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RLJ-1609 -- JULY 23, 2017

Part 5: Hosea and the Whore


God ordered Hosea to marry a promiscuous woman in order for him to understand the tenuous relationship God had with the people of Israel, who had turned into a whore by going after other gods. Gomer provided Hosea with three children, which were all named with a specific purpose of pronouncing judgment upon Israel. Hosea stated that the people were destroyed for lack of knowledge and because they were deeply into witchcraft and divination. Instead of showing mercy to the poor, the downtrodden were exploited. The priests had become a hardened gang of criminals, using their office to steal from people. The people set up kings without consulting the Lord, and worst of all, they embraced the damnable teaching and rituals of the Kabbalah. God provided Hosea with short glimpses into the future, the 1,000 years kingdom, and how the tribes of Israel would be wanderers among the nations. The Lord let the sins of the northern kingdom accumulate for 195 years and Hosea was one of the prophets during this time period. In the end, the people did not respond to the message of repentance and received their just reward.

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