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Why Do I Preach Judgment?
John S. Torell

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Why Do I Preach Judgment?



A close friend of the ministry recently confided that it was impossible to listen to Pastor John’s sermons anymore since they only deal with judgment and negative things.

As Pastor John prayerfully considered this statement, the Holy Spirit showed him that there will always be brokenhearted Christians who need love and attention from God and His people.

The Church must help them understand that God is a God of love but also of judgment, and just because God judges a nation, doesn't mean that He has stopped loving His people.

There will be weak and sick Christians who are struggling just to survive when judgment arrives but God is not going to wait for these people to be healed; the body of Christ must minister and teach that God will still care for them even if the whole world goes up in flames.

Whether you are secure in God or not, this is a message that will turn the spotlight on your life and where you stand with Him.

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