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Christian Heritage

America's Christian Heritage - How well do you know the history of America's Christian heritage?

Separation of Church and State? - Most everyone is always quick to mention the issue that Church and State cannot be mixed, but what did our ancestors have to say about this issue?

The Jesus Manifesto - We need a revolution in this country. This is not a worldly revolution but a spiritual one that begins in each persons heart as they seek God and grow closer to Him.

Darrell Scott's Testimony - Darrell was the father of Rachael Joy Scott who was shot and killed at the Columbine school shooting. He was invited to speak at a special session of Congress and chose to speak on what happens when we refuse to honor God.

Cassie Bernall - Cassie was a Christian and she wasn't afraid to speak out about her relationship with God. It ending up costing her life, but what a testimony about a young woman who stood her ground and refused to deny her Lord and Savior.

Pastor Joe Wright's Prayer - What would happen if you had the opportunity to act as a chaplain in the state legislature and open the day with prayer? How would you pray? What would you pray about?

Truth? - What is truth? Is there an absolute truth? Is truth relative, if relative to what? Can there be two conflicting truths?

What if Paul were alive today?- A hypothetical letter written to the Apostle Paul in today's average church.

My Child - A comforting love letter from your Father.

Beatitudes of Marriage - What marriage can and should be like.

Things I've Never Known - The author writes about many things he has never known but how God changed his life.

Rhyme of the Modern Parishioner - This strikes close the heart of the modern church and those who attend.

A Bar - What exactly is a bar?

America the Beautiful, or so you used to be... - What American used to be and how America is changing.

Our American Birthright - What is the birthright of those living in this country?

A Visitor From The Past - What a visitor from the past would save of our nation if he saw it.

The Invisible Man - Do you feel as if you are invisible to the world around you, that nobody would notice if you disappeared one day? This is a touching story of someone who felt this too.



Listen to God's Plan of Salvation  

An intimate Love Letter from Father God to you.

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