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RLJ-1703 -- MAY 12, 2019

Part 36: The Star Gospel


The Son of God is eternal; He has no beginning or end, and in order for Jesus to pay for the sins of mankind, it was necessary for Him to live in a human body and be tempted just like everyone else. At the incarnation, Mary furnished Jesus with a body of flesh and bones while the Holy Spirit provided the sinless blood. Then at the birth, God wanted the world to know the Messiah had been born and did so through a mass gathering of holy angels. At the same time, wise men from the east saw a star heralding the birth of the Jewish king and this introduces the Star Gospel. The Bible doesn't mention a special star appearing in the sky to signify the arrival of the Messiah. Thus, there must have been a prophecy known to the Chaldean noblemen, initiating a long journey to Jerusalem with expensive gifts for the new born king. The fact that they were granted an audience with King Herod shows they were credible and important people. Herod commissioned the wise men to find the Messiah under the pretense that he too wanted to pay homage but he really had no chance of killing the incarnated Messiah since He is eternal.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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