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January 1999 Newsletter

John S. Torell

Continued from the April 1999 Newsletter:

Instead of being a peace treaty, it became the starter and the blue print for the next terrible war; World War II. Here is how it happened:  When Germany declared open season on all shipping by its submarines in February 1917, the United States formally declared war on Germany and the Central Powers. In a speech on January 8, 1918 president Woodrow Wilson spoke to a joint session of the United States Congress, and formulated 14 points that must be met by Germany and its allies for a peace settlement. At first the German government rejected this proposal, but on October 3, 1918 the German high command informed the German government that it was essential to get a cease fire, since the German lines were collapsing. The pressure from President Wilson increased as messages were passed back and forth between the Germans and the Americans. Wilson demanded that the German Kaiser (emperor) abdicate, which took place through a political coup in Germany. Germany agreed to surrender under the 14 point stipulation by President Wilson.

Here are the most important points:

  1. After the cease fire (November 11, 1918) all peace negotiations should be done in public with nothing held secret. No hidden private settlements would be allowed.
  2. Total freedom for all nations to navigate on the oceans outside territorial boundaries.
  3. The removal, so far as possible of all economic barriers and the establishment of equality of trade conditions for all nations consenting to the peace settlement.
  4. Reducing national armaments to the lowest point consistent with domestic safety.
  5. Impartial adjustment of all colonial claims.
  6. The evacuation of all Russian territory.
  7. Belgium must be evacuated and restored as a sovereign nation.
  8. All French territory should be freed, and the wrong done by Germany in the 1871 war settlement, must be corrected.
  9. Italy’s boundaries shall be adjusted according to lines of nationality.
  10. The different people in the Austria-Hungarian empire should be given the opportunity for freedom.
  11. Romania, Serbia and Montenegro should be evacuated and Serbia given free and secure access to the sea.
  12. The Turks of the present Ottoman Empire should be assured a secure sovereignty, but all other nationals in the Empire should be given freedom.
  13. An independent Polish state should be created, with access to the Baltic sea.
  14. A general association of nations must be formed to protect all nations from aggression.

On October 3-4, 1918 Prince Maximilian of Baden, the German imperial chancellor sent a note, via Switzerland, to President Wilson, requesting an immediate armistice and the opening of peace negotiations on the basis of the Fourteen Points. On November 11, 1918 the armistice went into effect. This, after some of the most brutal fighting had taken place and tens of thousands of men lost their lives.

As during all the wars since the time of Nimrod, Satan is always double dealing, never telling the truth to all parties involved. What the American president did not know was that the British. French and Italian governments had entered into secret treaties, involving Greece and Romania. Furthermore, the German colonies in China, in the Pacific and in Africa were hotly coveted by Britain, France and Japan. Once the German delegation arrived to the city of Paris for the peace conference in the spring of 1919, they found out that the peace was not going to be based upon the 14 points. Neither was the peace conference going to be open, but conducted in secret. It was England and France that more or less dictated the entire conference, none of the defeated nations had any say, and even the associated Allied powers played only a minor role. Germany and its allies were given an ultimatum, accept the terms or the war will be restarted. Since Germany was in shambles it had no option but to sign the peace agreement. The United States was shoved aside. The Treaty of Versailles, as the peace treaty became known, was signed on June 28, 1919, in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles, France.

The population and territory of Germany was reduced by around 10%. On the west, Alsace and Lorraine were returned to France, the Saarland was placed under the supervision of the League of Nations until 1935. Belgium received some German territory and northern Schleswig was given to Denmark. In the east Poland was resurrected, given most of what had been German West Prussia and Poznan, given a "corridor" to the Baltic Sea, which separated East Prussia from the rest of Germany, and given part of Upper Silesia. The German city of Danzig was declared a free city. Germany lost all her colonies, which in reality dealt a death blow to German world trade.

Germany was declared as the cause of the war and ordered to pay $33 billion in reparations for damage done to the winning nations. This enormous amount of money was seen as impossible for Germany to pay, but the winning side forced the issue.

