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June 1999 Newsletter

John S. Torell

Continued from the May 1999 Newsletter:

The German military command under the leadership of Adolf Hitler had originally planned to start its war with the Soviet Union in 1943, but in July 1940 with England neither invaded nor defeated, Hitler became concerned about Eastern Europe. With the United States leaning more and more in the direction of joining the war and helping the British, Hitler decided that the Soviet Union had to be attacked sooner than planned, so the date was set up to May, 1941. The German code name for this invasion was "Barbarossa."

It is very important for the reader to know and understand, that all intelligence services in the world have been networking since the early 1800's. Thus, heads of State and elected government officials might believe that no one knows about their thinking and planning, but the contrary is true. The World Government sits like a spider at the corner of his web, and can feel and know everything that is happening. There are two bitter memories for the United States -- Korea and Vietnam. Every move that the American military command planned and executed was well known in advance, and the cost of killed and wounded American soldiers was heavy.

News has been coming forth in the United States about the Chinese Penetration and the massive spying that the Communist Chinese Government has been conducting for the past 30 years, beginning during the Nixon era and continuing to this very day. This massive spying by the Chinese could not have taken place unless the various American intelligence services were part of the operation and facilitated the Communist agents working in our research laboratories. Genuine Americans working in American intelligence have "leaked" this information for many years, and it has been discussed on radio talk shows and in commercial newsletters, but the main media in the United States has refused to sound any warning. Now when the Chinese Government has achieved all of its goals and has either built or is building new nuclear weapons, the truth can be told. This will poison the American people when it comes to China and make it easier for the World Government to prepare for the war between China and the United States, which will come some day in the future. The slogan "History will repeat itself," is once again proved to the people in the world. Watching Secretary of Energy, Bill Richardson, explaining himself to the American people and defending Attorney General Janet Reno is more than pathetic. Richardson is part of the plot and a "professional paid liar" for the World Government.

Let me now document for you, what happened in the 1940's and then remember, the same process is taking place today as the war grinds on in Yugoslavia. It is hard to pick a starting point, since there is so much material available to support my statements. But let us begin this discussion with the takeover of Russia by the Communists in 1917.

The Bolshevik revolution that took place in Russia in October, 1917 was not a Russian movement. German intelligence had infiltrated Russia long before World War I began in 1914, and the overthrow of the Russian Tzar took place on February 24, 1917. The war against Germany was going badly for the Russians; losses in human life were staggering. On the 24th of February food riots broke out in St. Petersburg. Instead of putting down the rioters, the military garrison joined the uprising and Tzar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate. When his brother, Grand Duke Michael, refused to take over the throne, a committee of the Duma (Russian Parliament) appointed a Provisional Government to succeed the Tzar. But there was opposition from St. Petersburg’s Soviet of Workers and Soldiers’ Deputies. In all the bickering that occurred (exactly what is happening today in Russia), one strong man was able to form some kind of a government, and his name was Aleksandr F. Kerensky, a Russian Jew and a Socialist Revolutionary.

It is very important to understand that the majority of the Russian intelligentsia at this time consisted of Russian Jews, and the reason for this was that very few Russian children had access to a higher education, which the Jews had. Furthermore, most of these Russian Jews were also members of Jewish Free Masonic lodges. The same holds true in the 1990's, it is Russian Jews who have floated to the top in business, politics and the crime syndicate in today’s Russia. At the same time Russia is reeling from political and financial instability, just as it was in 1916. Nothing has changed. It is just a matter of time before another group of revolutionaries will come on the scene and take Russia back to a hard ruthless military dictatorship. This time they will not call themselves "Communists;" this time they will be "ultra nationalists."

At the same time Lenin and his Russian-Jewish wife Nadezhda Krupskaya were living in Switzerland and had been since around 1900. They were supported by Western Intelligence services, who in turn were financed by the World Government. It was in Switzerland that Lenin and his wife led a group of Russian-Jewish revolutionaries, who had been trained in the teachings of Karl Marx (a German Jew who wrote the thesis for Communism together with Friedrich Engels, also a German Jew).

