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RLJ-1769 -- AUGUST 16, 2020

Living During the Tribulation
Part 6: The Rapture

Most of the people by now realize the Supreme Leader is not a god and they focus on whatever pleasure they can find. Cloning has replaced sexual reproduction and pleasure from fornication has been exchanged for family life. One day a massive space armada appears around earth and tens of thousands of small craft emerge from the giant spaceships. They fly down to the surface and hover over cemeteries and anywhere else the atoms of dead bodies can be found. The souls and spirits of the dead have been in heaven, but now the angels extract the dust of their bodies and convert it to newly resurrected bodies. Then a trumpet blast is heard and the bodies of the Christians in the wilderness areas are changed instantly to a resurrected body just like their dead predecessors. The much-anticipated rapture has finally taken place! The events on earth take a back seat as the space fleet returns to heaven to begin the Judgment Seat of Christ and many Christians are surprised at the harshness of Jesus when their turn comes to stand before Him.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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