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RLJ-1949 -- FEBRUARY 11, 2024

Part 50: The Value of Children

The process of forming a new, blended family is challenging. This was not part of God’s original plan for mankind and came about as a result of sin. Trying to build a lifelong commitment based purely on physical attraction won’t work because there is no spiritual foundation. Why marry without seeking God’s will in your life? Is it any surprise that most marriages end in divorce? Jesus said the only valid reason for divorce is if your spouse has been unfaithful. This shocked the disciples who held the Jewish belief that a man could divorce his wife for any reason. They said, if that was the case, it was better not to get married in the first place. Jesus stated some men are born impotent, whereas others have suffered from the cruelty of man that renders them incapable of producing children, and some are content to embrace celibacy in order to fully serve the Lord. But divorce is just like any other sin, and if you repent, should it forever relegate you to the sidelines in terms of ministry?
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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