The "kingpin" in the moving of Communist Jewish revolutionaries to Russia, was Max Warburg (1867-1946), a banker from the German city Hamburg and also at this time the head of the German Intelligence Service. The history of the Warburg family is as intriguing as the history of the Rothschilds. The Warburg family originally came from Italy in 1559, and this Jewish family, known in Italy as Del Branco, took the German name Warburg from the city of Warburgum, where they first settled. In 1798 the bank M.M.Warburg & Co. of Hamburg was founded. Simon Elias Warburg went to Sweden (1760-1828), where he founded the first Jewish community in that nation, his grandson Frederik Elias Warburg (1832-1899) moved to England and was a cofounder of the Central London Electric Railway. Other Warburgs moved to Copenhagen in Denmark, and took the original name Del Branco. Paul Moritz Warburg (1868-1932) moved to the United States in 1902 and became a member of the biggest Jewish bank in the United States, Kuhn, Loeb and Co. of New York. Felix Moritz Warburg (1871-1937) also moved to the United States and joined Kuhn, Loeb & Co. as a partner. Fritz Moritz Warburg (1879-1964) also moved to the United States, and become active in adult education and Jewish theological schools. These four brothers, Max, Paul, Felix and Fritz were born in Germany.

At this time in history, the Warburg bank was tied in with the Rothschild bank, and the reason for Paul Warburg to move to New York, was to work for the establishment of an "AMERICAN CENTRAL BANK." Working at Kuhn Loeb and Co. Paul Warburg lectured and worked on American politicians until the Federal Reserve act was passed on December 22, 1913 and Paul Warburg became its chairman.

The chief of the German Secret Service, Max Warburg, on August 12, 1916, established a Russian publishing house, with the German industrialist Stinnes agreeing to contribute two million rubles for its financing. With German intelligence agents working in Russia to overthrow the Tsar, Max Warburg worked out a deal involving British and French Intelligence and the Swedish government to transfer Lenin, his wife and the rest of the group in Switzerland to Russia. This deal was worked out, while German soldiers were fighting British and French soldiers on the Western front with staggering losses on all sides.

On April 9, 1917 a train left the city of Bern, Switzerland (which was supposed to be neutral) with Lenin, his wife, and some 30 other Jewish revolutionaries (German and Russian). When the train came to the German border, it was met by German security forces, which escorted the train to a German city on the Baltic coast, where it was put on a ferry to Sweden. In Sweden it was met by Swedish security personnel and soldiers from the Swedish army, who safe-guarded the train to Stockholm, where they arrived on April 13. It is noteworthy to point out that the German Kaiser Wilhelm did not find out about this transfer until Lenin was already in Russia. With the Warburg family also firmly established in Sweden, the Swedish Jew Olof Aschberg (his real name Obadja Asch) used his bank "Nya Banken" to bank roll the entire Communist takeover of Russia, and the Swedish freemason and leader of the Swedish Socialist party, Hjalmar Branting, allowed Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky to use Sweden as a base for the revolution in Russia. After having stayed in Stockholm for a short time, Lenin and his group continued with the train ride to the Swedish border town of Haparanda, which is located on the border with Finland (Finland at this time was a province of Russia).

Despite the fact that this whole Jewish revolutionary group was sent by the Germans, who at this time were still at war with Russia, the Russian intelligence service let them in and let them proceed toward St,Petersburg (Russia’s capitol).

At this time Kerensky held the post as Attorney General in the Russian Provincial Government. It was he who had officially invited Lenin and his group to come back to Russia, knowing full well what Lenin’s intentions were. Historical documents show that the cost of bringing Lenin and his group from Switzerland to Stockholm was paid for by the German government. The cost for the train from Stockholm to Russia was paid by the Russian government. Once Lenin arrived in St. Petersburg, he was invited for an audience at the Winter Palace, where he was received by Labor Minister M. Skobelev, who was also a freemason.

