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RLJ-1790 -- JANUARY 10, 2021

Part 3: Virtual Time Run

The apostle John was shown amazing things in the spirit world when he visited heaven. He tried to describe his experience, but given his rudimentary level of technology, we can only surmise what John saw in God’s throne room. We only know that God operates at a level of technology far higher than humans. Nothing is beyond the Godhead’s reach, not even time. The past, present and future are all available. Like a designer using software to create something virtually, the Godhead performed a virtual time run and then watched it play out. This was necessary due to the fact that angels and humans are not robots. We are sentient with the ability to love and hate. The virtual time run was crucial because while God is omniscient, these created beings would exercise a free will, and it was essential to see how individuals would respond since there is no liberty if choices are predetermined. The Bible teaches that rebellion is not God’s fault, the blame lies with the individual.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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