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RLJ-1804 -- APRIL 18, 2021

Part 16: Divine Military Campaign

The exodus from Egypt was initiated, planned, and executed by the Godhead who spent eighty years preparing Moses for the event. He was a figurehead as the project was carried out in heaven by the Godhead. In order to squash any legal objections by Lucifer, it was necessary to have humans on the ground that could be tempted or persuaded to disobey God but there was almost no human effort involved. Moses was never consulted concerning the ten plagues or about Pharaoh’s fate. In fact, the Godhead never sought any input from Moses whatsoever. His job was simply to listen to God’s commands and raise a rod or hand when instructed. Holy angels helped as necessary and Moses and Aaron acted as props so the Devil could not complain that he had no one to tempt. When it comes to the end times, it is time to start thinking in the supernatural because we won’t be able to fight the Antichrist system in the flesh. Any successful resistance will be carried out solely through the power of the Holy Spirit.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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