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RLJ-1549 -- MAY 22, 2016

Part 10: Theft 101


God does not want us to steal. Theft occurs when you make a promise and fail to uphold it, when you lie on your tax returns and when you withhold your tithe from the Lord. Holding back sex in a marriage is also theft unless there is a mutual call for prayer, sickness or injury. It is robbery when you invade a marriage through adultery and take someone else's spouse. What about when you chit chat during work hours, take material from work or use machinery or office equipment for personal use. An employer who cheats his laborers is also a thief. You are stealing when you pad expense accounts or charge for services and goods not used. Robbery takes place when a person cheats another person or if you simply refuse to pay your bills. Slandering another person is also theft since you are stealing his reputation and good name. You are a thief if you borrow something and fail to return it. This also applies if you break something that is borrowed and do not repair it or make restitution. We are all guilty in one form or another of breaking the eighth commandment but the good news is that we can repent. There is no limit with God as you learn and grow. How far will you choose to go?

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