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RLJ-1715 -- AUGUST 4, 2019

Part 12: Narrow is the Way


People in the Old Testament were not saved by the sacrifices they offered to the Lord, but by their faith in God, belief in the coming Messiah, and repentance from sin. There were also false prophets that spread lies among the Israelites. It is ironic that the majority of God’s chosen people were moral failures and died in their sins. Fast forward in time, Jesus said that we could discern the truth by examining a person’s fruit. Just because a person claims to be a Christian, doesn’t mean they are born again and the apostles laid out the steps of salvation. Meanwhile, the Jewish leadership worked to ensure that the people would reject Jesus and also hindered the Gospel message after His resurrection. Even today only a fraction of the world’s population is saved and this why Jesus said the road to salvation is narrow. The Devil has successfully used an assortment of vices to entice and convince humanity that immorality is good and normal. The educational system, mainstream media, and renegade churches all would have you believe sin is a normal way to live and anyone walking closely with Jesus is considered hateful and intolerant.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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