Germany was also stripped of its military power. The German army was restricted to 100,000 men, the general staff was eliminated, its entire air force scrapped, most of its navy ships taken away to other nations, and Germany was forbidden to manufacture armored cars, tanks, submarines or airplanes. Poison gas was totally forbidden. Only a few factories could manufacture weapons and munitions.

In addition, all German land west of the Rhine and up to 30 miles east of the Rhine river was to be a demilitarized zone.

Part of the peace treaty was also the formation of The League of Nations, which was to be a forerunner to the United Nations. When President Wilson returned home from Europe, a bitter debate broke out in Congress regarding the League of Nations and whether or not the United States should become a member nation.

President Wilson tried to take the question to the American people, and traveled via railroad car across the nation, speaking at more than 34 cities, and participating in parades and discussions. The Republican Party wanted to keep the United States out of the European quagmire, and led the fight against ratification. On September 25, 1919 the Senate voted a major defeat for the treaty, and when Wilson heard of this, he suffered a nervous breakdown and returned to Washington D.C. Shortly thereafter he suffered a stroke, which left his left side paralyzed. On March 19, 1920, the Senate voted against membership and the United States did not join the League of Nations.

In order to have a perspective of the terrible barbaric demonic powers operating in and around the Balkan nations, we cannot overlook the BRUTAL GENOCIDE OF ARMENIAN PEOPLE BY The Turks.

The first massacre of Armenians took place between 1894-96. At that time there were around 2.5 million Christian Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire. Their land had been conquered many years ago, but as the Ottoman Empire began to crumble, the Armenians were encouraged by Russia to push for territorial autonomy. The Turkish government used Turkish troops and Kurdish tribesmen to crush them, going from village to village, killing the men, raping the women, burning the villages down and forcing the survivors to flee.

In 1896 the Armenian freedom fighters staged a huge demonstration and seized the Ottoman Bank in Istanbul, in hope of getting attention and help from the European nations. No such help came, and the Turkish military organized mobs of Muslim Turks, who slaughtered more than 50,000 Armenian people.

(It is noteworthy to observe, that today, "1999," the Turkish Government is pursuing a systematic ethnic cleansing of the Kurdish people living in Turkey and across the border in Iraq. Kurdish villages are being destroyed and people are being killed. Since Turkey is a member of NATO and a home base for the US Air Force suppressing Iraq, the American government does not care about these killings. Furthermore, the CIA is operating in the northern NO-FLY-ZONE in Iraq and have recruited Kurds to overthrow Saddam Hussain. Satan knows how to set his oppression and murders).

The second massacre of Armenians took place during World War I. Armenians from the Caucasus region formed volunteer battalions to help the Russian army against the Turks. Early in 1915 these battalions organized the recruiting of Turkish Armenians from behind the Turkish lines. In response, the Turkish government ordered the deportation of about 1,750,000 Armenians to Syria and Mesopotamia. The same scenario that we are seeing today on our television screens took place at this time. Turkish soldiers would enter cities and villages, mutilating and shooting the men, raping the women, beating the children, driving the survivors on the roads to their destinations and burning their homes and farms. Of the 1.75 million Armenians uprooted, more than 600,000 died either of starvation or by Turkish soldiers and police units. The script for ETHNIC CLEANSING, written by the Devil and his demons, is used in century after century. "Slobo" Milosevic is only doing what other mass murderers have done before him, the only difference is that in 1915 there were no TV cameras and all the nations were busy killing their young men and innocent civilians in World War I. Hundreds of thousands of Armenians were forced into exile. The large Armenian population in the United States are descendants of these refugees from 1894 and 1915.

Demos Shakarian, the founder of the Full Gospel Business Men’s International Fellowship, came out from a family that managed to escape this massacre.

Since the Ottoman Empire had been fighting on the German side in World War I, it was decided in Paris that this empire was to be carved up and the Turks were going to have their "wings clipped," once and for all. The political leaders from England and France, who in their turn took orders from the World Government, decided to form a new nation in the Balkans. Also, since the Austrian-Hungarian Empire had been fighting on the German side, that empire was to be permanently destroyed.

