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RLJ-1958 -- APRIL 14, 2024


Was the recent drone attack by Iran a precursor to a greater conflict? Pastor John addressed the third world war that ushers in a new world order, the second coming of Jesus, and other prophetic news. The Book of Revelation makes it clear the Antichrist is going to rule from the temple in Jerusalem. The Israel established in 1948 was the work of the Devil. God had nothing to do with the men and women who used deception and murder to achieve their goal. Gullible Christian Zionists were seduced into joining the cause and these men have hijacked the writings of Ezekiel to reinforce the political state’s legitimacy with God. One day they will discover that they worked to usher in the Man of Sin. When one adds in the moral decay of society, particularly among suburban women, it highlights the failure of the church to reach each generation. Trivial pursuits are fun, but we need to focus on activities that have eternal value. We need a spiritual awakening that radically changes our nation.
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