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RLJ-1748 -- MARCH 22, 2020

Part 2: Living Among Fallen Angels

Enoch was born 622 years after the creation of Adam from the bloodline of Seth. He was one of the patriarchs during the time before Noah's flood. Some Christians get nervous when the Book of Enoch is mentioned because it is not in the Bible. But did you know that portions of Enoch's writings were quoted by Jesus, Peter, and Jude? He was a remarkable man who walked closely with the Lord and was taken to heaven several times. Enoch was given a revelation of the coming Messiah and referred to Him as the "Son of Man." This title was used more than 80 times by Jesus in the four Gospels. Genesis chapter six reveals how fallen angels had sexual relations with human women and produced a hybrid race. Enoch lived during a turbulent time and recorded the sordid details of these fallen angels. It must have pained him to watch almost all his children walk away from God. Yet Enoch kept his eyes upon the Lord and did not let circumstances dictate his relationship with God.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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