It was decreed in Paris to form THE KINGDOM OF SERBS, CROATS, AND SLOVENES. This new kingdom consisted of the former kingdoms of Serbia and Montenegro, including Serbian held Macedonia, as well as Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austrian territory in Dalmatia and Slovenia, and Hungarian land north of the Danube River. From the very beginning there was great difficulty, since it was a mixture of different nations with different religions and languages. From the very beginning the Serbs dominated this new nation politically and by 1921 a highly centralized state emerged with the capitol in Belgrade. A king was set on the throne, Alexander, and he in turn appointed a Council of Ministers, but the king retained significant foreign policy prerogatives. Local governments acted as transmission belts for decisions made in Belgrade. In 1929 King Alexander dissolved the assembly, declared a royal dictatorship and changed the name of the kingdom to "Yugoslavia." In order to destroy all nationalistic efforts, the nation was carved up into nine provinces, created deliberately to destroy the traditional regions, based on nationality, language and religion. But in April,1941 came the end for this kingdom, when German troops invaded Yugoslavia and carved it up again, this time according to German interests.

In order for the Christian reader to understand the world of politics, we must now introduce a new concept of which very few people ever have heard. The Intelligence organizations in each nation of the world have been infiltrated at their highest level, and a global networking has been built. The completion of this took place as early as the late 1700's. Here is how it was done.

As I have reported in previous articles in The Dove, and in books that I have written, the World Government enlisted three Jews in the mid 1700's to head up the organizations which would control the world and make it possible to bring in their "messiah."

Mayer Amschel, a German Jew (1744-1812) from the Frankfurt am Main area was first trained as a rabbi, with special studies in the Cabala. Then he was promoted and financed to build the world’s largest banking dynasty, the Rothschild Bank. Through his five sons the Rothschild Bank established itself in Italy, the Austrian Empire, in France and England, while the headquarters in the beginning stayed in Frankfurt, Germany. After 1800, no national government in Europe was able to make war or to develop any national expansion projects, unless they borrowed money from the Rothschild banking system.

Jacob Frank, a Polish Jew (1726-1791) was chosen to further develop the Cabalistic system. After having completed his rabbinical training, he converted to the Roman Catholic faith. Part of the Cabalistic teaching was to sin as much as possible. The Polish authorities found out some time later that he was a leader in the secret Jewish Cabalistic movement, and he was sent to prison. When Poland and Russia went to war, the Russians set him free, and he moved to the city of Offenbach, just south of Frankfurt. It was here that he linked up with Mayer Amschel, who at this time had taken the name Baron Rothschild and Adam Weishaupt.

Adam Weishaupt, born to a German Jewish family in 1748 at Ingolstadt in the German province of Bavaria. His education was in the Jesuit Order, but he was also educated in the Cabalistic system. On May 1, 1776, the Order of Illuminati was formally created by Weishaupt, together with some other powerful men. At this time Adam was 28 years old, Amschel 32 and Frank 50 years old.

On July 16, 1782 a congress was held at the castle of Baron Mayer Amschel Rothschild, where the freemasonry system was wedded to the Illuminati, with unlimited financial support from the Rothschild banking system. Now the secret societies were firmly in the hands of the Cabalistic World Government and dependent upon the support of the Rothschild banks.

Since the Freemasons are active in all civilized nations, and most leaders in the nations are members of the Freemasons, the World Government had at last created an organization, in which the members have taken an oath of death to the brotherhood and renounced all national ties. Most civic, military and political leaders in a nation are members of the "Brotherhood."

One of the first actions by the Rothschild banking system was to create its own intelligence service, which in reality is directly run by the World Government. All national intelligence services have been infiltrated and controlled by the Rothschilds. Having loyal Freemasons in all nations, they have been able to pull this off to this very day. By having this control, the World Government can either shape or wreck the policies of any nation in the world.

