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RLJ-1750 -- APRIL 5, 2020

Part 3: Faith to Despair

We don’t know a whole lot about Noah during his first 500 years on earth. Fallen angels had corrupted humanity through gene splicing to create a hybrid race. When God called for the ark’s construction, only Noah’s family was walking with the Lord. Just like a fallen angel, a hybrid human being cannot be redeemed. Noah trusted God while supervising the building of the ark for a hundred years while simultaneously preaching repentance to the people. It must have been heartbreaking that no one believed and heeded his message, but Noah never wavered. God eventually brought all the animals onboard the ark and shut the door. When the rains started, there must have been a great commotion as thousands of people pounded on the sides of the ark, asking to be let in. It rained for 40 days and nights, and when the eight survivors set foot on dry land, they had spent nearly a year onboard the ark. Something happened to Noah afterwards and he became disillusioned. He no longer preached righteousness and became a drunkard. Seeing people coming to know, love and serve God wasn’t a priority anymore and the latter part of his life was wasted. How many Christians today have become disillusioned like Noah and just don’t care anymore?
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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