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RLJ-1756 -- MAY 17, 2020

Part 8: Abraham's Selfishness

Abraham wanted a bride for Isaac and so he sent a trusted servant back to the family he left behind to find a wife for his son. Eliezer stopped outside the city of Nahor and asked God to set up a divine appointment. His prayer of faith was answered when Rebekah arrived and it turned out that she was a great-niece to Abraham. Eliezer shared his story and the men of the family agreed this was an act of God and so Rebekah traveled home with him to marry Isaac. Abraham remarried soon thereafter, but he was not content with Keturah, and also impregnated a number of concubines. He selfishly focused on pleasure for 38 years, and before he died, he forced out all the children of these women and ordered them to travel east. Abraham had no plans for them, nor did he show any interest in the welfare of Keturah and the concubines. Many of the faith heroes in the Bible had a shaky start. They were touched by God, grew in faith and reached a high plateau, only to lose ground and end up in a pitiful state. This was the case with Abraham. It is great to be able to trust God, but it is even greater if we use our faith to reach out to those around us.
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