The recent flop in NATO’s war against Yugoslavia is a perfect example. As the air war had been waged for some 30 days, the Chinese embassy was deliberately bombed by a B-2 stealth bomber taking off from a base in the United States. Officially Clinton has been apologizing all over the world for this mistake. But any person with intelligence could not possibly believe this. The CIA is furnishing information to the U.S. Air Force, and somehow they failed to remember that the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was moved some 6 years ago. Pentagon spokes person claiming this mistake on an old map, that never was upgraded.

Here is what really happened. The spy scandal over the Chinese spying in the United States has been getting hotter and hotter. For the last 15 years the White House, including Presidents Bush and Clinton have been doing their best to cover for the Chinese and destroy as much evidence as possible. But Senators and Congressmen are not happy, including both Democrats and Republicans. Hearings have been held, are in the process of being held and the truth is coming out. The World Government had to act to cover its tracks, so an order was given to the CIA to furnish false information to the Air Force and have the Chinese embassy bombed. The calculations were correct. They gave the Chinese a reason to become angry, retaliate and start threatening the United States. That it made the American president look like a "bozo" did not matter. In order to calm the Chinese and save the current relationship between the nations, the spy investigations will have to be scaled back. All you have to do now is watch the "phony drama" unfold, but now YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY.

Some of you who are reading this may now think that John Torell is telling us fairy tales; this cannot possible be true! In order to help you in this dilemma, let me give you some additional facts.

In 1921 the Communist Government in Russia, in secret, sent the German-born Jew, Karl Radek, (original name Bernhardovich Sobelsohn and born 1885 in Lemberg) as its contact man between the German Government and the Communists. This was done one year before Germany and Russia formally signed a peace treaty in Rapallo, Italy . Karl Radek then worked out a secret agreement, in which Germany would be allowed to station troops in Russia to circumvent the Versailles treaty. In return, the Germans would lead the build up of the new Russian navy and rebuild the Russian army.

The German military chief of staff at that time was General Hans von Seeckt, who oversaw this new secret treaty. A special secret command center was set up within the German military staff, code named "Special Group R." A satellite office was opened in Moscow, staffed by Germans. Von Seeckt planned a German army of 63 divisions, around 945,000 men. Large training centers were built in the Ukraine, where Russian and German troops trained together. German navy officers led the building of the new Soviet navy, and the German air plane factory, Junker, built huge complexes in Russia, thus building up the Soviet air force. The Krupp industrial complex and many other German giants built factories in western Russia, benefitting both the Red Army and the new German army.

At the same time, German ship building was moved to Rotterdam, Holland, to circumvent the Versailles treaty. German workers were moved from Kiel to Holland, where they were working on the next generation of German warships. Other German industries opened up factories in Barcelona, Spain, in Turkey and in Finland, where they were researching and building a new generation of submarines. The Krupp cartel purchased enough stocks in the Swedish factory "Bofors." which manufactured precision artillery pieces.

Notice that these preparations were made while Adolf Hitler was still on the payroll of the German army intelligence, having been told to infiltrate the National Socialist Party in Bavaria. Overseeing this military build up in Germany was "Special Group R." From 1933, when Adolf Hitler took power in Germany, the cooperation with Russia continued until around 1940.

The bank rolling of this venture was handled by the Rothschild banking system, drawing investments from France, England and the United States. Later both General Motors and Ford would invest millions of dollars in Germany, General Motors buying the Opel factories and Ford establishing what is today known as "German Ford.’ Most of the tanks produced for the German army in World War II were either made by GM or by Ford. Young American soldiers were killed in action, by these American made tanks.

Understand this, the intelligence community in the world at this time had full knowledge of these actions, but instead of reporting them to the civil governments of the nations, they hid them and actually helped to keep them a secret. German, British, French, Swedish, Finish, Dutch intelligence services were aiding the Soviet - German cooperation, while the bankers in Berlin, Paris, London and New York rolled in billion dollar profits.

