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The purpose of this letter is to recommend to my preacher brethren and to independent, fundamental, Baptist churches the ministry of one of my preacher boys, Evangelist Gerald Sutek. The Lord has laid on his heart a burden for a rather unusual ministry these days! Not only is he adept to street-preaching but God has also given Brother Sutek a burden to train others in this ministry of preaching the Gospel in open-air meeting.

A Bible-school graduate, Brother Sutek knows the Word of God (KJV) and uses it wisely and skillfully in his preaching and witnessing. He also employs a "common sense" approach to the philosophy of street-preaching which lends great credibility to his ministry.

I invited Brother Sutek and his team to come and minister to our preacher boys at Trinity Baptist College last year and God used them in a very effective training program. He not only introduced most of our preacher boys to the concept of street-preaching for the very first time but also was able to take them out to various areas of our city and conduct services where, in almost every case, precious souls were saved for the glory of God! I plan to keep having him back at Trinity Baptist College so that this dimension of the ministry will not be lost to those preparing to preach God's Word in our school. Gerald Sutek is a man of God who is honest, trustworthy, and filled with the Holy Spirit! I heartily recommend him and endorse his ministry.

Ever your friend in Him,

Robert C. Gray, Jr.

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