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Loving Him - Jim Miller

Save $20 with the Jim Miller package (6 CD's).

Loving Him
Jim Miller

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Compact Disc  

We were recently reunited with Jim and Carla Miller and received a package from them containing this album along with others . I was very excited when we received the box containing remnants of Jimís music ministry.

Each song in this album has its own unique sound with lyrics that are strong and convicting. In a world of mostly fluff Christian Contemporary Music, we are blessed to have Jim Miller giving us some songs that will keep repeating themselves in our minds. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to purchase this album in order to build faith, hope and love through Jesus Christ.

~ John S. Torell, March 21, 2007

1. Lovin' Him

"We have been sent a treasure trove of music recorded by Jim Miller many years ago. The original studio recordings were damaged by time and are now gone, however, before they became unusable, they were able able to recover these songs from reel tapes and vinyl. While the quality may not be the best, it's certainly a blessing to have these beautiful lyrics and melodies from the past with us today. They will help lead you to a deeper walk with the Lord."

~ John S. Torell

2. Faithriders
3. Enter In
4.   Not Just for a Day
5. Because of Me
6.   Standing on the Inside
7. Watchman Nee
8. Lucifer's Illusion
9.   Skipping on the Mountains


Jim Miller - Singer & Christian Entertainer - Live in Concert 2011 at Resurrection Life of Jesus Church: Carmichael, CA - Sacramento County

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Jim Miller Package

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