During the years of 1937-38 Joseph Stalin did a bloody purge of the leadership in the Soviet Union. Communist managers and other party workers were rounded up and either shot or sent to labor camps. The Red Army was particularly hard hit, where most officers with the rank of Colonel and up were murdered on a wholesale basis. Included in these purges were the cultural elite and the leadership with the Soviet Security agencies. Most people in the West have never understood why Stalin did this.

But you who have read this short report, will now understand. Stalin knew that he could not trust his officer corps, they had become influenced by the Germans and could well turn on Stalin and the Communist party. Neither did he trust his intelligence leadership, knowing that their loyalty was with the Rothschilds, not with Stalin.

Stalin had inherited the cooperation with the Germans, he never liked it, but needed it for a time, to build up his own network.

The final purge of the Red Army took place in 1941, when Hitler attacked Russia. Stalin’s intelligence network had given him the information months before it took place, and they knew the exact day and time it would begin. But Stalin did not put the Red Army on alert, and when the Germans struck, the entire western part of the Red Army was either killed or taken captive. Their losses were enormous. But this was the part of the Red Army that Stalin wanted to get rid of, since they had been working for decades with the Germans. It was fresh Red Army troops from Siberia who turned the tide of the war in 1943, soldiers who had never trained with the Germans.

At the end of the war in 1945, returning Russian POW’s were either shot or sent directly to labor camps. Stalin did not trust any Russian who had been in contact with the West. Stalin killed more Russians than those who died in the war with Germany.

What I have now told you is not brought out in history classes in the United States. It would be to "damning" for the American government. In 1939, when Germany and the Soviet Union jointly attacked Poland, America did nothing. From 1939 through the spring of 1941 the Soviet Union fed the German war machine with oil, food, ammunition, and all other necessary items produced in German built and owned factories.

Some day the United States will be fighting a terrible war with China. This will be a war that could have been avoided. The World Government has used the United States and the Western nations to build up an agrarian China to a top technical nation, able to wage nuclear and biological warfare. This has taken place right under our noses. A few congressmen and senators have protested, but to no avail. The Communists were installed in China with the help of the US Army in 1948. Then came the business men and the world bankers to build it up, until one day a war can be fought. With the CIA and the FBI and all other US intelligence branches firmly in the hands of the Rothschild agents, we will be betrayed and once betrayed, we will have to draft our people and send them off to war to be killed, ALL IN THE NAME OF THE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

I believe that the war in Yugoslavia will bring in a new phase of political change in the world. Since most Christians and their pastors are terribly uneducated when it comes to world history, including the history of the Christian church, I believe it is essential that the Christians are given a chance to know the truth so that we can first of all know what to pray for, and secondly we can take appropriately action. Some of you may doubt that what I have written is true. All I can say to you is this, begin your own investigation and if you are a person open for truth, you will come to the same conclusions as I have. But you need to know this, much of this information can only be found in Jewish publications, which are not easily available to Gentiles.

Most Christians do not know that the American Jews have their own daily papers and weekly and monthly magazines, which are produced by Jewish publishing houses. There are many books written by Jews, which are only advertised in their own media, or if you are on their mailing lists.

The Jewish community knows what they are doing. They are working hard to bring their "messiah" to the world and they have such a faith that they are willing to sacrifice their own lives, if that’s what it takes. They currently have the political clout and the finances to pull it off. But they do not want other people to know what they are doing, since in order to succeed, they have to step on other people’s rights and make them work for something they know nothing about.

Writing this does not make me "anti-Semitic." I am simply reporting to you what is happening behind the scenes. But telling the truth has always bothered leaders who are trying to build their own empire and take over the whole world.

In my next newsletter I will bring to you what happened in Yugoslavia during World War II and how it led to the atrocities that we are seeing today.

Some people have asked me to list my sources. I have opted not to do so at this time, in order that I shall be able to continue to receive information in the future. It the World Government agents knew in detail who is feeding me information, that pipeline would be closed down. When this project is fully completed, I will list my sources.

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