During the month of May a larger Jewish revolutionary group arrived from Switzerland, consisting of 200 persons, which included L. Martov and Pavel Axelrod. They used the same route via Sweden as had Lenin. When the Swedish railroad authorities tried to collect money from this group to pay for the fare, they laughingly rejected the demand and forced the railroad personnel to let them travel without paying. The Swedish police did nothing to help the railroad personnel.

It is very important to mention that British intelligence agents were working hard in St. Petersburg during these crucial months, trying to give money to Russian officers and soldiers in the city, and encouraging them to overthrow the government, knowing that if this would happen, Russia would be forced to withdraw from its war with Germany. That this would lead to heavy British casualties on the West front did not matter.

Understand this, England and France were at war with Germany during this time. At the same time German and British intelligence worked together to force Communism on the Russian people, draw Russia out of the war and cause more soldiers to die on the Western Front.

With Max Warburg running the show in Europe, his brother Paul Warburg ran the show in the United States. It was Paul Warburg who gave political protection to the Ukrainian born Jew, Lev Davidovich Bronstein (1879-1940), who arrived in New York January 13, 1917. Bronstein had at this time changed his name to Leon (Lev) Trotsky. At the time of his arrival to New York, the United States was in its final preparation to enter World War I on the side of the British and the French. Thus Russia would also be a partner with the United States, since it was fighting the Germans on the Eastern front. A normal American would do all he could to help the Allies and work against the Germans in order to save the lives of American soldiers. But this is not the way that Paul Warburg and his friends saw it. Russia was to be destroyed and a Communist regime imposed upon them.

Here is a short biography on Trotsky, to help you understand. When Trotsky was seven years old he began his education by attending a Jewish cheder school, where he was taught the Talmud in Jiddisch and Hebrew. Later he attended what today is called a high school. As a young man he came under the personal training of a well known Russian Jew by the name of Israel Gelfand, who later took the name Alexander Parvus. It was Parvus that introduced Lev to the Cabala, Zionism and Communism. Trotsky then himself became a freemason through the B’nai Brith. It was Jacob Schiff in New York and chairman of the Kuhn & Loeb bank, that was financing the young Russian Jews who were being trained as revolutionaries. Later on Trotsky joined the French Free Masonic lodge, "Art et Travail," where Lenin was also a member. The 18 year old Trotsky was there as the official Zionistic movement was born when the first World Jewish Congress convened in Basel, Switzerland in 1897.

It was Parvus and Trotsky who organized the uprising in 1905, which is known in Russia as "Bloody Sunday." The uprising failed, and both Parvus and Trotsky were arrested and sentenced for deportation to Siberia. Both of them fled. Parvus came to Turkey where he became an advisor to the "Young Turks" who were responsible for the massacre of the Armenians (1915-1916), which I have previously written about. Trotsky ended up in Vienna, and later moved to Geneva, Switzerland. Here he met and had long meetings with Chaim Weizmann, the founder of the Jewish Zionistic Movement. (What most readers do not remember, is that it was the Soviet Union and the United States who in 1948 ram rodded the vote in the United Nations to establish Israel as a Jewish state, against the resistance of France and England and many other nations).

The paymaster at this time for both Lenin and Trotsky was Parvus, who during the Balkan wars became very rich. He had opened a business in the Ottoman Empire and sold much goods to the warring partners in these wars. In 1910 there was a large Free Masonic Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, and in attendance were Lenin and Trotsky. During 1912 Trotsky worked in the Balkan countries as a war correspondent, a position given him by Parvus. When World War I broke out in 1913, Trotsky moved to France, where he began a strong written campaign against the French Government. He had founded a newspaper, "Nasje Slovo." with the Russian Jew L. Martov, whose real name was Julij Zederbaum. September 15, 1916, the paper was shut down by the French Government and Trotsky was deported to Spain. Eventually the Spanish authorities was fed up with Trotsky and he was sent on a ship to the United States.

Trotsky had been married when he lived in Russia, but when he fled from Siberia he abandoned his wife and two children. He later married another woman and started a new family.

