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312 pages

Good and Evil
Michael Pearl

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Before there was a beginning; before the first man was created; before the earth, the sun, the stars, even before the light and time were created, there was God. He alone existed without beginning, but he was not lonely. He communed with himself in a perfect trinity of love. But God wanted to share his life. The Bible tells us in eternity past God created numerous kinds of angelic beings to offer praise around his throne but this is not their story. This is the story of God working with mankind.

Good and Evil is based on the chronological approach. It has been the experience of many missionaries to “win” a people group to faith in Christ, only to discover years later that no one really understood the message. The people group had adopted all the outward forms of Christianity and blended this with their traditional world-view, producing a hybrid that was as devoid of life as the idols they once bowed down to.

Missionaries struggled for a solution, comparing the teaching methods that effectively communicated the gospel with those that produced a lifeless blend. This identified the problem, which caused the missionaries to develop this new approach chronologically. Rather than beginning with “Christ died for your sins,” they began where God began, in the book of Genesis, with the Creator, the fall of man, the law, blood sacrifice, and the prophecies of the coming redeemer, thus preparing the people to fully understand the gospel of Christ.

This book is a standard comic book size with 312 pages and printed in black & white. Each page has a footer with Bible verses so you can look up where in the Bible those events are recorded or doctrinal topics addressed on the page.

Michael and Debi Pearl, founders and directors of the No Greater Joy Ministries, were missionaries long before they attained their fame as child trainers. Their vision has always been to tell the whole world about Jesus.

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