the Arab intelligence services, with the result that they can set a trap for the American service men. It will be of great advantage for the World Government if a few hundred American soldiers would be killed in Lebanon. The media could use this to whip up the emotions of the American people and demand revenge. Thus the chess game continues, with the Devil playing to gain his final kingdom on this earth, which the Bible calls "the kingdom of the Antichrist."

The Enron corporation could not operate without the blessing of the international bankers, who in turn are controlled by the World Government. The Devil knows that if he can tie up the riches in this world and make them available for his people, and dry up the financing for God’s people, he is going to score some more points for himself. Since the beginning of the Rothschild banking dynasty around 1770, up to this very day, murder has been an option to remove any person threatening to reveal the truth about shady business dealings. By making it look like suicide, the murderers are hitting the victim twice: first they take his life, and second they take away any life insurance to the surviving spouse and children, since insurance companies do not pay out to the survivors if the death is ruled suicide.

Baxter, who at his death was 43 years old, had been a vice chairman of the Enron Corporation. Prior to the collapse of Enron (from October 1998 and on), 29 executive leaders from the Enron corporation had sold their Enron stocks and pocketed $1.1 billion in profit. Baxter is said to have sold 577,436 of his shares, making $35.2 million dollars. Baxter left Enron several months before the company collapsed. On January 25, 2002 Baxter was found dead in his car, not far from his home in the Houston suburb, Sugar Land. According to the Sugar Land police department, a gun was found in the car plus a suicide note. Without any autopsy, the Sugar Land police department ruled the death a suicide, and closed the case. The story was picked up by the New York Times (a World Government media outlet) and the paper reported that Baxter had committed suicide. The TV media, following the New York Times (they always do), repeated the story. However, a justice of the peace ordered an autopsy. The autopsy revealed that the gun used to kill Baxter was not an ordinary gun, but a special .38 gun shooting rat pellets, used to kill rats. It was a contact shot to his temple that killed him. The Sugar Land police are not telling anyone if they found rat-pellet ammunition in Baxter’s home, nor have they revealed if Baxter’s blood and fingerprints were found on the gun.

Before his death, Baxter had filed complaints about the way business was done at Enron and he was in the process of talking about it. A friend to Baxter had suggested, some time before his death, that he should hire a body guard, which he did not do. No one in the Baxter family believes that he committed suicide, but the police and the media have spoken and the case has been closed.

A few months ago, a leading American scientist and researcher on biological warfare disappeared on his way to a gathering of other researchers. His car was found on a bridge in the Midwest with the keys in it, but the man gone. About a month or so later, his body was found down river, and the coroner immediately ruled it suicide. The World Government media picked it up and the "three stooges,"  NBC, ABC and CBS informed the American people that this man committed suicide. But people close to him, including family, insisted that the man was not depressed and had not expressed to his family that he was not feeling well.

What the media is not telling us is that this is not an isolated case, five American, Australian and defected Russian scientists have been killed, all in less than a time period of two months. An additional five Israeli scientists have also been killed. All these people had the following in common: THEY WERE ALL EXPERTS IN FIGHTING INFECTIOUS DISEASES, THEY WERE DOING RESEARCH INTO DNA SEQUENCING AND BIOLOGICAL WARFARE. Could all these scientists from different nations suddenly become so depressed, that they started to take their own lives during a time period of 60 days? Satan is really relying upon people having faith in his lies!

Here is the truth. The media has stopped talking about the threat of anthrax which dominated the news from September 11 until around the end of December last year. With millions of dollars spent to clean up post offices, not to forget the senate building in Washington D.C., we should ask this question: Is the danger now over?

The anthrax letters mailed in the United States did not come from Osama bin Laden and his group. The anthrax germs came from an American Biological Warfare Laboratory. On December 21, 2001, a report was released, that US Army labs were more than lax in controls over their germ warfare agents. The strain of anthrax found in the letters mailed to Senators Daschle and Leahy is called "Ames" after a city in Iowa where researchers first isolated it. Scientists at Fort Detrick (US Army main laboratory for biological warfare) obtained a sample from the Agriculture Department in the early 1980s for vaccine testing and gave samples to at least five other laboratories.

The naked truth is this, it was renegade American intelligence operators who sent out the anthrax letters, taking orders from the World Government. If the full truth would come out to the American people, it would cause a revolution, where the controls by the World Government would not be able to hold back the wrath of the American people, thus it has to be hushed up and a number of knowledgeable scientists who could trace the anthrax to the people having committed this crime, had to be eliminated.

After all, the Devil enjoys murdering human beings. The plan of the Devil was to kill a few Americans, threaten with more of the same, and put the blame on Saddam Hussain. The problem is that it backfired when investigators found out it was American made bacteria. So the "three stooges" and the rest of the media did what they are so good at, STONE- WALLED IT TO DEATH!