Arriving in New York, something strange took place. Most people arriving as immigrants or refugees had no money and would have to work hard to make a living. Not so with Trotsky. A luxury apartment was rented for him and his family, with the rent paid three months in advance, and he was given an automobile with a driver. Trotsky was here on business for the World Government, and during the short time he stayed in New York he "officially" worked for a small Jewish Marxist newspaper, "Novyj Mir." But his real job was to recruit and train as many young Russian Jews as possible. At this time New York had a large Russian Jewish immigration population.

Working with Trotsky in New York were well known Jewish Communist Anarchists, Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman. Jacob Schiff, a member of the Jewish Free Masonic lodge, B’nai B’rith, had pulled together a team to work for the overthrow of the Russian Tzar since February 1916. The team consisted of powerful American Jews, Otto Kahn, Mortimer Schiff, Isaac Seligman and the German born Jew, Felix Warburg, brother of Paul Warburg.

With Paul Warburg as a leader of the Federal Reserve Board, and Illuminati member Col. Edward M. House, the personal handler of president Woodrow Wilson, Trotsky was issued an American passport, despite that he had just arrived in this country and had not yet become a citizen.

On March 27, 1917 Trotsky, his family and 275 well trained Russian Jews boarded the Norwegian steamer "Kristianiafjord" for a journey to Sweden, and then via railroad through Sweden and Finland to St. Petersburg in Russia. Other passengers were American Jews from the Jewish mafia in New York, Wall Street investors and American business men. Their purpose was to finish the Russian revolution and establish a Marxist government under the leadership of Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky.

In order for Americans to understand what took place, I want to point out that at this time the United States had formally entered the war in Europe, and American young men were called up by the hundreds of thousands, to build a one million man American army in Europe. Both Trotsky and Lenin had openly stated, that their first project was to get Russia out of the war with Germany and sign a peace with them. This would mean that millions of German soldiers on the Eastern Front could be transferred to the Western Front, which is what happened later. The result was staggering losses in dead and wounded for not only the Americans, but also the French and the British. According to military historians World War I lasted an extra year because of the departure of Russia out of the war.

On February 3, 1949, John Schiff in an interview with the publication, New York American Journal, told the interviewer that his grandfather, Jacob Schiff, had given 20 million dollars to get the Russian revolution going. In today’s value it would be close to $200 million. A large portion of the money from Schiff was given in small denomination gold coins, which were used to purchase officers and soldiers from the Russian garrison in St. Petersburg, and use them as the foundation for the new Red Army.

The following American bankers and business men gave large amounts of money for the revolution: Paul Warburg, Harriman, Rockefeller, Vanderlip, and J. P. Morgan. From Germany the money was channeled via Max Warburg, from England it came from Alfred Milner and the Rothschild banks in both London and Paris.

Trotsky and his well trained commandoes also carried weapons with them on the ship.

Know that this type of operation was repeated many times later when the World Government used its American-Jewish connection to overthrow governments in other nations. It was American trained forces that put Castro in power in the 1950's, the same holds true for Nicaragua, when Somoza ousted the elected president in 1936. In 1979, America had changed its allegiance and trained and funded the Sandinistas, who ruled through 1990 after having ousted the Somoza family in a bloody civil war. Then America again, under the Reagan presidency, switched sides, and started to support the Contras. It has been done in Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, China etc. People outside the United States do not know that the World Government through American Jews holds this nation in an "iron grip." Instead the people in many nations hate Americans, and people in America do not understand why. Hopefully, you will now understand. To have America as a friend is deadly, the people in South Vietnam learned this in 1975, so did the Chinese in 1948, the Russians in 1917 and the list goes on and on. (The cartoon "Orphan Annie" with her "daddy Warbucks" was not built on fiction, but on the Warburg family.)

