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RLJ-1783 -- NOVEMBER 22, 2020

Part 7: Jesus vs. Kabbalah

Pastor John graduated from seminary but was dismayed when he found out the professors had kept him in the dark about pivotal points in Israel’s history. They failed to address the Greek invasion, the Maccabean revolt, the Romans wars, the extra-biblical commentary of the Talmud, and the mystical Kabbalah as it relates to the Antichrist system. How could the seminary professors be silent about a subject matter so relevant to Israel? John the Baptist had a full understanding of the Kabbalah and confronted the renegade Jews about their insidious belief system. The prophet Isaiah and the apostle Paul addressed this spiritual cancer as well. Jesus revealed how the number 666 leads back to King Solomon and how the Man of Sin will be a practicing Kabbalist. This message was a basic introduction to the Kabbalah, how it influenced Israel in the past, and how it will be the religious foundation of the Antichrist system.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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