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Rhythm, Rap & Laughter - Jim Miller

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Rhythm, Rap & Laughter
Jim Miller

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Compact Disc  

Entertainment has always been a vital part of human life. It provides us with the opportunity to relax, release frustration, and seek a little joy out of life. In today's world, entertainment can be found through many channels. There have never been more games to attend, movies to see, programs to watch, and concerts to hear. Yet there have never been more frustrated, seeking, searching individuals. Perhaps these conditions point to a need of a new type of entertainment, one with a fresh insight into the meaning of life.

Jim Miller - Singer, Songwriter and Christian EntertainerEmerging from the conglomeration of the present is an exciting, new voice with a message about the vital experiences of life. His penetrating perspective into the nature of human existence is evident in each presentation. For some time, Jim Miller has been performing in creative concerts across the nation. His popularity has demanded this album. As you listen to it, prepare yourself for a new fulfillment in entertainment and a vital experience in life.

1. Comedy & Testimony

"We have been sent a treasure trove of music recorded by Jim Miller many years ago. The original studio recordings were damaged by time and are now gone, however, we were able to recover this album from from a vinyl record. The quality may not be the best but what a blessing it is to have these beautiful lyrics and melodies from the past with us today. They will help lead you to a deeper walk with the Lord."

~ John S. Torell

2. The Masquerade
3.   He Makes Me Strong
4.   Not Nails, But Love
5.   Michael
6. I Really Want to Know Him


Jim Miller - Singer & Christian Entertainer - Live in Concert 2011 at Resurrection Life of Jesus Church: Carmichael, CA - Sacramento County

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A collection of original recordings from the 70's & 80's
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I've Seen a Lot of People
Loving Him
Live in Concert 2011
Jim Miller Package

Book by Jim Miller:

Going Beyond Belief

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