The British Government did not know what its own intelligence service was doing, and when the British War Department found out that Trotsky and his group had left New York, a telegram was sent on March 29, 1917, to the Canadian authorities, to arrest Trotsky and his family and top leaders when the ship docked in the Canadian port of Halifax. When Trotsky was searched the police found $10,000.00 in cash on him. He confessed that this money had been given to him by Max Warburg in Germany. The British Government wanted to keep Trotsky and his leaders in prison, to hinder them from going to Russia. But in a day or so, a new telegram arrived from London which said, "Put Trotsky back on the ship and let them go. Give them back their money and weapons". Years later when the secrecy regarding this period had been lifted, it was confirmed that it was the American Government which demanded that Trotsky be set free and sent on his way to Russia. In its defense, the American Government stated that the Russian premier, at this time Kerensky, had requested the freedom of Trotsky. This is very odd, since Trotsky put Kerensky out of office during the bloody October revolution of 1917. Is it not strange that Kerensky was able to leave Russia and move to New York, where he joined Trotsky’s wealthy Jewish bankers and industrialists and lived a long life and died as a multimillionaire on June 11, 1970 at the age of 89?

It was now that Lenin and Trotsky met, and started the process of taking over Russia. A third man entered this leadership, Joseph Stalin. (Just as Adolf Hitler for the first 3 years was an agent for the German Government, sent to infiltrate the National Socialist Party, so was Stalin. He had been an agent for years for the Tsarist secret police, the "Okhrana.")

In addition to the group from Switzerland and New York, some 8,000 Jewish revolutionaries from different nations arrived in St. Petersburg and formed the core of the emerging Communist party. It was these men that would take up leadership in the Red Army and in the terrible "Cheka," later renamed NKVD and then renamed again to KGB.

By November 1917, the Communists had ousted the Provincial Government and a grim civil war began. The Bolsheviks (Trotsky and Lenin) were fighting a war on six fronts. On March 3, 1918, Lenin signed a peace agreement with Germany, which at once caused them to move the bulk of the troops on the Eastern Front to the West, to meet the coming American Army.

Then, something very strange took place. Right in the midst of World War I, the United States landed thousands of soldiers in Murmansk, joined with British and French soldiers where they moved south toward St. Petersburg.

Officially they were there to stop the revolution, but in reality they were there to make sure that the Communists would succeed. From the south large German forces moved into the Ukraine, where they secured the area for the Communists. In the East, American and Japanese troops were sent in to secure Siberia for the Communists. More than 100,000 soldiers from 14 nations stayed in Russia until 1922, when the Bolsheviks had become strong enough to hold the land and start building the new Soviet Union. It is estimated that some 60 million Russian people died during the Soviet era.

The Russian revolution was in reality a Jewish takeover of Russia, in preparation for the formation of the State of Israel and the coming Jewish messiah. The Russian people did not have a chance, since the leading nations intelligence services worked together, while their regular armies were fighting a conventional war. It can best be described as a giant chess game with the world as the chess board and certain leaders are playing, and death comes to common people, who should not have to die. Those who do not die must labor hard to pay taxes, build weapons and support "the troops."

Some of you reading this are having great trouble in that I am identifying Jews as leaders of this chess game. I understand this, but I am asking you to withhold judgment on my writing until you receive my next newsletter, where I will lay out the Biblical truth concerning the Antichrist in detail.


I did a large detour from the Balkans and World War II, but unless you have this foundation, you cannot understand what is happening in Kosovo and Yugoslavia today.


There is no person living in the world today who has not, in one way or another, been affected by this horrible 1917 takeover of Russia. Without the Bolshevik revolution there would have been no Communist China, no Cold War for more than 40 years, no Korean war, no war in Vietnam and no suppression of the people in the Baltic nations; Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and Yugoslavia. Sixty million people were murdered in China under Communism, millions in other nations and Christians sent to labor camps in many nations. People who have lived under Communism were deprived of living a normal full life in freedom as God had intended.

Yes, the Devil did it, but his helpers were men like Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Parvus, Warburg, Rothschild, Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan and all the others.

If decent people who lived in the last century would have known this, they could have stopped it. But they chose not to find out the truth. Are we, who are living now any nobler, are we willing to find out the truth and act upon it? How will our great grandchildren judge us if the Lord allows another hundred years to roll on?

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