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RLJ-1798 -- MARCH 7, 2021

Part 10: Double Trouble

The birth of Esau and Jacob is the first record of twins in the Bible. We know everything happens for a purpose, but we don't know why God gave Rebecca twins. These boys grew up in a godly home, but they couldn't have been more different when it came to character. Esau mocked God by marrying two Hittite women and the daughter of his uncle Ishmael. After Jacob swindled the birthright from Esau, he was sent to live with his mother's family back east. He eventually wore out his welcome and returned to Canaan with four wives and thirteen children. The problem was that Esau still wanted to kill him. Jesus started a series of interactions that saw the two brothers reconciled but there was no reconciliation for Esau with God. Esau moved to the land of Edom, leaving Canaan solely to Jacob. These twins both made poor choices, but Jacob never surrendered his belief in God. The takeaway in all this is that the decisions you make on earth will determine your future on earth and beyond.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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