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RLJ-1740 -- JANUARY 26, 2020

Part 3: Television & Two Prophets

The Bible says the Antichrist is supposed to rule for one hour. That isn't a lot of time to accomplish much and it turns out that God has a completely different way of measuring time in heaven where He likens one hour to 41.67 years on earth. Two witnesses will show up shortly after the Beast comes to power, boldly declaring God's case in front of the Antichrist's palace at Jerusalem while the world watches on television. These men will be invincible for 3.5 years, breathing fire upon their enemies, and hurting the credibility of Satan's Beast as they bring one judgment after another upon the earth. When the appointed time is over, God will allow them to be murdered by the Man of Sin. The world will rejoice but then the celebrating will come to an abrupt halt when the two witnesses are resurrected three and half days later. This is when Satan ushers in the False Prophet, who can be likened to a political spin doctor, orchestrating amazing miracles that will dazzle the people, directing them to worship the Devil's man, and restoring credibility to the Antichrist. He will create a religion that will feature the Beast as the promised messiah of Israel and kill anyone who fails to worship the Man of Sin.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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