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RLJ-1663 -- AUGUST 5, 2018

Part 13: Discerning the Mind of God


Jesus is the creator of the universe and God the Son was the one who spoke to Adam, Abraham and Moses. Simply put, Jesus is the God of the Old Testament and He was amazed that the people of Judah were not ashamed of their sins. Jesus revealed His emotions regarding the people of Judah and how they were hypocrites. He could not understand why they were not ashamed of their sinful actions, and in His prophecies to Jeremiah, Jesus let it be known that He was going to take pleasure in punishing the people of Judah for their refusal to confess their shameful deeds. In fact, Jesus was going to act on His emotions and destroy them. Jeremiah expressed his grief and did not take pleasure in the looming judgment. The prophet was so disgusted with the sins of his people that he wanted to move away and not see them anymore. Jesus promised to avenge Himself on Judah because of their deception, lies and continued rebellion. He sarcastically told the people to hire professional mourners and women who were skilled in healing for those who would be hurt and killed when the Babylonians arrived. Judgment was coming but the people of Judah did not care.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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