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RLJ-1638 -- FEBRUARY 11, 2018

Part 2: God's Prophet to Judah


Jeremiah had long warned the Israelites that Babylon would attack and conquer them. When it happened, the king and 10,000 choice people were led away into captivity. Among them were Daniel and his three friends. Sadly, the remaining people in Jerusalem refused to repent and give up their sinful living. Jeremiah was subsequently imprisoned and almost died. Then the Babylonians returned and sacked Jerusalem a second time. This time practically everyone was rounded up and marched to Babylon in chains. Only the poorest were left behind. God moved upon King Nebuchadnezzar to set Jeremiah free and he chose to return to Judah where he was captured by the remaining armed forces of Judah that had fled into the countryside. They decided to go to Egypt and took Jeremiah against his will. Tradition claims that Jeremiah died there when he was stoned to death by an angry Jewish mob. In order to understand the book of Jeremiah, it helps to understand his life and historical events that took place and shaped the prophetic warnings from God. While this is not a story with a happy ending, Jeremiah can stand before God with no regrets because he did exactly what God asked of him.

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