The Devil is releasing a new Bible version for the Christians. Some years ago he released the NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION (NIV) and it was incorporated into most churches in the English speaking nations. Since the Devil lost the battle of burning Bibles to keep them out of the hands of people, he changed tactics, re-write the Bible and sell them freely so people would not know the truth, but be led to hell. This is a diabolical plan of the worst kind.

Years ago I warned the Christian community, Jewish publishers are buying up the Christian publishing houses. Suddenly Zondervan would be in the same umbrella corporation that produced pornography and rock-n-roll. Today there are almost no Christian owned publishing houses, they are now owned and operated by heathen Jews. Zondervan is owned by Rupert Murdoch who is not known for loving God.

The revised version of the NIV is going to be known as "TODAY’S NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION" (TNIV) and will be promoted by "The International Bible Society" (IBS). The first version took away the blood of Jesus. Now they are going to use gender-neutral wording to make sure that the feminists and the New Agers, who worship mother god will be comfortable reading this new rendition of the Bible. Sons of God will now be called children of God, brothers will become brothers and sisters. You will no longer read that Mary is with child. Instead it will read that she was pregnant. For example in Hebrews 12:7, the Greek text uses son and father, but in the new bastard Bible, son becomes child and father becomes parent.

Expect the Media to promote this bastard version to the max, with the "three stooges" singing its praise and denominational leaders bowing down and taking it into their churches. May God help us! (II Thessalonians 2:8-13)

The Archdiocese of Boston removed a priest by the name of John J. Geoghan in 1990, after it had been disclosed that he had molested a number of young boys. Another priest in the same diocese, Ronald H. Paquin, is under investigation for molesting boys during a 15 year period as a Roman Catholic priest. Some of the boys who were sodomized later took their own lives, and others have lived shattered lives. Paquin stated that he himself as a boy was molested by a priest, and then became a homosexual. Texe Marrs, in his February 2002 newsletter, "POWER OF PROPHECY," states the following:

"Legions of Catholic priests are now recognized as plunderers of little boys. It is estimated that at least 80 percent of all Catholic priests are queers, and most nuns are lesbians! Father Ritter, the priest who founded Covenant House, a New York City shelter, to help homeless teens, was discovered to be molesting his charges. At Boys Town, the famous Catholic boy’s orphanage founded by Father Flanagan, a scandal recently broke when it got out that little boys were being passed around by priests to local gay politicians." 6 

The Roman Catholic Church in the United States is now reeling from the financial drain of having to pay damages in the millions of dollars to each victim as they lose court case after court case. The Devil is delighted. He loves homosexuality, and when he introduces the Antichrist and possesses this man, he will be able to commit homosexual acts on human victims and when he is done, murder them. At the same time men and women belonging to the Roman Catholic church are having their faith destroyed and are being tossed out into the world, where demons will lead them further astray. It is a win-win situation for the Devil.

God is still on His throne! There is no crisis in heaven! God has a solution to every problem that we are facing. We must come to understand that the Devil and his followers might be well organized and well financed, but with just a spoken word, God can destroy in a second what the Devil has been building for years.

"For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil." 1 John 3:8b

The answer is to pray and fast. Every revival and awakening that God has sent on this earth, came at a time when it looked as though all was lost and darkness had spread like a thick fog. Here is the road map to a move of God:

  1. If you are not saved (born again), cry out to God now and ask God for forgiveness, repent of your sins, confess that you believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died on the cross and rose on the third day, and that He paid for your sins. Ask Jesus to become your Lord and Saviour.

  2. If you are saved, make sure that you have been baptized in water through immersion and that you are attending a Bible preaching church, not using a bastard Bible version.

  3. Search your life for hidden sins, compromise and idolatry. Read Ephesians 4:20-32; 5:1-33 and let that be your road map for repentance.

  4. If you have not been baptized in the Holy Ghost, ask for it now - John 7:37-39.

  5. Make sure that all curses have been broken in your life and that all demons have been cast out from your body.

  6. Make a decision that you are going to live a holy life - I Peter 1:13-25.

  7. Find other dedicated Christians who have the same hunger for God as you do, and then make a covenant with them to pray and fast on a regular basis.

  8. Start reaching out by leading people to Christ and then disciple them. Matthew 28:18-20.

Remember this, the people in the world support their leaders and entertainers. If you are blessed and fed by receiving these newsletters month after month, think about how it is possible to send them to you. Our ministry is spending thousands of dollars each year purchasing books, material, and subscribing to a variety of sources so that we can keep you informed. It costs money to print and mail them out. If you are reading it on the internet, remember the cost of research and the time put into it. Only my friends will support us. To keep us strong and able to reach more and more people, pray about what God wants you to do financially. But most of all, pray for us!

1. For a detailed study of Pergamos and its altar, order the message that I preached December 23, 2001, number RLJ-800.

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5. Great details are given in the articles "Showdown in Jerusalem."

6. Order this hard hitting newsletter from Texe, by contacting him at powerofprophecy.com.

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