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RLJ-1795 -- FEBRUARY 14, 2021

Part 8: Luciferian Meddling

As we examine the history of the Abrahamic bloodline, sometimes God spoke through dreams, other times an angel was sent, and on special occasions Jesus personally came looking like a man because of Luciferís increasing attacks on the human race. The Godhead had to intervene multiple times to safeguard Abraham from doing what he should not do, and even then, he still lied out of fear, had sexual intercourse with a slave girl, and wavered that he would ever have an heir. Eventually Abraham got to the point spiritually that God was able to use him and steer him in the correct direction. The battle was not over as the second generation needed to become usable in the Kingdom of God, but the apple didnít fall from the tree, and Isaac began exhibiting some of the same deficiencies as his father. Lucifer is not one to give up, contesting each generation, meddling with humanity to the point that God needed to take an active role to protect the bloodline.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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