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RLJ-1956 -- MARCH 31, 2024

Part 57: Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen

Jesus sparred with the religious leadership in a grueling effort to finalize the doctrine of the New Testament when He told a parable about marriage. A king was hosting a wedding for his son and he sent out servants to collect the guests. The invited people did not want to come, instead pretending to be busy or just downright hostile and killed the servants. The king responded by sending his army to punish the evildoers. The wedding eventually took place with a couple more twists to the story. Then the Sadducees came with a wild account of eight brothers marrying the same woman, wanting to know whose wife she would be in heaven. Jesus’ answer of there being no marriage in heaven shocked them. After that, a delegation of Pharisees stepped forward to ask Jesus which was the greatest commandment. The God-man’s answer surprised them, but they were further stunned by His counter-question about the Messiah and gave up their trickery.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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