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The author has a wide variety of experience in the ministry including pastoring, Bible college teaching, and work in rescue missions, prisons, nursing homes, and among young people. However, because of the nature of this book, we choose to emphasize his public ministry experience since 1969. Though other street preachers may have experienced physical harm, arrest, and incarceration in the public ministry (whether for valid or invalid reasons, God knoweth), this author chose to write this book from the premise of his experience in this field thus far — not having been entangled in such incidents.

With a Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Theology degree, including extensive studies in both Biblical languages, he stresses receiving his education on the street, while ministering the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to folk from all walks of life in every conceivable circumstance.

The author prays that his knowledge and experience in the public ministry might be communicated to other soldiers, and used to fight a more effective battle against our formidable foes in the last hours of the conflict.

The present ministry of the author involves not only extensive public ministries on the streets of America, but also instruction and battlefield training of local churches, Bible colleges, and individual foot soldiers in the army of the Lord who wish to learn or improve their public ministries. His organization is named the "S.W.A.T. Team for Christ - Int. Publick Ministers", and is under Word For the World Board: P.O. Box 17615, Pensacola, Florida 32522 or through a constant contact phone number, 1-800-428-3660. www.streetpreaching.com

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