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RLJ-1937 -- NOVEMBER 12, 2023

Part 39: Agents of Satan

There was an ongoing clash between Jesus and the religious leadership. The Jewish leaders were in reality agents of Satan. Instead of congratulating the God-man for walking on water and healing thousands of people, their focus was on the disciples of Jesus not washing their hands before eating. The Son of God rebuked them and instructed the common people not to follow the spiritually blind. People who have been captured by the Devil and possessed with demons cannot see and understand the works of God. The Kabbalists didnít care what miracles Jesus performed because He didnít fit the mold of what they thought the Messiah should be. All that mattered was the restoration of Israel to the way it was in the days of King Solomon. Even the apostles were affected by this dissimulation and it showed on the day Jesus ascended to heaven. Christians need to exercise discernment when it comes to political and church leaders.
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